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There are many reasons to use storage. And one of the most common ones is during a move. To make the move and settling into your new home easier. Maybe there is not enough space in your new home. Or you feel some of the things won’t fit into the aesthetic you are going for in your new home, but you don’t want to throw them away. Or you just want to make the move easier by leaving some of the things in storage and then bring them to your new home later. But when choosing storage, you want to make sure that you are picking the right one. The same you do when you are looking for movers, you want to hire professional movers Ottawa residents rely on. Here are some storage unit features you should look for when choosing a storage unit in Ottawa.

Before looking into storage unit features decide what kind of storage you are going to need

There are different kinds of storage for you to choose from. You first need to go through your things and decide how big of a space they would require. Like for example if you are planning to put a lot of furniture in storage then you are going to need a bigger storage unit. How big would depend on the size of all your things combined, which you should measure. So that you don’t end up wasting money on a storage unit that’s too big for your needs. And if you are going to move furniture to storage make sure that you hire good furniture movers Ottawa based. Here are the different kinds of storage you can rent:

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Climate controlled
Person using laptop researching storage unit features
Take your time to research and find storage in a good location

Find storage in a good location

Location for storage matters as much as it does for your home. And it is one of the most important features of storage units. Although that can also depend on the way you are going to be using the storage unit. If you are not going to have the need to visit it often, then you can get one that is further away too if you find one with a really good price. But usually, it’s a good idea to get one that is close enough that you can easily drop by and leave something in it or take something from it. The good news is that just like you can easily find affordable movers Ottawa offers, you can find affordable storage that is in a good location too. So it would be best to pick one near your home for easier access.

Check if the storage is clean enough and how well maintained it is

This is an essential storage unit feature. If the storage facility is not well maintained it will very likely lead to damage to your items. And there are so many things that can go wrong, from water to pests, mold, termites. So carefully check the storage unit you are considering renting. And see how clean and well maintained it is.

If you are renting a climate-controlled storage unit, check how well the climate control works and does it look reliable. A good storage facility will have high standards when it comes to all of these things. And will properly maintain their storage units and everything related to them. So if you chose a good storage facility they will easily pass all of these checks.

One of the most important storage unit features is security

This is probably going to be one of your biggest concerns when leaving something in storage. You should check if the property secured with security cameras, is it an enclosed area, or can anyone walk in? Does it have on-site staff and security guards watching the property 24/7? And how well secured are the storage units, what kind of locks they have, and alarm systems. Those are just some of the things that make storage units safer and worth the money you are paying for them to keep your items safe.

Two gray bullet security cameras
You should make sure that your storage unit is properly secured

Another important thing to do is to get good insurance to cover the items you stored in the storage unit. That way you will be covered if anything happens to your items. Security is a very important storage unit feature and you should make sure that your storage unit is properly secured.

Make sure that you are working with professionals

You need to take your time and properly research the storage unit companies from which you are considering renting storage. You don’t want to leave your items in a space that is not safe. With amateurs or malicious people which might damage or steal it. It’s best to be safe and make sure that they are licensed and that they have good reviews. You should check reviews in at least three different places, both about their storage and features of their storage.

You can also ask friends which storage facility would they recommend. Oftentimes when you hire residential movers Ottawa, they provide storage services too. And if you are satisfied with their moving services, you will be satisfied with their storage services too. So you can just ask your movers if they provide storage services. You might even get a discount if you rent storage alongside your move.

Two people shaking hands
Make sure that you are renting storage from a reputable company

One of the important storage unit features are free rental trucks

If you are moving a lot of things to storage, it would be very unpractical to do it with your car. Especially if you are moving some bulky items too. And renting a van or truck would be an additional cost. Especially if you are going to be moving your things back home sometime soon. Many storage facilities have a free truck rental which you can reserve for a specific day. And it is one of the most important storage unit features to look for. It will make moving your things to storage much easier, you will just have to pack the moving truck and drive it to storage.

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