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    Local moving

    Opt for a swift, customized & budget-friendly move across town with our local moving experts from Ottawa.


    Long-distance moving

    Ensure a stress-free and timely relocation of your home or business throughout Ontario and Quebec.


    Packing services

    Hire our packing specialist to save valuable time and secure your items with top-notch packing materials.


    Storage solutions

    Rent short-term or long-term storage units in a clean & gated facility for safekeeping of your possessions.

    The challenges of making any relocation happen are immense – especially if you want that relocation to be a complete and total success. At Professional Movers Ottawa, we want nothing more than to ensure you have a seamless transition from point A to point B. Our locally owned and operated moving company will go to great lengths to provide you with an easy move. So give yourself a break and save your time by contacting us and requesting a commitment-free moving quote. With a careful selection of moving services Ottawa is proud of, you won’t have to experience any moving stress and anxiety.

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    We service the residents of Ottawa with great passion and dedication.

    We have a wide selection of moving services in Ottawa

    The first step towards having a pleasant moving experience is choosing the right package of moving assistance options. Those who have gone through the relocation process before know that this is a tricky endeavor. But considering the fact that we offer professionalism, efficiency, and utter dedication with every moving service, you don’t have to wonder whether you have made the right decision. Our honest concern for all of your belongings will reflect on the final result. We strive to have all of your items delivered undamaged and in one piece.

    Once you reach out to our professional movers in Ottawa, we will be more than happy to provide you with a free moving estimate. Before we can start organizing and guiding you through the process, you have one job in front – opting for your range of moving services in Ottawa. At your disposal, you have plenty of different assistance options that will make a difference during your upcoming relocation:

    Should you have any trouble deciding which one of our high-quality moving services are vital for your relocation, we can always give you our recommendation. All of the experience we have gained from hundreds of previous moving projects is at your full disposal at all times.

    A local relocation in Ottawa is a breeze with our experienced moving team

    As the place of our offices and the place we service with great pride, Ottawa is a city we know by heart. Our knowledge of the area paired with our motivation to cater to your versatile moving needs will result in a smooth and trouble-free relocation. In fact, with all the knowledge we have gathered about the city and the relocation process, even a same-day move isn’t out of the question. It all depends on the complexity of your move, as well as the outside factors.

    Long-distance relocation throughout Ontario isn’t a challenge with Professional Movers Ottawa by your side

    It can’t be denied that having to move 50 miles away from your home isn’t as easy as moving down the block. However, we don’t see a reason for you to go through any unnecessary complications. With our long-distance moving assistance options in Ottawa, you will have an organized and efficient relocation to your new home or office. Our long-distance moving team will plan your move from start to finish, eliminating any chances for delays. You don’t have to worry about your move – you just have to give us a call.

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    There is nothing more important to us than customer satisfaction.

    Moving your family’s possessions is a pleasure for our friendly Ottawa movers

    All relocation types come with different intricacies. But there is one thing that separates residential relocation from all the other types – the emotions that are involved. It is never easy to leave your home – but we’ll strive to make it as bearable as possible. Our residential moving specialists will take good care of all of your belongings. From fine china to bulky sofas, we will give each item the love, care, and protection it deserves.

    Provide your business relocation with the best chances of success

    If you are like most business owners, then you have probably spent your entire life investing in your business. We would hate to see all that hard work go to waste. When faced with an office move of any magnitude and complexity, feel free to contact Professional Movers Ottawa. We have all the resources necessary which will make it easy to provide your business with minimal downtime during relocation. As far as the best moving services Ottawa has are concerned, our professional commercial moving team definitely belongs to the very top of the category.

    Safely relocate your precious piano with our piano moving experts

    Be it a family heirloom or a piece you bought by yourself, one thing can’t be denied. Your piano holds great emotional and monetary value. Such value needs to be protected during a process as complicated as relocation. With the training and equipment that our piano movers in Ottawa have, piano relocation will be nothing more than a small nuisance. Considering the ease with which our specialists handle your heaviest items, it’s no wonder that this is one of our most requested moving services in Ottawa.

    Don’t let packing be the reason you hate your move

    Packing is arguably the most complex and time-consuming moving task of all. Having that in mind, it’s normal that a person with a nine-to-five job will be incredibly stressed out at the mere thought of packing. Luckily, those who wish to leave the partial or complete packing of their items in someone else’s hands can do so by hiring us for the job.

    With our premier packing services in Ottawa, you can count on your items being packed, wrapped, and ready for transport. To further ensure the protection of your belongings, our packers will use only high-quality and sturdy packing materials. We know you care about your items – and that’s why we care about them, as well.

    Furniture to be relocated with premier moving services Ottawa.
    With the movers and packers we have, your items will be safe and protected from start to finish.

    Store your items in our clean and spacious storage units

    Finally, our Ottawa moving services would not be complete had we not offered a great place for the safekeeping of your belongings. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving or remodeling – the need for storage presents itself sooner or later. Our storage units are constantly monitored, providing the best protection for your valuables. It is due to our comprehensive moving and storage services in Ottawa that we have become a popular member of sites like Verified Movers. As far as licensed, insured, and reliable professional go, we have every necessary quality that puts us at the very top of the industry.

    Contact us today and ensure our premier moving services Ottawa and its residents love

    Moving stress is a real problem for people who are going through a relocation. But with Professional Movers Ottawa, you can go through minimal amounts of stress and problems. Our moving services Ottawa citizens are always ready to recommend have become a staple for everyone who is looking for a quick and easy move. After all, we both have one main goal – to ensure you have a seamless transition. Don’t wait a minute longer – contact us today and remember your move in the years to come.


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    Professional Movers Ottawa is in fact a team of really professional guys. Their business motto is "their Customers are their GOD". More their customers are happy with their services, more they felt satisfaction.

    - Balbir Sharma

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