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Organizing your relocation is not so easy as you think. There are many steps you must complete before you can begin settling in. You should think about the chase for the appropriate packing materials and to find movers Orleans Ontario that will make it all easier. And one of those steps is to handle your food and other perishables. Therefore, we will help you pack and move your pantry. Let us cover this one together.

The very first step – Do not buy additional groceries

As soon as you figure out the moving date, stop with the unnecessary shopping. Start removing food and check all the expiration dates. Yes, you will need bread and milk but try to purchase only the essentials and do it daily if possible. Or obtain a whole week of necessities but again, only what is the most essential. This way you will avoid wasting food further and save a lot of money in the process.

Dried fruit in a jar
Ensure your containers are secured and airtight. Avoid spillage.

Hence, make a cooking plan and try to spend as much as you can. Of course, maybe you do not have enough time to spend on this adventure. But at least you can throw in a few cooking meals or a few baked goods to spend all your opened sacks, cans, and bags.

Move your pantry with a moving date in mind

Ok, now when you know the moving date, you can prepare accordingly. As we mentioned earlier, you can focus on spending and removing as much as possible. But in case you decide on moving all of it, you should have a proper and safe plan of doing it. Yes, your reliable movers Ottawa will help you move it all but even they will advise that you should move an opened bottles, cans, or easily spoiled food. So, how to handle it you might ask? Easy, simply obtain a few plastic bins or cardboard boxes that will hold your food in the place. You should tuck in everything nicely to avoid spillage or any similar moving mishap along the way.

And remember, you must pack other stuff as well. This means you should appoint a day for food packing and preferably, it should be a day before the move. If possible, it should be the early morning so your items will spend as little time as possible inside those boxes. And of course, this is something you should unpack first as soon as you arrive. Also, we suggest transporting these boxes yourself using your personal vehicle. There shouldn’t be more than a few boxes so you’ll bring them in and unpack in a couple of minutes. Ensure they are inside the fridge before you move onto the next moving step.

Pay special attention to liquids

Another thing to pay attention to before you move your pantry is the liquids you want to pack and relocate. The very first thing we can say is to simply throw everything away. And this applies only to the opened bottles. No matter what kind of cap or cork they have, there is always a possibility to spill something along the way. This can endanger your vehicle and your other belongings. Of course, alcohol bottles and liquid spices have better screws and you can close them tightly.

A few bottles with alcohol
Try not to bring any liquids. Moveo only the expensive and unopened pieces.

As for the unopened bottles, you can move them easily. But avoid moving stuff under pressure such as champagne bottles. If you have expensive pieces, move them yourself. Use one of your moving boxes Ottawa and put blankets between bottles. Tuck everything in nicely and be careful when carrying those boxes. Do not overstuff your boxes to make it a bit easier to carry them around. Even if this means you must pack one box more than you intended. And for the milk cartons and juice bottles, you can throw them away, especially if they are already opened.

It is time to empty your fridge!

Now let us prepare your fridge and move your pantry with style! We will break down each step for you to organize easier. Consider the following:

  • Inspect your food – Read labels and narrow down all those items with an upcoming expiration date. You should have any of those but just in case. Those items should be replaced if you do not intend on using them as soon as you relocate.
  • Prepare containers – Depending on the number of groceries you have, you should prepare enough containers to accommodate everything. Use plastic bins and cardboard boxes. And remember, bit cooking pots and Tupperware can be used as food holders as well. It is a nice way of packing a box within a box.
  • Empty the freezer – Your frozen food should be reviewed as well but packed last. Empty your freezer a few minutes before moving. If you time it right, this box should be the last one to leave your home. Do not worry, if you are moving locally, your items will stay frozen. But in case you are moving long-distance, you should use a climate-controlled container or a bag. Those can be obtained at the nearest hardware store.
  • Remove unwanted items – After you are done packing, there should be a pile of food and beverages you won’t move at all. We will deal with those further down the line.

And if you intend to rent a storage unit and packing for storage, remember that you shouldn’t bring any perishables inside, It is prohibited because it can make a big mess inside and attract rodents and other pests. Hence, do not store any food inside a storage unit.

You will move your pantry but do not forget about the fridge as well
Carefully empty your fridge and inspect all the groceries you have.

Get rid of the excess food and move your pantry

Ok, the final step is to get rid of all the items you do not want to move. The first idea is to simply give it all to your dearest neighbor. They will spend it in days to come and it is a nice gesture on your part. It can be a nice parting gift. The other solution is to donate your stuff before moving to a local food bank or a homeless shelter. They will surely appreciate this donation. And the last solution is to simply throw everything away. It is a sad thing to do, but if you have no means to transport those boxes to the nearest shelter or you have no time to deal with it, it must be done. Hopefully, you’ll pick the first two options and avoid wasting food.

And now you know how to pack and move your pantry. It shouldn’t be hard at all as long as you prepare your food plan at least a week in advance. And rambler, if you can’t move something, you can easily pick it up and the nearest grocery store one you relocate. Good luck and have a safe journey.

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