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What are you going to do with all your stuff and how to use your space wisely? That is the question most people ask when relocating home. It is a constant issue because spacey apartments and homes are a bit more expensive and out of reach. So, next to organizing, packing, and searching for movers Barrhaven, you must inspect your new home and figure out how to utilize the space you have. But worry not, we will provide a few tips and tricks on how to save space after moving to Barrhaven. Let us begin.

Start with a moving plan

Maybe it is too late and you are already settling in. But in case you are still organizing your move or you are somewhere in the middle, this info should be useful. Hence, start with a moving checklist where you’ll list down all tasks you must complete. Cover legalities, packing, and a search for moving companies Ottawa. But pay special attention to packing. You must inspect all your belongings thoroughly to know how much packing materials you need and how many boxes you have. Pack in a way to unpack easier with a plan where each box or a piece of furniture should go.

Also, note down how many pieces of furniture you possess. Presumably, you already inspected your new home inside out and you have a plan where to put each piece. But without a proper inspection, you can find yourself cluttered and without a way to store everything inside your new place. Therefore, inspect your old and new place, along with all things you possess. Once you have this information, contact your movers and figure out the best way to relocate.

Clean out your clutter to save space after moving to Barrhaven
You will find a lot of clutter inside your garage. Clean it out!

The first step is to declutter and downsize

Decluttering is important before the move and after. It is a tiresome but necessary process. But quite a useful one. You should have a fresh new start without the clutter and excess items we all possess. Therefore, start cleaning out while packing and remove all the junk from your home. Start by checking out all the areas of your home and sort your stuff out.

Make designated piles with items you do not need anymore. Sort them into categories and then either sell online, a gift to friends, or donate to a local shelter. But if you can’t be bothered with it, simply throw it all away. Whatever you choose is good, just make sure you do not drag unwanted items with you anymore. This process will make your relocation cheaper and easier. More importantly, your new home will be clutter-free.

What kind of furniture do you possess?

This is a tricky one, especially if you possess antique pieces you can’t live without. Some furniture can be replaced in case you can’t find a space for it. For example, a huge kitchen table, a kingsize bed, or a couch can be a problem. Such items can eat up the space inside your room and make it unusable. Not to mention that some robust pieces can’t go through the door or can’t fit at all. It can happen in apartments with lower ceilings.

So, to avoid such an unpleasant situation, measure your robust furniture and figure out if it is usable in your new home. Maybe you’ll have to buy a few pieces and replace the old ones. Or simply remove rarely used furniture in order to gain more space. Whatever you prefer better.

Furniture inside a home
Bigger pieces can make a problem. Measure everything beforehand.

Make the most of it to save space after moving to Barrhaven

Ok, you have a certain space to use, and the goal is to make the most of it. A smart way to do it is to use a retractable bed, chairs, and shelves. Or you can even elevate your bed and add a wooden set of stairs to it. Use the space below for storage or another piece of furniture. Also, you should use the wall space as much as possible. Especially in your kitchen and the bathroom. You can hang all your skillets, kitchen cloth, and some of the appliances onto hooks and find it a nice place on the wall. The same goes for your bathroom.

Not to mention if you have the garage, attic, and basement. Then your possibilities are endless. Just think about all the nooks and cranes, corners, ceiling, and wall space. People tend to neglect it even if can store much more than they think. Be smart and save space after moving to Barrhaven with a few innovative decorating ideas. Check it out online, there are thousands of examples of how to use the wall space. Pick ones that suit you the most.

Renting a storage unit is another way to save space after moving to Barrhaven

One of the best ways to save space after moving to Barrhaven is to rent one of the storage units Ottawa. It is a lucrative and affordable way to keep all your items indefinitely. You can use it as a short-term solution or keep it forever. But if you decide on renting, you should pack for storing beforehand.

Stacked cardboard moving boxes
Use your moving boxes to store items inside your storage unit or at your home.

Simply protect all your furniture by wrapping it in blister packs or covering it with a sheet. Also, pack all items inside boxes and label them right. Or you can reuse moving boxes after you unpack and pack for storage later. Either way, it will be a smart move. You get to keep your stuff and to have more space on both sides. Priceless.

Adjust your new place

Maybe you haven’t thought about it, but you can renovate your home on a budget. Tearing down a wall or removing doors and windows can be done cheaply if done right. Of course, if you have only one thing in mind, but if you want to do it all at once, then that would be a different story with a greater budget and more time invested. But in case your new place is smaller than your previous one, this might be a solution. Making one big room out of two smaller ones is a common thing people do and it can be done in a day.

But before you do any of it you should consult with a contractor to be sure your idea is a viable one. On the other hand, if you are renting, this won’t be possible because no landlord will accept such changes on their property. So, keep in mind that a quick and cheap renovation can provide more space. Inspect your new home and figure out if there is a possibility for such a project.

And now you know how to save space after moving to Barrhaven and how to make additional space if needed. As long as you create a moving plan beforehand with an unpacking plan in place, you won’t clutter your new home. Keep it simple and do not fear to try new things out. The solution is out there, just reach out and grab it.

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