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Is this your first home? If so, there is no doubt that you would want to personalize your new home after moving into it. Furthermore, even if this is not your first home, personalizing it will bring a lot more character into it. So, today we help you do just that. We are going to talk about some tips and tricks on how you can make your new home feel more “homey” after moving in. Granted, the relocation period is difficult on its own. However, hiring professional movers, like Professional Movers Ottawa, will allow you to have a much more positive relocation experience. The positive experience you go through will help you be much more prepared for the decoration and personalization of your new home. After all, you need to be in the right mood to start with the decoration process once you move all of your belongings.

Ways in which you can personalize your new home after moving in

So, whether we are talking about your first home or not, adding a little bit of your personal touch to it will surely be something that will cross your mind. After all, why not? Why not make your house stand out from the rest? More importantly, why not allow your creative side to take over and make this house a home as soon as possible?

a couple painting their home together, as an example of how to personalize your new home after moving
From painting walls and frames to incorporating plants to bring new life into the room – there is so much you can do to personalize your new home after moving

From renting storage during a home renovation to finding good colors to match each room in the house, we will try to grasp the entire process as much as possible. Moreover, if you are a creative person that loves to work on new projects, we are sure that this is something that you will be looking forward to. Furthermore, as you might have a lot of moving expenses, we will try to make them as minimal as possible.

Firstly, try to incorporate new colors into your new home

The first thing that you can do is repaint the home. Of course, there might be no need for you to repaint the entire home. However, new, fresh paint will surely breathe a new life into the home. Luckily, you will probably already be aware of the state your new home is in and the work you have to do. In addition, painting might also work as therapy after you relocate. Nonetheless, painting things like doors, window frames and even different walls in your home can bring new light into it. More importantly, once you commence this project, you will have a better insight into the state of the home. Thus, you will be able to view it from a different angle. Finally, this will allow you to fix, upgrade and change all the things you do not like.

Personal photos make a house a home

There is no easier and better way to personalize your new home after moving than to hang personal pictures and photos you love. Furthermore, the best part about this is that these photos can go almost everywhere. You can place them in your bathroom, bedroom, hallways, next to the staircase, etc, and it will still look good.

a woman hanging pictures on the wall as another one takes a picture
Various photographs will bring a different feeling into the room once you hang them

Of course, this does not mean that you should overdo it. However, you can always rent moving boxes Ottawa, and ensure that the photos you relocate arrive safely and without damage. Once you do that, the hanging part is much easier. Furthermore, this process can wait for a while, until you complete other things. That way, you have more insight and opt for the best looking or soothing way you want to approach this process.

Personalize your new home after moving by adding plants

Plants literally create a breath of fresh air in your home. In this case, plants can make your home feel much more cozy and welcoming, even for yourself. Plants, regardless of their size and type, will always make the room stand out more than it already is. Especially if you find just the right spot for them. The best part – you can easily move plants from your old home. So, in a way, you will not have to pay to purchase new ones. However, this is only if you already had plants with you before moving. But, nonetheless, plants are usually not very expensive but will shine a new light on your home. From small cacti above the fireplace to a home-tree plant in the corner of the living room, every plant will breathe a new life into the room it is in. So, when in doubt, consider plants.

Use shelves as the accent point of the room

Although it might seem simple, shelves offer a great storage place, as well as a decorative spot. Namely, installing shelves in your new home will allow you to create less clutter and make the room much cozier. In addition, shelves will allow you to personalize each room adequately with different items, like books, small statues, collectibles, antiquities, etc.

a couple of small wooden shelves high on the wall
Installing shelves is not only useful, but it is also quite aesthetic

The benefits of adding shelves to your home are unlimited. Mostly because shelves allow you to be much more flexible with the organization of the home, or specific rooms. More importantly, by having shelves, you lower the need for other forms of storage, which can create much more clutter. So, as you move in, try to envision where you think shelves would look nice or would be useful. Some good ideas are:

  • Living room – great for accent points
  • Bathroom – a good way to add storage
  • The hallway – good for storing keys and other things you need on the go

Thinking about lighting

The lighting in your home can create a totally different atmosphere. Hence, choosing the best lighting is very important, especially if you aim to make your home as comfy as possible. So, if you were to really personalize your new home after moving, you ought to think about the lighting of your home. For instance, instead of opting for those bright yellow lights, try to opt for a soothing, white light that adds another feeling to a room. Additionally, you can also change the windows or add different curtains. That way, you will have more/less natural light in your home, depending on your preference.

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