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Whether living alone or with a family, people who enjoy nature will always find a way to be in it. However, after a while, this becomes harder and harder to do. So, people often resort to moving into a place that will offer this form of lifestyle to them. Once you find the location, hiring the best moving companies Ottawa, can help you relocate with ease. However, finding the right place might be much harder. Therefore, today we discuss the best places in Ottawa for nature lovers. Because nature often represents peace and tranquility for its enjoyers, finding the place that will fulfill all of your needs and desires is crucial. Furthermore, when choosing to move to such a location you need to be sure that everything is according to your desires and needs. Lucky for you, the city of Ottawa has a plethora of such locations to offer.

Best places in Ottawa for nature lovers

In the eastern portion of Ontario, on the southern bank of the Ottawa River, you will find the city of Ottawa, the capital of Canada. According to 2019. polls, the city of Ottawa had around 1.000.000 residents living in the area. This makes it the fourth largest city in the whole of Canada. Aside from the Ottawa River, the city also lies on the mouth of the Rideau River, as well as the Rideau Canal and the Gatineau River.

an aerial view of the city of Ottawa that has some of the best places in Ottawa for nature lovers
The city of Ottawa has some breathtaking locations that can provide you with the lifestyle you need

Now, the position of the city alone, allows people to assume to overall connection to nature the locals must nurture. Therefore, if you are planning to move to Ottawa to enjoy nature, we are sure you will not be disappointed. Furthermore, Ottawa is a welcoming city that has cosmopolitan vibes and a plethora of green spaces. So, let us talk about them.

1. Orleans Village

Now, you probably would seek a home in the neighborhood that is quiet and relatively close to nature, correct? Well, that is exactly what Orleans Village is. Namely, Orleans Village is a relatively new neighborhood that can be found on the east end of Ottawa. The neighborhood is within a walkable distance from the local schools, malls, stores, etc. In addition, it is relatively close to downtown Ottawa. However, what makes this location special is its connection to nature.

Orleans Village is a neighborhood nestled on green pastures with nature surrounding it. More importantly, the neighborhood is full of townhouses that are for single families mostly. This means that you will enjoy a quiet lifestyle with relatively close proximity to the surrounding nature. So, get in touch with movers Carleton Place to help you safely relocate to this neighborhood.

2. Britannia

Britannia, or also known as Britannia Village or Bay, is a group of neighborhoods on the west end of Ottawa, in Bay Ward. If you enjoy living in cabins or bungalows while being surrounded by hills, lakes, and forests, then this is the place for you. Furthermore, more than 8.000 people are living in this area, which is a mix of low and high-income residencies. Moreover, this location is on the bank of the Ottawa River, making it great for water sports or activities.

a picture of a forest stretching towards the horizon
Amazing forests are just one, out of many things, Britannia has to offer to nature lovers

If you are leading an active lifestyle, and enjoy spending most of your days in nature, then consult our Ottawa moving guide to help you relocate much easier. Gorgeous gardens, experimental farms, and breathtaking landmarks are just a part of what makes Britannia an amazing location and one of the best places in Ottawa for nature lovers.

3. Best places in Ottawa for nature lovers: New Edinburgh

Bordered by the Ottawa and Rideau River, New Edinburgh makes a great location for those that enjoy walks along the river and general river activities. Furthermore, what is special about this location is that it is the residency of the Canadian Prime Minister. New Edinburgh is located northwest of downtown Ottawa and is a suburban area that is great for a family lifestyle. Although not all out in nature, this location is a great place for those that want to be close to the big city, but still have space of their own. Moreover, there are three major parks in the area:

  • New Edinburgh Park
  • Rideau Falls Park
  • Stanley Park

4. Constance Bay

If you go to the rural northwest part of Ottawa, you will arrive in Constance Bay. Furthermore, Constance Bay is around 25km away from the suburb of Kanata. Located on the peninsula between Constance and Buckham’s Bay on the Ottawa River is the Torbolton Forest, which is surrounded by this neighborhood.

a small wooden cottage in a forest with a mountain range behind it
The majority of the population is living in cottages as it provides them with the best connection with nature around them

Constance Bay is mostly a cottage area. However, there is no shortage of large, family homes that can be seen here and there. Now, because the area sits on a bay, one of the most popular activities includes water. However, because the area surrounds the Torbolton Forest, you can easily find more activities to engage in there. Constance Bay is a great choice for those that want to engage in their recreational lifestyle.

Once you find what you are looking for, start focusing on the relocation process

Yes, finding exactly what you need is very exciting. In fact, it can be so exciting that you might neglect the relocation process a bit. This is what you do not want to happen. So, whether you need storage units Ottawa, or someone to help you pack and relocate, you should start planning it on time. There are a plethora of best places in Ottawa for nature lovers and we are sure you will find the one that is closest to your desires. However, take the relocation process seriously to make this relocation much less stressful than it has to be. That way, you will arrive in your new home, happy and excited about the new life that awaits you.

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