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Having a storage unit is a very good idea. Additional space where you can store your belongings and be sure that they are safe. There are a lot of options when it comes to storage units Ottawa, so if you are currently looking for one, don’t worry. You will find a suitable one in no time. But people often disregard storage unit maintenance. You need to keep your storage unit tidy, clean, and easily accessible, and you can achieve this in a couple of easy steps!

Storage unit maintenance is a must!

The first and most important thing that you need to understand when it comes to maintaining a storage unit is why this task is important. A lot of people think that it is enough to store items. And that is it. They never come by, they never clean or maintain the unit. But, if you want to keep your items safe and clean, visiting your unit and cleaning it once in a while is a must!

person doing Storage unit maintenance by using a cloth
Cleaning your storage unit regularly is important

If you ask Professional Movers Ottawa, we can tell you that ideally, you should visit your storage unit at least twice a year! Depending on the unit size and what is stored inside this can be more often or even more rare. Maintaining a storage unit is an important task nevertheless!

Try to use plastic bins

Storing things in plastic bins will help you to avoid possible damage. Simply, items are sealed inside and you don’t have to worry about dust or anything. Also, storing in plastic bins is eco-friendly and it will save you money. And the best part comes when you start cleaning your storage unit. Items inside of the bin will be safe and dust-free, while the outside of the plastic bin can easily be cleaned. Use wet wipes for example, and the dust won’t go around. You will get everything in one move! And if your unit has one of the key features – climate control you truly can be worry-free. Your stored items will be clean, safe, and without any damage.

One of the pro tips for storage unit maintenance – keep cleaning supplies in the unit!

So, you came to your storage unit, you realized it needs cleaning, but you did not have anything to use. Remembering to bring some cleaning supplies every time you visit your storage unit can be challenging. But if you keep some basic things like wet wipes, duster, surface spray, and some cloths you are making everything much easier. So the next time you visit your storage unit, and you realize that there is a lot of dust – you will clean it in no time! And if you visit often, you will avoid deep cleaning our storage unit until you decide to take out your belongings.

person with cleaning supplies
Having cleaning supplies in the storage unit makes maintaining it easier

Declutter your storage unit

When you start planning a move with the help of Ottawa relocation services, you will also plan what you will place in your storage unit. And rather than decluttering your home right then and there, you will put all those belongings into a storage unit. And when it comes to storage unit maintenance decluttering is a must! Ideally, you should create a list of all the belongings you have stored. And over time you should check that list, check your stored belongings and declutter. You might realize that you do not need some things in your storage. So, it is important to check the list of all of your items in the storage unit often.

A checklist can be a key to storage unit maintenance

Having a checklist is always a good idea! Writing down every detail or every task you need to complete can help you feel more in control. So you can create a checklist that should contain all of the details for cleaning and maintaining your storage unit. Start with basic cleaning tasks, and go to decluttering, moving, and estimating if the storage unit is still suitable and needed. By doing this and following your checklist you are making sure that you did not forget something. If you have experience with garage sales, you can always throw one and make some money. Sometimes selling unwanted items from your storage unit can be a great way for additional cash.

Store additional packing materials

One of the good ways to keep your storage unit maintained and clean is to have additional packing supplies and materials in your storage unit. That way, if any of your boxes get damaged you will be able to replace them with ease. On the other hand, if you decide to add more items to your storage unit, you will be ready to pack them and store them in no time! Also, if you have to move in a hurry and you need to pack everything, it will be easy to move out your whole storage unit!

moving boxes
Make sure to have additional supplies of moving boxes in your storage unit

Do you need a smaller or bigger unit?

A question that you need to ask yourself at least once a year if you are maintaining a storage unit regularly. Did you remove some things from the unit or did you add them? Once you know the answer to this question, you need to check the storage unit. Is it too small for all of your belongings? Or is it too big once you decluttered everything? If the answer to any of these questions is a yes, you really should consider changing your storage unit. You might need a storage unit of a different size. And depending on the change, you might end up saving money!

Storage unit maintenance can be fun

Maintaining your storage unit can be fun. You can add some tasks or a reward in the end, and make this whole process of storage unit maintenance much more interesting. Or you can use this opportunity to go down memory lane. Either way, you should add cleaning your storage unit to your schedule and make sure that everything is clean, your items safe, and without any damage. After all, the storage unit is a really useful thing, no matter are you moving!

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