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Having a storage unit is a great thing. You can declutter your home, and move some of those things into your storage unit. You can do it on your own, or you can do it with help from movers Orleans Ontario. Either way, one of the most common issues that people have is clutter in their storage unit. And if you want to avoid clutter in your storage unit, you don’t have to worry – it is rather easy! Just by following a few simple steps, you will have a storage unit that is organized and clutter-free!

The best way to avoid clutter in your storage unit is to create an inventory!

The first and one of the most important things that you should do is to create an inventory for your storage unit. It will help you to avoid clutter in your storage. Creating an inventory list is a rather simple task. Your inventory list should be detailed. You should write what is stored, and where it is stored, which part of the storage unit. Packing and organizing are also important, and if you need help you can hire reliable movers Ottawa to help you. Professionals can do it much faster, and it can save you a lot of time and energy!

man writing down an inventory list to avoid clutter in your storage unit
An inventory list will help you a lot in the long run

Before you store your items, pack them like a pro!

Packing is an important step in organizing your storage unit. A properly packed storage unit will help you to avoid clutter. You should get reliable moving boxes Ottawa that you can use to pack your belongings and sort them. Besides adding every box and its contents onto your inventory list, you should also clearly label every box. Write what is contained inside. It might take you time to do that, but in the long run, it will prevent clutter in your storage unit in Ottawa.

With a good plan, you will avoid clutter in your storage unit

Most people just pack the items into their storage units without much planning. They don’t pay attention to what they are throwing in, and they don’t make a plan. And if you do that as well, you will easily find yourself going through your storage unit and moving everything out when you need something. It might be an additional step, but it will help you a lot.

Sit down, and think what items you do not use often and you won’t need in the first couple of months? Once you know what those items are, put them in the back of your storage unit. And continue organizing your storage unit so that you can easily access things you will use often.

drawing of a plan of a storage unit
By creating a detailed plan you will avoid clutter

Organizing your storage unit can be challenging

The organization of your storage unit can prevent clutter in the storage. With a good plan, inventory, and a little bit of work you can have a perfectly organized storage unit without clutter. Depending on the size of the storage unit, you will probably have to add some shelves. Having shelves in your storage unit can really help, and prevent chaos. Also if you plan to store a closet or a table, you can use it as an additional space to organize your items and keep some valuable items safe.

Using shelves can help you avoid clutter in a storage unit

Shelves can really make a difference when it comes to planning and organizing a storage unit. Depending on the type and size of the storage unit, you might already have some shelves inside. But, you should add some more since they will help you to sort everything out. There are a lot of different shelves online, and you can easily find ones that fit your needs.

The main purpose of shelves inside your storage unit is to help you sort the boxes, and prevent any possible damage. Boxes that are on the floor and contain fragile items can easily get damaged. And shelves can prevent that!

shelves with items
Shelves will help you to prevent clutter and also to avoid damage

Ask for help

Packing a whole storage unit is not an easy task. It is similar to the relocation. You will declutter your home, pack things in boxes, load them into your car and unload them and pack them in the storage unit. This can take time, and it is okay to ask for help. You can always hire professionals to handle this for you. But also, you can ask friends and family to give you a hand. They can help you load and unload everything, so the whole process will be much easier.

You should clean the storage unit from time to time

You should see the storage unit as an extended part of your home. It can easily get cluttered, and full of things you really don’t need, and you won’t use them ever again. So, the best thing to keep your storage unit clutter-free is to come from time to time and go through your belongings and check do you need all of them. It is a great way to make your storage unit eco-friendly, and keep only things you use or you might need in near future. Also, you should dust it every couple of months, and clean the floors. That way, you can be sure that you are preventing any possible damage to your stored items.

If you want to avoid clutter in your storage unit you should visit it from time to time

Besides going to your storage unit when you need something, or to clean – you should visit it from time to time. You should check if everything is okay, are all the fragile items safely packed and stored. Also, you should check is there any damage and do you really still need all of those things. It is one of the best ways to prevent clutter in your storage unit!

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