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Yet another move is just around the corner and so are the holidays. You are the unlucky one if you must relocate at this time of the year. Although, maybe you found a unique opportunity and you are moving to your dream home? Whatever might be the case, one thing is certain, you must prepare everything. You should organize, pack, declutter, and find the best movers in Ottawa to assist you. All those steps take time and money and we will try to make it all a bit easier for you. Let us explain how to declutter before the holidays and be ready to spend them in your new home surrounded by your loved ones. Let us begin!

Declutter before the holidays and have a fresh new start!

This is a good time to shuffle through all your belongings. You might have no time to do it meticulously but at least you can inspect some of it. If you can dedicate some time it would be even better. So, start by inspecting all areas of your home. Begin with the rooms inside your home and once you are done check out the basement, attic, shed, garage, yard, etc. All those places that can hold clutter and items that are long-forgotten. You will surely find various items like seasonal clothing, Christmas decoration, gardening tools, and more. You should organize electronic devices, your old clothes, memorabilia, and old furniture.

Check out your old ornaments and declutter before the holidays
Christmas ornaments are heavily hoarded. Check up on yours and replace old with new.

It would be wise to make an inventory list and write down everything you must pack and items you’ll get rid of. This is an amazing tactic that will help you pack, unpack, and declutter better. But if you have no time for the whole process, seek help from your long distance movers Ontario. Movers can help with packing and relocate you safely and successfully. At least you won’t have to think about that part. Everything else is up to the time you have on your hands and your moving budget.

Decluttering can be a money-saver

Declutter before the holidays and save money by doing it. Yes, it is another beneficial aspect of the whole deal. By decluttering and removing excess items, you’ll have fewer items to pack and lighter cargo overall. This means you won’t have to invest more in working hours, packing materials, and you’ll spend less time on it. It just makes your life easier. So, figure out what kind of clutter you have and what is the size of it. Maybe after conducting a proper purge, you won’t need a large moving truck and maybe one worker less. This can be huge when it comes to the moving cost and the final bill. Think about it.

No one likes cleaning, but it will do good for you

While cleaning out, you will surely find clothing you never worn, or you rarely use at all. Or all those old pieces you wanted to keep just in case. Maybe it is time to take a closer look and get rid of it. At least some of it. But multiply it all with the number of the family members and you can get quite the result. Therefore, find your old clothes and make great use of them. This is what you can do with it:

  • Donate – Your local shelter or a charity organization will highly appreciate the gesture. Give your old items to someone that can still use it.
  • Sell – The easiest way of doing it is to sell your items online. Of course, it depends on nature and the state they are in.
  • Gift – Give your items to friends, relatives, co-workers, or neighbors. It will be a great parting gift.
  • Recycle – You can always throw your stuff away and be done with it. But remember, you should recycle and put them back into circulation. Check out online and find the nearest recycling center.
A person wrapping a present
You can wrap your old items and gift them to charities. Someone will appreciate such a present.

Remove old and introduce new items to your new home

Now, bear in mind that some pieces are sitting inside your garage for far too long. Maybe they are waiting for a fix or better days where you’ll use them again. No more! This is the time to figure this out. You are cleaning your entire home after all, why not checking this one out as well? Hence, check all the electronics, appliances, tools, equipment, etc. Figure out what is worth simply replacing with new items and what’s worth fixing. Of course, if you possess antique pieces, leave those aside and think about refurbishing them later.

It will do good to introduce a few new pieces of furniture or appliances to your new place. You are making a new start, why not treat yourself with a new toaster or a lamp? Give it a thought.

Declutter before the holidays and organize your new space like a pro

Ok, you will clean and declutter before the holidays this one time. But how to maintain mental hygiene and keep your new space clutter-free? Yes, you should continue with decluttering regularly to avoid such huge projects in the future. This one will take time and energy and you should learn from it. So, as we said earlier, check your furniture and appliances and do not hoard them just because you have them. You do not need three coffee makers. Give at least one away and make space for other items.

Also, you must declutter regularly which means you should organize thorough cleaning several times a year. And of course, clean at least 2-3 times a week. Find the best time to do it. Maybe it is best for you to clean 1 hour a day, or to do it all over the weekend. Check your schedule and make time for it. You will surely feel better if you are living inside a clean and clutter-free space.

The best ways to get rid of all the clutter you collected

It might be sad to simply throw everything away. Some items are dear to you and you would like them to be used again. So, how to do it right? A great solution is to organize a garage sale and sell your items to your friends and neighbors. It is a symbolic gesture more than a money-maker. And if you feel bad that you are taking money away from your fellow neighbors, give it all to charity and sleep tight.

Items sorted for a yard sale
You can sort your items and organize a yard sale.

On the other hand, if you can’t decide or simply can’t part away from your items, there is another solution. You can rent one of the storage units Ottawa and keep all your items for later. Yes, you need space in your new apartment but you want to keep all your stuff as well. There you go, this is an amazing and lucrative solution that will keep all parties happy and satisfied. Later on, come back and figure out what to keep and what to get rid of. Or keep it all indefinitely. It is purely your choice.

And now you know how to declutter before the holidays. If you do it right and have enough time for it, you won’t have to worry much. Just remember to follow your moving checklist and keep up with all the tasks ahead. Make an inventory list and keep your items in check. Good luck and have a wonderful time spending the holidays with your family.

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