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Friends always help friends, and that is natural. They’re not there just to listen to you, but also manually help you out when need be. With that said, it’s not uncommon for friends to help you relocate. People save money this way which they can spend somewhere else. One of the largest expenses of relocation is finding a good moving company. Of course, best movers Ottawa are not that expensive and offer excellent services. The thing is, friends helping you pack and move is not always the best option, as it has its shortcomings. No matter how much hiring movers costs, you should never cut corners when contracting them. There are plenty of other ways to boost your moving budget and save some money. Let’s see why a DIY move with friends isn’t such a good idea.

Lack of experience is the biggest downside of friends helping you pack and move

The most important factor of a successful move is the experience. Moving companies with years of experience are generally more successful and sought after. This, of course, doesn’t mean that new companies are bad. They can use this as an incentive to strive to be better and break through. The bottom line is, no matter who you hire, you’ll get the services you need.

four friends at a beach
Friends are amazing, but sometimes you simply have to let professionals take over

With friends helping you move, you can’t be so sure. You’ll reduce moving costs, but is it really worth it? Your friends can’t even come close to the skills and services of packing services Ottawa. Unless, of course, they work in the moving industry. Having your friends help you relocate is a gamble at best. It is very likely that your friends don’t know enough about moving, and this is something you should be aware of. This is why it is much safer to hire professionals.

The lack of equipment can cause damage and injury

When someone mentions moving, people most often think of lifting items and carrying them to the truck. This is only a small portion of the moving experience though. There has to be order and organization otherwise you risk damaging your items. First and foremost, you need quality packing supplies Ottawa, and the expert movers to utilize them. Furthermore, not being careful can even result in either you or your friends getting injured in the process. Besides packing, the move consists of these important factors:

  • A vehicle capable of carrying everything – It is very unlikely that one of your friends has a full-blown truck capable of transporting your household items to the new location. Someone may have a larger car or a van, but that would probably require return trips which are a waste of time. Compared to this, professional movers have vehicles of all sizes, ready and able to transfer your items to the new home.
  • Skilled manpower for heavy lifting – You won’t need help moving smaller things, but what about beds and closets? Professional movers have the necessary skills and tricks to easily shift bulky and heavy items with ease. If you try to lift a big closet on your own, the lack of experience could lead to damage. Worst yet, either you or one of your friends can get injured in the process. Heavy lifting should be approached with serious intent and care.
  • Getting everything out of your home – Some items require tricky maneuvering if you want them to reach the moving truck. In some cases, couches and bed frames require disassembling, while in others, the only solution is to extract an item through the window. This requires tricks of the trade only movers possess.
moving truck parked outside of a warehouse
Professional movers have the necessary skills and tools for the job

There is no insurance when friends help you pack and move

No matter if you’re moving or traveling for the holidays, you want to be protected if something unplanned happens. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. For example, with friends helping you pack and move, you’re in for a gamble. You don’t have any insurance or guarantee that your items will be safe and that no mishaps will occur.

Of course, none of your friends will damage any of your items on purpose, but even the slightest mistake can lead to property damage. This may or may not affect your friendship, so it’s best not to risk it at all and hire skilled residential movers. Besides excellent service, you will also get insurance which protects you in case of a mishap. There is no absolute guarantee that your movers won’t break something in the process by accident. But if they do, you will be compensated accordingly for the damages suffered.

In conclusion

It really depends whether or not having your friends help you or not is worth it. There are many factors that determine the outcome of your relocation. Even if you have friends with moving experience, something still might break. On the other hand you could have friends with no experience at all, and a flawless move. There are other thoughtful ways of friends supporting you during a move. For anything bigger that involves manual labor, hiring professional movers is definitely the better choice. Ultimately the choice is yours, but it is best to err on the side of caution.

friends standing on a balcony before the move
It is ok to have friends help if your move is short and simple

The benefit of friends helping you pack and move is that you will save quite a bit of money. It is no secret that excellent movers and their services are the biggest cost in a relocation. However, no matter the price, it is surely a wise choice to secure yourself with a team of dedicated long distance movers Ottawa and ensure a smooth relocation. People often think that a good friend is better to help than a team of movers. However, your connection plays no part in the process and the logistics of a move. What you need is experience and plenty of it. There can be many complications and you need someone who can solve them on the spot. And there’s no one better for this task than trained professionals with years of experience under their belt.

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