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A relocation process requires you to perform many tasks. Once simple relocation will take a month to organize and set everything up to be ready for your moving day. But most people have less time to spare for the whole moving project. Do you want to know how to speed up the moving process? Do not worry, we will show you how to form a moving plan, find the best movers in Barrhaven, and organize the packing process. Let us begin!

Set the strategy to speed up the moving process

The goal is to speed up the moving process as much as possible but you must know that certain stages require some time to be performed adequately. The most important one is the moving plan and the moving checklist. You should assemble a list with all the steps you’ll take on this journey along with the inventory list and the list of important moving documents. This way you won’t forget anything and you can always juggle your memory and stay up to date. Hence, start inspecting the environment, your possessions, and list everything down on your moving checklist. Once it is done, begin calculating moving costs and dedicate a moving budget.

Moving checklist will help you to speed up the moving process
Create a moving checklist to serve as a personal guide through the moving process.

Now, depending on your situation, you might need additional assistance that might slow you down. If you have extremely valuable, delicate, or robust and heavy furniture to move, you should seek a proper moving team to do it. For example, if you have a piano at your home, you should hire piano movers Ottawa based because they know how to do it and have all the tools and equipment necessary. It is a smart way to keep your precious items safe and relocate safely.

A reliable moving company will help you speed up the moving process

We all know that almost all relocations have a proper moving company behind it. You will need one as well. But how you search for reliable movers in Ottawa matters greatly. You can’t speed this part. You must sit down, take an hour or two, and search for the moving company that will relocate you safely and affordably. Most importantly, a moving company you can trust. Therefore, the best way to do it is to go online and compare companies. Compare websites, prices, services, and read moving reviews. Once you find a match, give them a closer look.

You want to check if your movers have all the permits, licenses, tools, equipment, moving vehicles, and enough knowledgeable personnel to finish the job. So, contact the movers you want to hire and communicate all in detail. Make sure you cover everything before you purchase any services and sign a moving contract. Hopefully, your search won’t be too long and you’ll find a reputable and reliable moving company.

Utilize free onsite estimates

Remember, moving companies offer onsite estimates to their clients. It is a lucrative way to realize the complexity of the job ahead. A moving representative will evaluate the environment, cargo, and note down any additional services you might need. They will obtain much valuable knowledge which will lead to real moving costs and a much better moving plan. Once you have this information you can work on the moving logistics and decide if you should invest more or reduce your spending. It will make your move safer, more affordable, and time-efficient. Let movers help you to speed up the moving process and organize better.

It is time to declutter

Now is the best time to clean your home inside out. This means you should declutter, downsize, and get rid of all those items you do not need anymore. We all have outdated and unusable items and we hold them for various reasons. It is time to inspect everything and set aside a pile of items you should get rid of.

This process goes well with packing and you should do it gradually. Simply set aside everything you find while packing and eventually you’ll have more than enough. Then, you can sell usable items online, via garage/yard sale, or donate to a local shelter and charity organizations. In the end, you can always throw your stuff out but if you do, remember to recycle.

Cluttered space
This is the time to declutter your space and start fresh. Remove the clutter from your life.

One more thing. In case you want to keep it all, a simple solution is renting a storage unit. You can store all your unused items and go back to it later once you need it. Also, if you rent a storage unit you can store seasonal items, bicycles, ski equipment, winter clothing, etc. A lucrative way of storing is available to you.

It is important how you pack your items

You shouldn’t rush packing. It must be done right if you want your items to reach the destination undamaged. Therefore, inspect your items properly and figure out how much packing materials you need. You can communicate this with your movers if you purchased packing services. They will bring everything you need to pack successfully. But if you do this yourself, obtain the following from your nearest hardware store:

  • Moving boxes – Cardboard moving box is the way to go. Ensure you cover all sizes and shapes, depending on your needs.
  • Packing tape – Use higher-quality tape to hold your boxes tight. You do not want any of the boxes falling apart and tearing down while in transport.
  • Packing paper – Use it to wrap items individually and shield them from scratching and bruising.
  • Cushion – You should consider Styrofoam or blister packs for greater protections. Although, you can use substitution items from your home. Those are blankets, sheets, t-shirts, kitchen cloth, etc.
  • Labels – Ensure each box is labeled and content clearly displayed for everyone to see. This way you will raise awareness and keep fragile items safe. Moreover, you will have a much easier time locating certain items while unpacking.
Person packing clothes for moving
Obtain packing materials and pack like a pro. Ensure your items are safe for transport.

Take a breather once in a while

Yes, we explained how to improve your moving process and organize adequately so you can speed the whole thing up. Although, if you burn out quickly you can ruin the whole experience and even endanger your health. Therefore, you must learn how to cope with moving stress and to take care of your physical state as well. Preparation can last for weeks, or even months, which means you must take a break from time to time and reset. Take a weekend off and hit the spa, movies, or take the whole family out for a picnic. Do whatever relaxes you the most in order to recharge your batteries. Also, a week before the move drink enough fluids, eat healthier food, and catch enough sleep. Maintain your health and sanity and you’ll have a successful moving day.

And now you know how to speed up the moving process. It will be easy enough with a proper packing and moving plan in hands. As long as you have a reliable and trustworthy moving company, you won’t have to worry about it for a second. We wish you a successful relocation and the best of luck.

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