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Moving is stressful, costly, and time-consuming. Not to mention all the moving mishaps and unpleasant situations that might occur. One such event is dealing with fraudulent moving companies. Just imagine after all the struggle to end up with damaged belongings or paying more than anticipated. So, we will help by providing valuable insight into the moving process and what to look out for when hiring movers. Let us begin.

Find a licensed moving company

The easiest and most comfortable way of finding movers is to search for them online. But in a sea of choices, it won’t be easy. You must navigate guided by your set of rules, prerequisites, and criteria that a company should meet before becoming eligible for your moving project.

Inspecting movers online is a good way of dealing with fraudulent moving companies
Find your movers online and inspect them thoroughly.

You should compare prices, services, and read reviews. Once you find several viable choices, give them a closer look. When you realize they have a website, company logo, contact info, and physical address displayed, you can move to the next stage. Then give them a call to communicate the details further.

But we will try to save valuable time by recommending a legit choice. Check out your local moving companies in Ottawa for the top-notch moving service. They offer the expertise and experience, but more importantly, a safe relocation and a piece of mind. Rest assured that you found a moving company you can trust.

You won’t be dealing with fraudulent moving companies if you find referrals

As we already mentioned, you will look for your movers online. Surely, you’ll find many viable choices that you must compare and cross-reference in order to pick the best one. The goal is to find suitable moving services, but the most important is how they treat their customers. You will find some answers in moving reviews, blogs, external, and internal sources.

Sure, you will interview movers before hiring but you can’t be 100% sure your choice is legit. And a solution to this situation is word of mouth or referral. If you can find anyone that can recommend a moving company that would be amazing. Nothing brings peace of mind better than the fact that your friend had a wonderful moving experience with a certain company. Find referrals from a person you trust and your job is done.

Moving review
Read moving reviews and blog posts. Soon you’ll find movers that fit your profile.

Inspect your movers and avoid dealing with fraudulent moving companies

It is not only your budget at stake but your belongings as well. And what about your safety and the safety of your family? All must be accounted for. Therefore, check the way your movers operate and make sure they follow safety rules and regulations.

The best way to do it is to inspect your movers and found out if they are up to the task. Ask if they possess all the tools, equipment, vehicles, manpower, licenses, permits, knowledge, and experience. Guided by your set of rules you’ll find answers shortly. The more you ask, the chances are better for your movers to slip up and reveal something sketchy. In case they are the fraudulent ones of course. Once you are sure they meet the criteria, then you can move forward with your moving plans.

Moving services

You should take a closer look at the moving services Ottawa and how to utilize them. Movers offer a huge variety of amazing moving services that will make your relocation ten times easier. For example, if you have robust items like a home safe, a piano, or a pool table. Items that require expertise and knowledge to move. Or extremely valuable antique or fragile items. Do not worry. Movers have a specialized team and all the tools required to undertake such a task.

Seek out the team you need and utilize the service they provide. Contact your antique movers or piano movers Ottawa and fix your problems in a matter of seconds.  Movers will pack, relocate, and unpack upon demand. All safely and affordably.

Avoid services you do not need

On the other hand, a fraudulent moving representative will nudge you toward the expensive moving services even if you do not need them. Therefore, evaluate the situation beforehand and purchase only the service that is beneficial and time-efficient. Of course, affordable service as well, but that choice is purely yours.

If you already hired a fraudulent moving company, do not panic. Contact the Better Business Bureau to obtain knowledge of the procedure. They will help you out when dealing with fraudulent moving companies. The same goes for any service you never wanted but you still find it on your moving contract. To avoid such a situation, you must read your moving contract several times. Take a closer look at the fine print on the bottom of the document and if you are unsure, consult legal personal for further guidance. And remember, you can negotiate anything and challenge whatever you might find shady or potentially fraudulent.

People holding instruments in the air
It matters greatly who is handling your precious belongings. Find a team specialized for it.

Payment method

Some moving companies require a down payment for service while others do business solely based on trust. We would advise choosing the second option. Of course, if your intentions are legit and honest, then you’ll find only a pleasant outcome in this particular situation. Although, if you do not mind paying a portion of your moving costs upfront, you should know that it shouldn’t exceed 20% of the total amount.

If you are dealing with fraudulent moving companies this is a moment to spot a moving scam. If your movers demand payment upfront, in cash, or more than a 20% down payment, something is not right. Remember, movers charge by the hour, the size and weight of your cargo, and for the special services they offer. If you have it all lined up and transparently displayed in your moving contract then you won’t have to worry for a second.

Communicate the details regarding the payment method and if possible pay with the credit card and upon the delivery. Once you inspect your belongings and ensure everything is in good shape, then you should pay for the service. Even if movers do manage to scam you in some way, you’ll be able to freeze the transfer with a simple phone call to the bank. It will give you time to resolve the dispute and get reimbursed for damages and frauds.

Transparency is the key

If the situation arises and you end up dealing with fraudulent moving companies, you’ll know what to do. Pay close attention to the moving contract you are signing and keep it all transparent. Inspect your movers before hiring them and do not rush with your decisions. Take some time to think and evaluate before you make a choice. Good luck and we wish you a pleasant and stress-free relocation.

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