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One thing that worries us the most when moving home is the moving budget. Of course, and the safety of the whole moving project. Yes, you will work on your moving logistics, pack properly, and find reliable movers Orleans Ontario, and ensure everything is relocated safely. But what about the moving cost and the final bill? Let us help you with this one and introduce you to the different types of moving estimates you should know about. It will help you prepare the moving budget adequately and avoid unnecessary costs.

Binding and non-binding moving estimates

Moving estimates or known as a moving quote is the final moving price. But it doesn’t have to be. You must know that there are many hidden costs and additional charges and fees waiting for you if you do not negotiate beforehand. And if you stumble upon a fraudulent moving company things might get ugly. Therefore, you must know the difference between the two most commonly used estimates. Binding estimates and non-binding moving estimates. Essentially, the first one is a fixed price agreed before the service and non-binding is an open tab for you to add anything along the way. Costs are calculated upon the job done. But we will explain this thoroughly down the line.

A person placing a coin inside a piggy bank
Choose estimates according to your moving budget. Lower chances of unpleasant surprises.

Both are viable and good for a certain situation. What is more important here is the way your moving company does business. Hence, communicate this part with your movers and let them explain the rules and regulations they follow, how they charge, what is their business model, etc. Ensure that there is no legal catch that might hit your pocket severely.

Where is the catch?

Ok, as we said, binding estimates are the fixed price. Something set in stone that both parties agreed upon. Nothing too complicated and mostly used by the customers. This service is comfortable because you are presented with a price for each moving service and then the final price as well. And your movers can’t introduce any additional costs along the way. Of course, there are always possibilities for damages and disputes, but that is a different story. All in all, we all love to know exactly how much it will cost before we purchase it. Binding estimates are simple as that.

On the other hand, we have non-binding estimates and that is the initial price with an open end. This means that you can add any services along the way and increase the final bill. This is an amazing service if you have an honest moving company with you. Also, this is a way for moving companies to avoid spending more resources than being paid for. For example, you will report 30 moving boxes Ottawa initially but on your moving day, you have 40. Movers will add the labor time to your final bill and be done with it. Non-binding estimates will protect both the company and the consumer.

Binding “Not to Exceed” moving estimates

This option will put you somewhere in the middle. Basically, if you agree on a $2500 cost of the whole moving service, your final bill can’t go over the price. And if it proves that your relocation is easier and you have fewer items than you reported, your price will be lowered. It is an awesome service for everyone involved. And in most situations, customers receive more than they paid for. It is an absolute winner when it comes to the moving estimate. But be sure to check with your movers because some companies do not offer this amazing service. Moving companies usually stick to binding and non-binding options.

Moving boxes inside of a moving truck
If you have fewer moving boxes than anticipated your move will be cheaper. Isn’t that great?

Which moving estimates will work better for you?

Now, let us summarize what the options are and you can choose the one that suits you the most. Consider the following:

  • Binding estimates – This one is simple, you pay what you agree at the beginning. Price is set in stone and in your moving contract.
  • Non-binding estimates – You set the initial price but it can be increased along the way if more work is introduced. This one is susceptible to scams and frauds. Be careful.
  • Not-to-exceed estimates – The best option for everyone involved but rarely offered to customers. Only the best moving companies in the business offer this one.

All 3 options are widely used by customers. It all comes to your moving budget and how well you know your moving company. If you can trust your movers then you can communicate freely and find the best moving option.

A trustworthy moving company can make the difference

But no matter what kind of moving estimates you are using if you do not find a reliable moving company. You must search for Ottawa movers online and compare services, prices, and read reviews. This way you can get to know your moving company and realize if they are to be trusted. Once you read reviews, obtain references, and a word of mouth, you’ll be ready to contact your movers. Give them a call and check if they are licensed, if they have all the equipment required, and enough skilled laborers. And do not worry, you will find such a moving crew in a matter of hours. Just make sure to conduct proper research. And when you have all the details, schedule onsite estimates and let your movers help you obtain the moving cost. With a trustworthy moving representative by your side, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Mover will provide accurate moving estimates
Find a reliable moving team to assist you on this journey.

Avoid moving scams

No one likes to deal with fraudulent moving companies but sometimes we have to. It is important to spot a sketchy moving company before it is too late. Yes, it won’t be easy from the start. You can realize this by following your gut or simply by evaluating the service they offer. If any service is too good and extremely cheap, it can be a red flag. Also, your movers should be registered online and have an official website with all contact info and physical address displayed. Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with this topic at all.

But to be sure that you are protected, you should read your moving contract inside out. And do it several times. Your contract can hold scams and frauds in the fine print on the bottom of each page. You must read it and if you do not understand it completely, consult with someone who does. Seeking legal counsel when dealing with contracts is highly advisable. All in all, read your contract several times and make sure you agree on the terms of use and estimates your movers provided.

Ok, now you know what kinds of moving estimates await for you. And you will choose the best one for you when the time comes. Remember that the key to success is in a reliable moving company. Find a good one and your moving costs won’t be an issue. Good luck.

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