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Everyone must move at some point and this time around you are moving from Manotick to Toronto. Whether this be your first time or you moved already in the past, one thing is certain. You’ll need to organize, pack, and find adequate Manotick movers to assist you on this journey. So, let us help you out and cover all the basic relocation-related steps and make you ready for your moving day. Let’s go.

Let’s create a perfect guide to relocate you safely

Everything begins with your moving plan, moving checklist, and inventory list. To create those documents, you must inspect your home and the environment inside out. So, begin by checking out all rooms inside your home and include the attic, basement, garage, and backyard. You’ll surely find many items worth throwing out or replacing so maybe this is the best time to declutter and downsize a bit as well. Just make a pile with said items and donate later.

A person writing stuff down
Create your moving checklist first and use it as a guide through this adventure.

For the rest, make notes and figure out how many belongings and furniture you are moving. This way you’ll know how hard it is and how many moving supplies you’ll need. Your local movers Ottawa will appreciate this info once you give them a call and provide all the details you gathered.

Now when you have your moving checklist ready, you can call your moving company and present them with your findings. Guided by your numbers and details, they will calculate costs and create a moving plan much easier. But that is just one way of obtaining a moving quote. We will explain later how you can do this better. For now, you assembled a moving checklist which is enough to begin with.

Find movers online

As you already know, moving from Manotick to Toronto will require professional moving help. And there is no better way to find movers than to look for them online. Therefore, start looking for movers Ottawa to Toronto on various moving websites until you find a match. Set search criteria and narrow it down by comparing prices and services. Note the following:

  • Licenses to work
  • Tools and equipment
  • Safety protocols and standards
  • Moving insurance
  • Affordable prices and moving insurance

This should be mandatory with each moving company but you can always go a step further and ask for a certain special service. And trust us, there are hundreds of variations and special services out there. All you must do is to communicate with the moving representative and present your situation in order to find the best solution to your situation.

It won’t hurt to inspect your movers further and secure your investment

Moving from Manotick to Toronto is no easy feat nor a cheap one at all. And it surely matters who will relocate your belongings and charge you for the service. Hence, it wouldn’t hurt for you to double-check on your investment by inspecting your movers a bit further. So, the first step is to dig through their website. Check if they have all the necessary information nicely displayed. That would be the physical address, contact info, company logo, users agreement, etc.

Then, you should check the social media networks and find moving-related groups to try to dig out previous customer’s experiences. It is a good source if you want to find out how your movers treat their customers. And finally, you can check US Movers Association, the Better Business Bureau, FMCSA, or Yellow Pages. If your movers are running a legit business, they should be registered on one of those websites.

Packing for moving from Manotick to Toronto

Now, we reached the most boring part of the story. Yes, the packing process and all the fuss behind it. Firstly, if you decide to do it yourself, you must gather all the packing materials. And you will gather everything at the nearest hardware store, order online, or purchase through your moving company. You can even enlist movers and packers Ottawa and skip the whole process entirely. They will bring all the materials, pack, and unpack swiftly and affordably. Keep this info in your back pocket just in case.

A person using a packing tape
Always use higher-quality packing tape to keep your boxes in one piece.

So, you’ll need around 30-40 cardboard boxes depending on the size of your move. Carton box is your best friend so do not cheap out there. It will keep your items safe through the journey and ensure safe passage. Next is the packing tape, labels, and the blister pack. Blister pack or widely known as bubble wrap is also important because you will use it as a base for each box, to wrap individual pieces, as well as furniture. But you can also use blankets and other similar items from your home as a substitution for it.

And lastly, you should always use higher-quality packing tape to keep your boxes in one piece and tightly close. In the end, label each piece and box with a detailed description which will help you while unpacking and will raise awareness for those who carry your precious cargo.

Free onsite estimates and the good sides of it

Ok, the home inspection we mentioned before can be done in a different way. You can obtain your moving quote over the phone, via the internet, and by utilizing onsite estimates. Yes, your input is valuable and all the info you provided will be used. But this is just a step further to provide a precise moving quote and make your relocation much safer and more efficient. What is good about it is that this service is free. So, do not forget to schedule a visit and utilize this amazing service.

Use onsite estimates when moving from Manotick to Toronto
Let your moving representative evaluate your cargo and provide onsite estimates.

Basically, it works like this. You will schedule a visit and your moving representative will pay you a visit. They will evaluate the environment, the cargo, and realize the complexity of the move. After weighing your cargo, measuring all the hallways, staircases, doors, and pathways, they will know how to approach with a van, keep the street and the curb free, and make your relocation and your belongings safe. More importantly, to keep everyone involved safe and sound. Finally, after the evaluation is done, they will present you will the final moving cost. From there you can decide if you want to invest more or pull back.

Legalities and documents you must cover when moving from Manotick to Toronto

Now, the last part of this wonderful story is tied to the legal process and the documents involved. Some would say it is the most important one. Maybe it is but it is not so time-consuming and time-sensitive like other moving steps. Yes, if you are covering this one a week before, you won’t make it. But if you have at least a month ahead, it should be good. Therefore, check all your IDs, driver’s license, passport, medical records, credit cards, moving-related documents, etc. As well as to transfer your internet, cellphone, and mailing services on time. You can cover this one gradually but make sure everything is ready once you relocate. And keep in mind, some services and hard copies take longer to transfer so you better begin all those processes on time.

Now you know how to prepare when moving from Manotick to Toronto. As long as you have a reliable moving company by your side, you won’t have to worry for a second. Just make sure you do your part on time, schedule your services, and let your movers do the rest. Good luck and have a safe journey.

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