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Whether you’re moving locally or long-distance, you will need a storage solution at some point. Fortunately, there are various storage options out there. It’s up to you which storage will be the best option. However, finding good storage will take a pretty amount of time. Not every storage option is perfect for your needs, let alone your moving budget. That’s why we created this ultimate guide in order to help you to find safe storage units in Ottawa and save you some time. In addition, you can always come to us for a high-quality storage solution! In addition, we provide some of the best storage facilities Ottawa has on the market.

As reliable movers Ottawa market has on offer, we at Professional Movers Ottawa do our best to provide a safe space for your belongings. If you are interested to find out more, simply contact us! We’ll be glad to help you with your moving journey.

clean and safe storage units in Ottawa
Find safe storage units in Ottawa where your belongings will wait throughout the move.

Decide what kind of storage unit you need

A great number of various storage options have developed over the years. All of them fit different storage needs:

  •     individual self-storage units
  •     outdoor containers
  •     portable containers
  •     vertically stacked boxes of different sizes

Individual storage units are set inside a warehouse. Good movers or storage companies provide a maximum level of security for your belongings. Therefore, you can relax knowing your possessions will stay in one piece. Some of the best storage facilities in Ottawa are well-maintained and spacious enough for your items.

Pay attention to essential requirements when trying to find safe storage units in Ottawa

There are crucial factors to consider before you choose the best storage option for you:

  • Climate control of the storage space.
  • Security cameras and alarm system.
  • Hygiene of the facility.
  • Level of accessibility. Opt for 24-hour access while you look for storage units in Ottawa that are safe enough. Also, don’t forget to ask them about their working hours on Sundays, or holidays.
  • Online reviews – the customers’ experience will tell help you choose the right storage solution for you.
  • Storage sizes.
  • Pricing.

Another helpful tip is cross-comparison of storage services, reviews, and rates.  Take all criteria above into consideration. Make a list of several movers or storage providers, and then compare them. Narrow your list down to several providers. After that, schedule meetings with them, and insist to see the units in person. Ask them everything you want to know.

outdoor colorful storage containers
There are many storage options for different moves.

Take some time to decide which storage units are safe enough for your belongings

Other storage options are portable containers and vertically stacked boxes. However, keep in mind that not everything goes into them. Food and sensitive items such as electronic devices, chemicals, or artwork are much safer in an individual self-storage. The temperature in an individual self-storage is possible to manage and drastic weather changes won’t affect the condition of these items. In addition, the problems with boxers and outdoor containers come down to limited access to your possessions and safety issues. Furthermore, they can be moved around at any time. As a result, this can cause breakages or leaks due to collisions.

On the other hand, portable containers are excellent for short relocations. In addition, this is a way more cost-effective option if you don’t have items that require extra care. Still, it would be good to visit different storage facilities and then make a decision. Don’t sign anything before you ensure the storage options are 100% safe and fit your needs and relocation budget.

The location is important when looking for convenient and safe storage units in Ottawa

Make sure to choose storage solutions closer to your home address. This will enable you easier access to your possessions and lessen your worries. Ask a friend, family member, your movers, or simply look up online. You never know what circumstances may arise and interfere with your moving plans. Having the storage nearby is therefore necessary.

Consider the costs of storage units before you make the final decision

Different providers provide different storage services at various prices. The rates aren’t always the same. For this reason, take some time to decide which option is the most affordable for you. Also, don’t ignore your relocation budget. The next important factor that largely determines the price of the storage unit is storage size. Ensure the size of the unit fits your relocation needs. For example, a smaller unit is more cost-effective for shorter relocations than a larger unit. Not only the larger unit is more spacious but also higher in price.

blue storage doors
Ensure that you have all-day access to your chosen self-storage unit.

When you pay for storage, you also pay for the security of your belongings. Therefore, ask your movers or storage providers whether there is maximum security. There should be storage doors that aren’t easy to break, as well as security cameras and alarms. Additionally, make sure to factor monthly charges into your moving budget. The longer you rent, for example, the self-storage, the more it’s going to cost you. Also, sometimes it’s better to hire movers that also include storage options. It often ends up as a more affordable option than an independent storage provider.

Decluttering will reduce the need for too big storage options and make more room in your relocation budget

Get rid of unecessary items before you decide to find safe storage units in Ottawa Separate all your belongings into different categories. After that, decide what to throw away. Further, divide those items into additional categories:

  • giveaway
  • donation
  • recycling
  • garbage

Give the furniture you no longer need to friends or family members who would make good use of them. Gift the clothes, shoes, books, and other items you don’t want anymore. Next, search for some charity organizations that accept donations. Separate all recyclable items, including old electronic parts. After that, you are ready to pack everything before you find safe storage units in Ottawa. You can find helpful and professional packing services Ottawa movers provide. Pro packers will save you plenty of time for other moving tasks and lessen the stress around packing.

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