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You are moving to a new home? Great news! But have you secured your relocation and your belongings? As you know moving is complex and requires a proper packing process, search for moving companies Gatineau, and to dedicate a certain moving budget. But probably the most important part of each move is how you pack your items. It will dictate the unpacking process as well and it can make your adaptation period longer. The goal is to unpack efficiently and get your home up and running. Therefore, we will provide a few tips and tricks on how to do it and what to unpack first after your move to make it all work like a charm. Let us begin!

Get ready for moving

Now, let us get the moving preparations out of the way first. You should organize on time and make your relocation cost and time effective. To do it, you should start with a moving checklist along with an inventory list. Inspect your surrounding and all belongings you possess. Write all steps you must take and list down all the items you want to move. Only then you’ll have insight into the moving cost and complexity of your relocation. Also, you will know how many movers you need for the job, the size of the moving vehicle, and if you need any special tools or requirements.

Two people packing moving boxes
You should organize all your moving stages on time so you can pack in peace.

Once you have all the information on paper, contact your movers, and work on the moving logistics. You should set a moving date according to your working schedule and the time you have on your hands. Movers will help you calculate the moving costs as well and point out if there are any moving services Ottawa that can apply to your situation. And after evaluating everything, you can decide where you want to invest and where to pull back and make it all cost-efficient and more effective.

Packing the right way

To know what to unpack first after your move, first, you must know where your items are. And the best way to do it is to label your boxes adequately. Create your labeling system the way you see fit. You can match colors, rooms, or numbers on the box and on your inventory list. This way you can bring boxes to their designated rooms straight away and make the unpacking process much easier. So, create a plan on how to get your boxes to each room to avoid moving larger and heavier boxes all over the place.

Also, you should think about the packing supplies Ottawa before you start packing. Purchase the packing materials from the nearest hardware store or from your movers directly. Aim for cardboard moving boxes with different shapes and sizes to cover all your items appropriately. And you will need packing tape, blister packs, packing paper, and labels. Focus on the labeling system and you won’t get lost while unpacking. Now when we covered packing, let us move in and unpack your items on priority.

Bedroom items to unpack first after your move

There are three rooms in your home you should get ready for use. It doesn’t matter which way you go first, as long as you make it all work within a day or two. Let us start with the bedroom. You want to rest and have your bed ready the same night you moved in? Then bring all those boxes and bags with your sheets, blankets, pillows, etc. Depending on the bed you have, you might need to re-assemble it before you begin. Make the bedding and be ready to catch the well-deserved good night’s sleep.

Two people unpacking and settling in
Get bigger boxes out of the way as soon as you move in.

Moreover, you should unpack first after you move all those big and bulky boxes containing lighter but robust items. It is a general rule to get the clothing and other easy to handle items inside wardrobes and on shelves. Get those big boxes out of the way so you can move around freely. The same goes for each room in your home. In a couple of hours, you can split the number of boxes in half. So, clear the way and make your unpacking easier.

Bathroom items to unpack first after your move

Moving onto the bathroom. It is a no brainer and you can set it up within an hour. Note that you do not have to unpack everything related to this area. Only the essentials for now. Or if you prefer, you can invest a few more hours and make it all nice and shiny. So, start with the box containing cleaning products because you will clean the whole place first if you haven’t done it already. Then, bring out the toilet paper, soap, towels, shower curtain, shampoos, toothbrush, makeup, and all other personal toiletries.

Furthermore, you must work on your medicine cabinet and first aid kit as well. Once you set it all up, figure out where to store your cleaning products, and keep them out of reach. Setting up your bathroom can be challenging if you have kids and pets, so think about it up front and make it all safe for use.

Finally, the kitchen

If you were moving a refrigerator, this is the time to plug it in and get it up and running. You must store your food somewhere right? And the same goes for all other essential appliances you can’t live without. Pull out your toaster and your coffee-maker and be ready for the morning after. Hook up your washer, dryer, and all other appliances you can’t function without. Then, move onto the “unpack first box” that should hold your dining set. You should have one ready to at least cover the first day in your home. But you can use disposable plastic or cardboard plates and utensils and make it simple. And finally, unpack your perishables straight away. Fill your freezer and your fridge with the food you brought over.

Kitchen appliances are among the items you should unpack first after your move
If you want your pancakes in the morning, unpack your appliances and make it happen.

Personal needs

Now, if you are moving with a baby, pets, or elders, you might have a different way of unpacking in mind. You should prioritize guided by your situation mainly. Unpack all those items that you and your family members can’t function without. Tend to everyone’s needs and make it all efficient. Once you prioritized and covered your needs, then you should move to the three essential rooms we mentioned above.

And now you know what to unpack first after your move. Of course, you will add a personal touch and unpack the way you see fit. As long as you remove the big boxes from the equation straight away, you will have easier unpacking altogether. Good luck and have fun!

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