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Moving is hard as it is. There’s so much to do and seemingly never enough time for it. But moving in bad weather can be a lot worse. Although, with good preparation and foresight you will be able to make it much less stressful. You might also try to change the moving date, but it won’t always be possible. So, you need to prepare. It doesn’t matter if it’s residential or office moving Ottawa. You still need to take extra precautions in order to keep your items safe. Because even the most sturdy items can get water damage. Here’s how to prepare and deal with bad weather during a move.

Types of bad weather that you can encounter when moving

There are multiple types of bad weather when moving. And although moving in bad weather in Canada usually means pouring rain or a blizzard, you can also encounter very hot summer days in the south. And each weather condition brings a unique set of challenges with it. But, with a good plan and foresight, you will be able to prepare. Professional moving companies Ottawa can help you avoid damage to your belongings. And make it much easier for you during relocation. No matter what the conditions are like outside.

vehicle going through the snow
Depending on the weather conditions you need to prepare yourself and your belongings

Discuss your moving in bad weather with your movers

If you are expecting bad weather make sure you call your movers. It’s important to properly communicate and ask anything that you wish to know. Different moving companies Gatineau have varying policies when it comes to moving in bad weather. Some might still go through with the move. While others might wish to postpone it. But, it all depends on the exact weather conditions. Light rain will not affect your move nearly as much as a snow blizzard. And it’s important to have all the information beforehand. 

Postpone your move if you can

While with good preparation you can move in just about any weather, it’s still advisable to postpone your move if you can. It doesn’t have to be much. At least a day or two until you can catch a break in the weather. Keep your eyes on the weather forecast. And plan precisely when you will resume your moving duties. It will be much easier to move on a dry day. So, discuss it with your family and your moving company. 

Prepare yourself first for moving in bad weather

If you can’t or won’t postpone your moving date due to bad weather, you need to be prepared. It’s important to think about yourself first, and only then deal with your belongings. You need to have the right clothes, accessories, and attitude during such relocation. You might need to speed up your move, or slow it down, depending on the weather. And it’s important to plan it all out.

Moving during rain

Rain is something that can reasonably be expected throughout the year. And not something that you can easily avoid. But, it’s a weather condition that you can easily prepare for. It’s important to wear appropriate clothes. A raincoat is perfect for both light and heavy rain. But, it’s also quite important to have spare clothes that you can change into. And don’t forget to pack at least a few pairs of socks.

woman in raincoat
If you are moving in the rain, make sure to have a raincoat

Moving while snowing

Most people find rain much more challenging than snow. But, you have to remember that snow is as wet as rain. So you need to have a waterproof jacket. Or at least a spare one that you can change into. It’s also important to have warm clothes, a hat, and gloves. 

Hot summer days are equally as challenging

While summer is the best time to move, it also comes with its own set of challenges. Hot summer days can impact your relocation just as much. And while rain can cause harm to your items, the scorching heat can cause a lot of moving stress. It’s important to wear light clothes. But don’t forget to put on a pair of closed sneakers. As moving in sandals isn’t such a good idea. Another important thing is to stay hydrated. So prepare plenty of water.

Make sure you pack properly when moving in bad weather

One thing that you need to take special care of when moving in bad weather is packing. Cardboard boxes aren’t ideal for wet conditions. Your items might easily get wet and damaged due to snow or rain. And your moving boxes can break due to water damage. And cause even more damage to other items. So, make sure you give them a good plastic wrap, or two. Just to make sure that everything inside stays dry. Alternatively, you can hire professional packing services Ottawa for the job. So you don’t have to think about such things. They are professionals and will know what to expect and how to prepare.

boxes wrapped in plastic
Make sure to protect your moving boxes

Use plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes

Another great tip when moving in bad weather is to use plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes. They are much sturdier. And won’t be affected by rain or snow. And even more importantly, your items inside will stay dry.

You’ll need to cover furniture as well

While most times you won’t have to cover your furniture for the move, this time you will. It can take a couple of minutes or even more to get a couch loaded onto a moving truck. And in that time it can easily get wet. So, it’s important to wrap your bulky items with plastic wrap to avoid water damage.

Unpacking when moving in bad weather

Loading might have been the hard part of moving in bad weather. But, your job is still not done. Once your items arrive at your new home you need to be prepared. And plan what you will unpack first. You should place towels on your floors to avoid water from dripping on them. And prepare plenty of trash bags for the unpacking process. Remove the plastic wrap from all your boxes. While your items might not be wet, they need to breathe. Unpack sensitive items first to make sure they aren’t wet. And then proceed to unpack clothes and other less vulnerable belongings. But, don’t let them sit in boxes for too long. If they get wet, mold can quickly begin to form on them. 

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