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Relocating home is complicated and it carries many tasks with it. One should organize, prepare for packing, set aside a moving budget, work on legalities, and find one of the moving companies Brockville. And if you must move plants to a new home as well, it all becomes much harder. Usually, plants take a lot of space and if you have a lot of them, you might make mistakes or end up paying twice as much for the relocation. So, let us explain how to do it right and avoid unpleasant situations. Let’s go!

Create a relocation plan first

To move plants to a new home safely, you must have a proper moving plan in your hands. So, create one by inspecting your entire home and noting down all plants you possess. While doing it, you must make an inventory and moving checklist with all items you are moving as well. List down all moving-related responsibilities and tasks you must complete before the moving day. All in order to prepare better and have well-organized and affordable relocation. Furthermore, you should search for movers, utilize moving services, look for storage units Ottawa if you need one, and much more. Therefore, put it all on paper so you won’t forget anything and stay up to date with the whole process.

a man looking at the bulletin board
Create your relocation plan. Plants are not so hard to relocate if you organize adequately.

Once you have all the info gathered, you can start working on your moving budget and call your movers. They will use the info you gathered and prepare the best moving solution for you. Most importantly, they will work with you on how to transport your plants safely and most efficiently. The goal is to keep them all intact and to relocate everything in one round. If possible of course.

Time of the year matters if you move plants to a new home

When relocating plants, time of the year matters greatly. Extremely high or low temperatures can kill your plants in a matter of minutes. This means you must protect them adequately when moving from your home and into the truck. Also, they must stay safe during transportation. As well as when they arrive at your new address. Yes, it might sound complicated at first, but you can easily solve this problem.

Go to the nearest hardware store where you can buy gardening supplies and protective products. Purchase coating spray or custom-made plant wrappers. It will keep them safe and protected against freezing. But if you are moving long-distance, maybe you should ask your movers to use the climate-controlled moving vehicle. If they have one that is. And for extreme heat, be sure to water your plants, coat them with protection, and always keep them inside the vehicle. They will survive the voyage easily.

How to move plants to a new home?

There is but only one way to do it without bringing any harm to your plants. It is with the help of movers in Ottawa area. They have all the tools, knowledge, and proper moving trucks to complete this task. But you must find the right moving company first. Start by searching online and compare prices and services. The plant relocation service is what you are aiming for. Hence, as soon as you find the moving company you like, you must ask them if they are relocating plants at all. If they do not, move to the next moving company until you find one with this service.

a guy holding a plant and a chair
Hire a professional moving team to relocate your plants safely.

Also, you must check the legitimacy of the company and confirm they will take care of your belongings and plants adequately. To do it, you should read reviews, blog posts, social media comments, and feedback. You will realize soon enough which local moving company is one you want to hire. Once you are ready, give them a call and communicate the details further. Review the Ottawa relocation services they offer and purchase everything you need to relocate your plants safely.

Tend to your beloved plants before you hit the road

If you have plants, then you surely know how to keep them healthy. And you already know you must tend to them before you load them into the moving truck. Hence, clean your plants, remove dead leaves, give them a haircut, apply a protective coat, change their base if needed, re-plant, and change the pot as well. Your plants should be clean, healthy, and well-fed to survive this journey. And of course, you do not want to bring any dirt or pests into your new home. So this is the perfect moment to give them a nice treatment and clean them out. You can do it a week before the move to be sure you won’t lose the track of time and skip this task.

How to load them into the moving truck?

Plants are fragile and sensitive and you should be extremely careful when carrying them around. And take special care when loading them into the moving truck. If you move plants to a new home you should let your movers handle it if you are not sure how to do it right. Move each plant separately to avoid dropping any of them. It will take twice as much time but you will be 100% sure you are using both hands and the chances are lower for you to damage any of it. Once you reach the truck give them to your movers so they can find the right place inside the truck. You must trust your movers with this part. They know how to do it right.

clean and move plants to a new home
Hopefully, you have only small potted plants. Those are extremely easy to handle.

Can you transport plants yourself?

Finally, if you do not trust anyone to handle your precious plants, or you do not have any other means to do it, you can transport them in your personal vehicle. Of course, this depends on the size and number of potted plants you possess. Maybe it would be cheaper and safer if you make a few trips and relocate everything yourself. You can do it before or after the move as well and focus on it completely. Use this as an option in case there is not enough room inside the truck as well.

And that is it. Now you know how to move plants to a new home. It is not so hard as it seems. Although, it is a delicate task for sure. Hopefully, we provided enough info you can use to make it more relaxed and stress-free. Approach your plants with caution and repeat the steps we explained earlier. If you keep your calm and stay organized, you will surely relocate your plants without a single moving mishap. Good luck.

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