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There are many strong reasons why you should consider storage rental no matter whether you move locally or long-distance. Storage units are there to keep your items safe until you decide to move them out. Also, the moving industry has significantly improved in the last two decades. Many modern features optimized the storage services and made them more useful than ever. It’s noticeable that renting a long term storage unit in Ottawa is a popular choice.

People want to travel the world or put away a bunch of bulky items they would like to donate or sell. Such facilities help during longer relocations and are the most optimal solutions for your possessions. Therefore, don’t hesitate to research some of the best storage solutions Ottawa companies have to offer.

two guys in a storage facility
It’s possible to find a top-quality storage facility at affordable prices.

However, there are many storage providers and companies on the market that offer long-term storage services to choose from. That often makes it difficult to choose the right provider, and therefore a high-quality service. On the other hand, there are also companies that don’t promise the quality they advertise on their website. In this guide, you will learn what considerations to make when looking for an ideal long-term storage unit.

Make sure the providers renting a long term storage facility in Ottawa are verified

Before you make the list of potential storage units you would rent, ensure the company or storage provider has a license. The last you need is a fraudulent scam that may put you in an unpleasant situation. You can always check with the people you know or online if the company is legit. After that, take a look at their long-term storage facilities. Also, don’t forget to check movers in Ottawa area that fulfill all requirements as a professional company.

#1 Pay attention to storage space and amenities

Decide whether the storage is perfect for the number of items you plan to store. Every modern storage unit should have a climate-control feature. That further protects your most sensitive items by maintaining optimal temperature in storage space. Your belongings will remain safe regardless of the season. Next, ask the company when they are available to welcome you and show you the storage facility. It’s important to see with your own eyes what are the conditions and whether the storage is worth the cost. Also, the hygiene of storage space is extremely important! You don’t want to worry whether rodents or mold will damage your goods.

a light bulb on a chalk board
There are many factors to consider before renting a long term storage unit in Ottawa.

#2 Inquire about the storage access before renting a long term storage unit

The ideal storage provides all-day access. In case of emergencies or unexpected delays, it’s necessary to be able to get what you need from storage. Moreover, rarely anyone likes when their items are almost held hostage during the moving process. On the other hand, some moving companies and storage providers have their own set of rules. Their working hours are strictly defined and therefore the customers must respect them.

#3 Don’t ignore customer testimonials

Go to the company’s website or platforms such as Yelp to get more information about the storage services. Read carefully each testimonial that speaks mostly of storage services. There are also many forums where you can directly ask those who posted a review to give you more details.

#4 Check insurance options before renting a long term storage unit in Ottawa

It’s necessary to insure your possessions through a third-party insurance policy. It guarantees the safety of your belongings from damage and theft. Always ask the company or storage provider you consider hiring about their insurance policies.

#5 Security and insurance are highly important

You deserve to have a peaceful move without additional stresses. Therefore, choose only the best long distance movers Ontario has. They will provide insurance and guarantee a maximum level of safety. Speak with the company and ask whether have surveillance that monitors the facilities 24/7.

contract signing
The moving company or storage provider should offer an insurance policy to guarantee protection for your belongings.

#6 The quality of storage service should match the price point

Don’t stick only to one storage provider. Examine at least several of those that fit your moving budget and needs. However, remember that a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean better quality. Fortunately, there is plenty of affordable yet quality and modern storage units. Moreover, the most credible movers on the market know how to treat their customers’ valuables.

That’s what also makes Professional Movers Ottawa one of the renowned movers in the Ontario area. We provide safe storage units where your possessions may wait until the move ends. Also, you may rest assured all items always remain intact and in one piece. The amount of work we put in to maintain our storage unit ensures the complete safety of your belongings. In addition, our storage units are unbreakable and under surveillance.

Make sure that renting a long term storage unit fits your relocation budget

Prior to searching for the most optimal long-term storage, estimate the total moving cost. It’s important to know how much your entire move will cost you. If planning a relocation budget seems complicated, you can always contact us for advice. We care about your best interest and want the best moving experience for you! However, if you want to organize your moving finances by yourself, then take enough time for it. Besides storage, make sure to factor in:

  • transportation
  • moving supplies
  • packing services
  • heavy loads

Make more room in your moving budget

If you’re unsure whether you have enough for a top-quality storage unit, there are ways to add extra money. For example, you can sell online clothes, shoes, furniture, or anything you don’t need anymore. That way you will have a wide array of choices when renting a long term storage unit in Ottawa. However, try to do it as soon as possible, preferably before the packing and moving process.

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