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Relocation is a difficult process, no matter your age or current life situation. However, moving is oftentimes the most difficult for senior citizens. As a trustworthy moving company, Professional Movers Ottawa has dealt with our fair share of moving projects. Senior relocations have become one of our specialties, and we take them very seriously. We are firm believers that all of Ottawa’s elderly citizens deserve to be treated like royalty, and that’s certainly the kind of treatment you’ll experience with us. No matter if it’s a relocation or downsizing, we will gladly provide all the services to make the moving experience better. Not only will it be easier, but much faster as well, and all senior citizens will get a chance to see their new place sooner. Rely on our efficient and polite movers to enjoy senior moves Ottawa residents are proud of. Contact us, apply for a free quote, and get the necessary assistance with the most intricate moving tasks.

ottawa professional movers on the job
No matter if you are downsizing or simply moving, you should turn to professionals with the right moving services!

Professional Movers Ottawa provides you with on-time and cost-effective moving services

The reason why moving is so difficult is due to the fact that there are a plethora of different moving tasks that need to be handled. It doesn’t matter whether you are twenty or eighty, there are some parts of relocation that are going to be problematic for you to handle by yourself. At Professional Movers Ottawa, we are more than happy to assist you in tackling even the most difficult relocation tasks. Throughout the years, we managed to cover every aspect of moving, and we are more than happy to share it with you. Our range of basic moving services in Ottawa consists of:

  • Local movers
  • Long-distance movers
  • Residential movers
  • Office movers
  • Piano movers
  • Furniture movers
  • Small movers 
  • Packing services
  • Storage solutions

Why should you work with us?

Of course, we always have a special place for our senior citizens. With some of the best senior movers Ottawa has to offer, you’ll be able to move or help your parents relocate quickly and effectively. Our movers and employees will even provide all kinds of advice along the way, so that there will be no questions left unanswered. Most importantly, there will always be someone to provide help with crucial tasks every step of the way. Nowadays, when all of us are in a big hurry most of the time, it is good to know that you can rely on someone!

Your first step should probably be to organize your budget, and we can help you with that as well! So, request your free moving estimate today! This option will help you choose the best moving services without spending a fortune in the meantime!

ottawa movers next to a moving truck
It is very important that you choose the right senior moving company Ottawa to have the best moving experience!

We aim to achieve completely stress-free senior moves Ottawa locals love

Stress isn’t something you’ll want to experience, no matter your age. However, once you reach a certain age, all you want to do is have a stress-free and relaxing life. Keeping relaxed during moments such as relocation is difficult. But that’s why you have Professional Movers Ottawa and our team of senior movers in Ottawa who are always ready to assist you. Our dependable local movers Ottawa will help seniors move around the area with ease and at a very affordable price! Even though these relocations may seem easy, the distance is not the only thing that matters!

Yes, we can also help senior move long-distance!

Our long distance movers Ottawa can deal with long miles very well! Since everything above 100 miles is considered long-distance, leave your relocation to a different city to us. This type of relocation can carry a lot of risks, but our senior movers Ottawa know exactly how to handle them. We will make sure your items are properly packed and ready for transportation in no time!

grandparents sitting with their granddaughter after hiring senior movers Ottawa
Spend your time doing what you love, even during an Ottawa senior move

You should know that our company is all about satisfying your moving needs, which is why we are always at your disposal. For those who want to help their parents or grandparents move to another city or state, we are the best solution! While we deal with their inventory, you will get to spend more time with uour loved ones!

Senior movers Ottawa will gladly relocate your business as well!

If you want to move to a different place but prefer that your company is close to you, our office movers Ottawa will take care of it! We understand how important it is to keep business running during relocation, and we can make it happen! This is a very common situation, and a lot of people decide not to separate their home from their business. Since we are one of those senior moving companies in Ottawa that have a lot of experience, you will know that your business won’t have any losses. Your employees will be able to focus on clients and services you offer while we take care of the relocation.

Own a piano? Don’t bother moving it on your own!

Life can bring us different hobbies and things we love, and some of them need special care when moving. Buying these things and using them is a wonderful experience, but most of the time we don’t think about how exactly we will move them somewhere else. This usually happens with big musical instruments like pianos. Our skilled piano movers Ottawa know exactly how to disassemble and transport the piano so that it can be used again. You absolutely deserve to enjoy every single moment of your life, surrounded by the things you love. That is why our main job is to make that happen!

What makes our residential movers different?

It doesn’t matter whether you want us to pack your antique furniture or load all of your belongings into the moving truck – our senior moving professionals won’t hesitate to tackle even the most complicated tasks. After all, for a team that’s as experienced as ours, there aren’t any tasks too difficult or impossible. Senior citizens tend to have a lot of precious memories that require special treatment. With us, you will know that everything is in safe hands and will arrive without damage.

elderly couple walking after using the services of senior movers Ottawa
After hiring our friendly senior movers, you will have more time for exploring your new place!

