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Are you looking forward to your relocation, but you’re not quite sure how to baby-proof your new home after moving to Ottawa? When the baby’s involved in the relocation process, you should definitely step up your planning game. That’s why our moving and storage Ottawa company will help you find out how you can baby-proof your new home after relocation, and start preparing you for the process even before you have loaded the moving truck. Are you ready to start?

Make a list to baby-proof your new home after moving to Ottawa

Every plan starts with the preparations. To get started, you’ll need to make a list of the items necessary for your baby-proofing mission. Let’s take a look at what you need in order to baby-proof your new home after moving to Ottawa:

  • Corner protection – Wherever there’s a sharp corner – for example on the tables, place the protection. You can get the safety padding to protect the baby from the sharp sides of furniture pieces as well.
  • Latches – They will help you keep the drawers, oven, and various doors out of the baby’s reach. This means that you won’t have to worry about where you put the chemicals in the bathroom, as long as you place the baby latches on it. This creates storage opportunities while keeping the baby safe all the time.
  • Boxes – Buy more boxes that can be closed. They will help you group the small items that you want to keep on the shelves away from the baby’s hands. Small items are easy to swallow, and that’s definitely something that you want to avoid.
  • Safety gates for the staircases
  • Covers for electrical outlets
  • Window guards
  • Thermal insulation for hot pipes

And many more!

baby's feet held by parents as a symbol of how to baby-proof your new home
As a parent, you’ll want to make sure your children are safe at all times

Do the research before you move

Set everything for a few hours and do your baby-proofing research. Before local movers Ottawa arrive, you should have everything planned out, and ready to go. This means that you can procure some of the materials in your current city. What you can’t get at the place you’re moving to, make sure to order from the internet on time, or to get it at the store nearby. That will save you time when you’ve finally moved, and reduce the stress. Imagine having to research babyproofing, and you don’t have almost anything unpacked at the new home. As you can see, the best option with anything moving-related is to prepare as early as possible.

Baby-proofing requires meticulous planning

After you’ve booked residential movers Ottawa and started packing the items, it’s time to start procuring the baby-proofing materials. When you start doing it, pack the materials in the special box that you’ll label as a baby-proofing box later. That box should be placed in the truck at the end. That will allow you to set it aside as soon as you start unloading the truck. Keep in mind that you will be able to utilize the movers to help you place the furniture where you want it – so plan that in advance as well. After you clean the home, you’ll have everything ready to start placing the baby protection.

Set up the baby’s room first

If you have kids and a small baby, you should set up the baby’s crib first and the kids’ room as soon as possible. The sooner you unpack the room and clean it, the sooner you can place the protection. The items that you want to secure in the baby’s room are all the sharp corners, as well as electrical outlets.

a toddler in front of a crib
Make sure to set up your childrens’ room as soon as possible

Place the doorknob covers in the rooms that you want to keep out of the reach for your baby as well. Keep in mind that you should keep the cribs safe as well. That means that you’ll need to have appropriate crib-rail height, which is dependent on the baby’s age. You should also keep the objects outside of the crib, which means that you shouldn’t keep the blankets and pillows inside.

If your baby crawls, keep items off the floor

Everything that’s in the baby’s head and body should be protected. That means that you’ll need to put the corner protection on the sides of the fireplaces, table legs, cupboards, and similar pieces. At approximately eight or nine months the baby starts pulling up the furniture. This is an age when you’ll need to secure the furniture to the wall or to remove it from the room. Baby will touch everything, including TV, cables, lamps, vases, pictures – and everything they can get their hands on, even if only to stay on their legs for a second longer. Those are real-life risks, not something that happens rarely. Don’t let the lack of perspective cause an injury to your child – get ready on time!

Fully baby-proof your new home after moving to Ottawa

To complete your baby-proofing basics, make sure to get the electrical outlet covers that will prevent the baby’s fingers from reaching the electrical outlet. Don’t forget to remove the window bling cords, which can be fatal for a kid. Even if they’re reachable only from the furniture, remove them or hook them way above the kids’ reach. It can easily get tangled around their neck. Finding alternative options isn’t hard, and it’s necessary – given the fact that children getting entangled in a window cord happens way more often than you’d think. The next step is to place the gates on top of the stairs in case your child’s room is on the second floor.

a box cutter that should be removed in order to baby-proof your new home
Hurry up with unpacking, so you can establish order quicker

What else should you pay attention to?

In the end, after you’ve moved and placed the necessary protection, all that’s left to do is to unpack. Try to unpack as soon as possible. That will reduce the need to clean the home as often, as well as to always look for the small items that you’ll be constantly unpacking. Small parts of the items can also get detached or broken, which is a reason to finish the unpacking fast. In case you need help to baby-proof your new home after moving to Ottawa, and rearrange the bulky furniture, give movers Ottawa a call. Book a capable team of movers and make the relocation process stress-free!

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