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Once we decide to move, often we do not know how much stuff we have and how to relocate it all. It can be a serious problem especially if you do not have the space to keep it all. Maybe you are moving into a smaller apartment or simply you can’t afford to move it all right away. But worry not because whatever might be the case, there is an ultimate solution to it. Renting storage units in Ottawa is the key to success. Let us show you how to find and choose the right unit. Let us go together through the storage size guide and make you ready to become a storage unit owner.

Before we embark on this journey through the storage size guide, let us cover the moving steps

People need storage solutions all the time. It does not mean that this is only the moving solution. But it turns out that most of the time it is. People move all the time in search of a better future. Leaving some items behind, safely nestled inside a storage unit is a great solution. You can always come later to pick whatever you need or to add more. It gives you time and pace to organize better. So, in case you are moving, you should know that without a proper plan, you won’t have a good time. Therefore, create a moving checklist listing down all the steps to take toward a successful relocation.

A man labeling moving boxes
You are packing for moving or storing? You will need a proper packing plan to do it right.

You should think about the packing process, inspect the environment and your belongings, declutter and downsize, and cover legalities. Once you have your plan ready you must search for reliable moving companies in Ottawa. What you need, is a trustworthy and affordable moving team to assist you on this journey. They can even help you find a great storage solution because most of the moving companies rent units. They know how important this is and they offer great deals to their customers. Give it a shot, go online and search a bit, you’ll surely find the moving company of your liking in no time.

Follow your storage size guide and be ready for anything

The storage size guide we brought you will cover the obvious, but also the way to pack for storage and how to utilize the space given. For example, before you decide on the storage size, you must know how much space you really need. Bigger units are harder to maintain and clean. You do not need an overpriced unit that you can’t fill in and utilize all the perks you paid for. So, start with your needs. Maybe you need a smaller unit to keep the seasonal items, Christmas décor, or a few chairs and a dining table. On the other hand, if you are leaving all your possessions behind while serving in the army, you want all your possessions to stay safe and intact until you come back.

It is best to communicate the details with the company you are renting the unit from. They will provide you with the estimates guided by your current situation.

A unique approach for everyone

Yes, we all want a bigger space, but you must consider the other aspects as well. Check out the following:

  • Size – Most lucrative ones are the medium-sized units. You can store anything you want. From boxes, bins, baskets, and furniture, all the way to bicycles, ski equipment, and construction tools.
  • Climate controlled storage unit – This one is the best option possible because it will keep your items protected against humidity, mold, pests, vermin, etc. Greatly used if you are storing paintings, photos, valuable papers, and artwork. You can store whatever you want, but know that animals, food, or hazardous chemicals are restricted by law.
  • Security – We all want our items to be safe. So, you have several good options here. You can have a unit inside a bigger facility with 24/7 surveillance and guard on site. On other hand, you can settle down with a reinforced steel door and a combination lock. Although, a simple steel door with a locket will suffice in most situations.
  • Location – Location matters depending on the usage and how often you’ll visit. Keep in mind that storage units located further away for municipal areas are cheaper than ones located in the center of the city.
  • Unlimited access – Some units are accessible overnight and some only during business hours. Again, depending on the way you use your unit, you might want to consider your options.
Find the appropriate unit with our storage size guide
You won’t have to worry for a second. You can rent a unit with the highest level of security.

Packing for storage should be done right

Before you pack for storage, you should browse all the moving services Ottawa available to you. You must know the sizes available, prices, who will pack, where to obtain materials, and who will relocate from your home to the unit. So, here storage size guide with the numbers crunched down, and once you have this information, talk to your movers for further guidance.

  • Small – 5’x5’x4’, 5’x5’, 5’x10’, and 5’x15’. Mostly used for small items and boxes.
  • Medium – 10’x10’ and 10’x15’. The multipurpose of this unit is amazing. It can accommodate one bedroom or two smaller rooms.
  • Large – 10’x20’, 10’x25’ and 10’x30’. You can fit your whole apartment in this one. The possibilities are endless.
  • Extra-large – 10’x20’, 10’x30’, and 10’x40’. Used for storing a vehicle. It can be inside the facility or outside covered by a roof.

Now, depending on the size of the unit, you can use small, medium, or large boxes. Remember to tuck your items and tape the box adequately. Pay special attention when packing fragile items. Label everything for easier coordination through your belongings. And cover and wrap everything with a blister pack, sheet, or a tarp. It will keep your items free of dust.

Storage unit facility
Find an appropriately sized unit fairly close to your home.

Do not worry. Your items are safe

We already covered all the security options before. What you want to know is who will keep the unit clean. In some cases, there is a maintenance crew cleaning the facility regularly. But only outside the unit. If you let anyone in while you are gone it can be a liability. Therefore, you must keep your unit clean. Simply clean outside with a broom and let the fresh air in each time you visit. Clean inside if necessary and your unit will stay safe against pests and mice. The most important is to check on your moving boxes from time to time. You want to be sure that there are no traces of chewing, humidity, or any damages. A simple moisturizer and a few rodent repellants will do the trick.

Get rid of the hoard

Whatever size you choose, it won’t be good if you bring your clutter with you. Therefore, inspect all your items before packing and figure out what should go and what to throw away. Note that you can gift your unwanted items away, donate to a local shelter, or sell online. Figure out what is outdated and what you do not need anymore. Do not clutter your unit unnecessarily.

Ok, now when you read the storage size guide you have enough information to begin your hunt for the right one. You will find one quick enough. What matters is, if the unit is located near your home or you must travel for hours to reach it. Consider your options and take some time before deciding. Good luck.

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