Perhaps the most important thing of all is the fact that we preserve your safety. Moving injuries, such as sprained ankles and back problems, are fairly common. While they are hazardous in our youth, they become even more so as we age. With our senior movers in Ottawa, you’ll stay far away from any injuries and have more time to explore your new place. All you’ll have to do is point us in the right direction and we’ll get to work!

Don’t be anxious about packing as we know how to do it!

There is a good reason why people think packing is boring and extremely time-consuming! It may take you days to organize and pack everything, and by the time you finish, it could be too late for more important tasks. Instead of packing all day and stressing out, let us help you out! We offer packing services Ottawa, and by that, we mean completely packing your inventory using only the best materials.

As you know by now, some of your items could be delicate and fragile, and packing them yourself may not be the best solution. Wherever you are in the city of Ottawa, our packers will arrive and get to work. You can be by their side all the time in case you want to instruct them or provide more details about the items they are packing.

Our company offers a delay-free and pleasant experience for our senior citizens

Wasting precious minutes or hours of your time isn’t an option for us at Professional movers in Ottawa. We find it our mission to provide you with quick and effective senior moving services that won’t leave you waiting around for the arrival of our moving truck. Instead, our movers will be punctual and efficient and will strive to finish all of the moving tasks at the optimal time.

elderly couple sitting on the bench after moving with senior movers Ottawa
Best senior movers Ottawa has can help you enjoy your retirement in peace

We are a fully licensed and insured senior relocation company that has gained a good reputation, and we work hard to meet all of your expectations. In fact, we always try to surpass all of your expectations and provide you with an Ottawa senior move that you will remember in the years to come. You can fully rely on some of the best senior movers Ottawa has to offer. The job of our team will be to create the perfect plan for the relocation of your belongings. Our plan will be full of details and will cover all the basics as well as particularities. With a plan that will be tailored to your needs, there will be little, if any, room for problems and/or delays. Problems are the last thing you need and deserve.

Why should you let senior movers Ottawa take care of your furniture?

Relocation is not all about transporting your items, and our furniture movers Ottawa know that! As soon as you start moving things around, you will realize that this may be harder than you thought. Let us help you with loading and unloading your furniture as each one of our senior movers is trained for that. By the time you arrive, everything will be in its place and ready for you to move in.

The importance of small movers for senior relocations in Ottawa

You may be wondering if you really need to hire senior movers in Ottawa if you are moving just across the street or have a couple of boxes. The answer is yes! Even the smallest relocations can cause trouble along the way, and that is something you should avoid at all costs! You will be happy to know that our small movers Ottawa accept any kind of request, no matter how small it is. Just give us a call and we will be on our way!

A successful relocation awaits with some of the best senior movers Ottawa has

If you wonder what is our secret for being so good at moving, wait till you hear the answer. We strongly believe that all senior citizens deserve to have a pleasant and quick relocation! Because of that, our team is made of professionals who work hard to get the knowledge and skill for this job. If you take some time to go through our reviews, you will see that our clients refer to us as friends! Upon arriving, our helpful senior movers Ottawa will answer all of your questions and provide details so that you understand every step they make.

Store your items in our secure and spacious storage solutions in Ottawa

Apart from opting for moving services, most seniors decide to rent a reliable storage unit. Usually, senior citizens realize they no longer need to live in a huge house with a couple of bedrooms, which is why they decide to downsize. Most often, this is the right decision to make. The problem with downsizing is the fact that you have too many items that are in your current home, and most of those items won’t be able to fit into a smaller house or apartment. That’s why storage solutions Ottawa have become an indispensable part of Ottawa’s senior moves.

Our storage facilities will provide optimal conditions for your household belongings. You can feel free to store your antiques, furniture, memorabilia, as well as all other types of items you can think of. We provide spacious and clean storage units that will prevent pest and insect infestation. Most importantly, there is 24/7 monitoring at our facilities! That means you won’t have to deal with missing or damaged items at any point in time.

You are one phone call away from having the best possible senior relocation

We at Professional Movers Ottawa don’t want you to worry about your upcoming relocation. Instead, we always take it upon ourselves to handle even the most complicated tasks. As a result, we are proud to be the best senior movers Ottawa has ever seen! All you have to do is give us a phone call and you’ll have our professional movers in complete charge of the upcoming moving tasks. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.


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Hardworking, focussed and polite. What surprised me was their care and attention detail, almost as if they were moving their own possessions. Thank you for your incredible service.

- Dr. Yousuf Siddiqui, ND

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