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We move at least a couple of times in our lives. Each time we must organize, pack, and find professional Ottawa movers to assist us. And each time people accumulate a bunch of random items over the lifetime. And each relocation introduces new items to the environment while we keep our old ones as well. But no more! You must declutter and downsize this time around. Get rid of all your unused and old items in the best possible way. Yes, by organizing a pre-move garage sale. Let us help you set everything up and find a new home for your old items.

Create a moving checklist and include pre-move garage sale details

You should begin your journey with a moving checklist. Creating a step-by-step guide is highly advisable. List down everything you must do and of course, include the details of your garage sale. And to obtain those details, you must declutter and downsize.

Two people at the thrift shop holding items in boxes
Use plastic bins and cardboard boxes to display your items nicely.

Therefore, shuffle through your items and inspect everything to figure out what is viable for your sale. You must organize your sale in the yard and out of the garage anyway, so we suggest packing your garage before the move first. Clear the area and make the environment garage sale friendly. Also, you probably have most of the old and unused items in there already. Bring a few chairs, a portable shelving system, some hangers, and cardboard boxes. Use it all to display your items nicely and make a small shop in front of your garage.

As for the other moving stages, inspect your entire home and figure out where to begin. Realize how hard it will be, how many items you must pack, and how many packing supplies are required. Once you have this info, contact your movers to obtain a moving quote. Maybe you can utilize their packing services Ottawa and pack yourself without any troubles.

A good advertisement is crucial for a pre-move garage sale

You must advertise a bit if you want anyone to show up to your garage sale. Make a huge cardboard sign and place it in your yard at least a week before the event. Then, print out a few flyers and tape them to the poles around the neighborhood. Also, you can make a post on social media in one of the local groups.

Do whatever you can to attract as many customers as possible. It will increase your chances to make sales and you will end up with a successful garage sale. Although, if you have no time on your hands, at least place a sign on your porch. Hopefully, someone will show up.

sale signs and prices
Advertise like a pro! Put up a sign and attract your customer with a nice sales pitch.

Spread the word!

Yes, you will spread the word in order for buyers to show up. But you shouldn’t forget to notify your neighbors and authorities. There are laws and regulations tied to this kind of gathering. You should read about it online and send out an email or give them a call to ask for permission to conduct a garage sale. There shouldn’t be any problems if you keep it fairly quiet, brief, alcohol-free, and in your backyard. As for your neighbors, it would be best to pay them a visit and bribe them with a farewell gift. Notify them in person and say your goodbyes at the same time. Or invite them over if that suits you better.

Keep reasonable prices

Conducting a pre-move garage sale won’t make you rich. The goal is to get rid of your items instead of throwing them away. And to get rid of them fast. You don’t have time to lose and you want to sell as much as possible before you begin giving items away. Your garage sale should last for a couple of hours and it would be amazing if you sell everything. Therefore, to do it right, you must keep reasonable prices.

Those items are probably old, used, and have emotional value rather than a monetary one. So, we suggest keeping the price below 20% of the original value. For example, if you paid $50, sell it for $10 or less. Of course, the outcome is depending on the item, the buyer, and your negotiation skills. Maybe you can sell it for more but if you keep prices in this range, you will sell almost everything.

put reasonable prices on your pre-move garage sale
Ensure your customers have easy access to the merchandise and a fair price attached to it.

Get some help

Maybe you can organize a pre-move garage sale alone, but it will take too much time. It would be better to ask your best friend to help you out. Sit down and browse through your items together. Take a stroll through the memory lane and set aside all those items that will be a nice asset to your garage sale. Also, you can ask your friends to add an item or two. Maybe you can bundle everything together and make one big and colorful garage sale. Just remember to make a list of items you are selling so you can split the profit in the end.

When it comes to the helping hand, remember you must schedule your long distance movers Ontario on time. As soon as you wrap up your moving tasks and obligations, you should give them a call. Book your moving date and then continue with packing and other preparations.

Enjoy and have fun

Ok, as you know, a garage sale will bring many people to your backyard. It will attract random passengers as well. Therefore, you must prepare the environment in a way where everyone is comfortable. You especially. So, you should secure all the doors and windows in case someone gets an idea to check what is going on inside your home. Then, bring out a sound system and play some music for the customers. Also, you can introduce beverages and snacks as well. Nothing too fancy, just a nice gesture to keep your customers happy and in a good mood. People are shopping much easier when in a good mood. And finally, you must stretch a few cords and utilities across the place or at least to the area where your electronics are.

Your customers should be able to plug that toaster in and ensure it is working. Try to make everything easily accessible to your customers. Such an environment will look more like a party than a garage sale. People will laugh, drink, have fun, and go home with something new. And now when we mentioned the party, we must remind you that you should throw a going away party for your friends and family. After this garage sale and a going away party, you’ll be a Rockstar in the neighborhood. Going out with a bang and a lot of new memories.

That was it. Now you know how to organize a successful pre-move garage sale. What is most important is the fact that you are not throwing anything away. Your precious items and memories will live on in the new environment, making someone else happy. We wish you a safe relocation and a good one.

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