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Another relocation is just around the corner. You must pack, find local movers in Ottawa, and transport your belongings safely. But what if you have more stuff than your new home can hold? In that case, you can rent a storage unit and store the portion there until you figure out your next move. Storage units are a highly lucrative solution, not only when relocating, but in various other situations. People rent storage units all the time. Some to cultivate a hobby and others to have an extra working space. What is popular nowadays are shared storage units. If you can pull it off it will be beneficial in many ways. But you should know the pros and cons that come with the territory. Let us guide you through it.

Firstly, let us find a storage unit for you

Now, let us assume that you are renting a unit with a friend, coworker, or relative. You should communicate beforehand regarding the type of unit you want. You must come to terms with the size, location, usage, and budget. Once you have it sorted out, start looking for one. The best way to find it is to search for storage units in Ottawa online. No doubt that you’ll find the one you seek in a matter of minutes. And when you do, browse all the options you have and try to match it with your preset requisites. Call your storage unit provider and communicate the details further. Soon everything will fall into place and you’ll be ready to become a shared storage unit owner.

A person looking for shared storage units
Find the perfect storage unit online. Browse your options carefully before you make the commitment.

Also, know that you shouldn’t consider renting a storage unit only when in dire need. Storage units are affordable and a great way to store seasonal and other random items that you rarely use. Not to mention that storing all those items you do not need instantly will boost your relocation budget. You will have fewer moving boxes to transport, hence, lower moving costs. Keep this info with you, you might need it at some point.

The size of the unit can be a problem

This can be a problem because you might want to store only one piece of furniture and a couple of boxes. While your friend has a lot more to store. This raises the question if it is better to fly solo? But if you are somewhere in between, you can work it out. It is important to communicate about the size and how you going to split the space evenly so everyone can fulfill their needs and wishes. And what you are going to use to storage for plays a vital role as well.

Therefore, have a conversation about it before you rent one of the shared storage units. So, you and your friends should have enough space, pay the portion of the rent equally, and all your needs accommodated. Put the puzzle together before and avoid unpleasant situations.

Calculate the shared storage units costs

We briefly mentioned this one before, but it is probably the most concerning aspect of this topic. How much it will cost and how do we pay for it? Firstly, you must calculate the costs precisely and then add the external factors to it. Maybe you want 24/7 surveillance or a climate-controlled storage unit while your friend does not care about it much. You will all benefit from the perks of a unit, but if you should pay for it is a different thing. Therefore, figure out from the start if your needs are compatible, what kind of maintenance it requires, and all other small things that will cost you.

A person holding dollar bills
Calculate all the costs involved beforehand and avoid unnecessary surprises.

Once you have it all on paper, pull out the final price and split it evenly. It is a tricky topic but hopefully, you are renting a unit with a dear and reasonable friend. You will come to great terms shortly, no doubt. Furthermore, if you want to know what kind of storage units are out there, and all those amazing perks that are available to you, you should check moving services Ottawa and browse the storage unit section. You will be amazed at what kind of professional storing service awaits you. Do it with a friend and make your choices easier.

The risks of shared storage units renting

The more the merrier is not something we can apply here. If you decide on sharing, it is best to do it with one person only. It is much easier when it comes to using and the payment. You do not want to be unable of using your unit when you really need it because a bunch of your friends is using it at the same time. As we mentioned already, people adapt their units to serve them as a backup garage, office space, storage for work, etc. They can come and go several times a day which can influence you and your needs.

Also, there is financial security as well in play. If your friend is unable to pay the rent at the moment, you will cover it. If you rented a bigger place with a hefty monthly price, it can be a problem. And finally, we must mention the trust between the parties involved. The more people you have in this play, the responsibility is higher. And this covers all the aspects of it. If something is missing, who is cleaning the place, and who is cluttering, etc. So, it is best to rent shared storage units with one friend only to minimize the risks we mentioned.

The decisions and responsibility

If all parties are sharing the unit equally, it means that everyone has a say when it comes to decision making. In theory, yes. But in real life, it works a bit differently. You must have a decision-maker at your party to keep this operation run smoothly. One who will communicate with the renter, gather the money to pay the rent, coordinate the cleaning crew if there is one, and so on. Simply, one person is more responsible than the other. Figure out the best way to communicate this with your friend, and whoever will take this role, he/she should keep it. Let one person run finance and coordinate things to avoid confusion and unpleasant situations.

chess pieces on a board
You will need a strong and responsible leader. Someone who will make the right moves when it comes to finance and decision-making.

Rules and regulations

The same goes for rules and regulations. Everyone involved should follow it as much as possible. There will be rules set by you personally, and ones already in place set by the facility manager and your storage unit provider. You should follow it all and avoid penalties or even eviction. Pay close attention to the rules regarding the items that are prohibited from storing. Those are hazardous materials, volatile liquids, explosives, gunpowder and guns, flammable objects, and more. Read about it online because there is much more and it varies from state to state and from the environment. Also, get to know all the moving and packing supplies you should use for storing. Keep your items and the environment safe.

Shared storage units are an amazing solution to obtain additional space and cut costs. We suggest renting one with a very close friend or do it as a family thing. Never rent a unit with someone who you can’t trust completely. It is not worth the risk and you won’t have peace of mind. Play it safe if you decide to play at all. Good luck!

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