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In case your business is moving, it is not just about the office. You need to think about yourself, office equipment, family, and of course, the workforce. To move office furniture long distance is very demanding. Sometimes, you need to include your colleagues. However, it’s not always a wise idea. Extremes do not have to be present sure, but the worst-case scenario is your employee ends up hurt and you can expect a lawsuit! In order to avoid all that, professional movers can be a great choice for you. Let discount moving Ottawa take care of your office and the office equipment. Although your moving can be more of a blessing rather than a curse, make sure to stay that way. Maybe you’re moving into a larger space, or somewhere closer to your home. Either way, make sure to think of everything to ensure the corporate relocation goes nicely.

In order to move office furniture long distance efficiently – make a plan

Relocating office equipment can be overwhelming. That is why preparing in advance is very important. Also, it is not bad to check out the options and see what long distance movers Ontario have to offer before you start planning further. Besides starting on time, it is very important that you invest your time in finding the most reliable company on the market. That is why it is for the best that you start planning 3 to 6 months in advance before the moving date. By doing so, you will definitely have peace of mind.  In accordance with the new office measurements, plan your interior accordingly. Here is how your plan may look:

  • inform your co-workers
  • hire a reliable company
  • inform your IT department
  • update the new address, schedule your move, etc.
Make sure to move office furniture long distance efficiently by gathering the co-workers to think about the plan together
It is very important to make a good plan with your colleagues before the moving day

Move office furniture long distance easier by informing your colleagues first

Although everything needs to be transparent in the spirit of a healthy corporate atmosphere, you need to take care of the small details first. However, it is also important not to stall a lot since they need to organize and prepare their stuff on time too. You don’t want to miss the deadlines so make sure to inform them right on time. Office moving Ottawa will make your and your employees’ life easier a lot. So let them take care of the big stuff, while you are dealing in detail with your team.  Allow your team members to prepare themselves for the big day. Make sure that each employee has a cardboard box so that they can pack their stuff on time. They need to think well about what they actually need at a new place so that they can avoid adding weight to the moving truck.

Hire a reliable company

It is always recommended to hire a professional moving company so that you can reduce your stress. It is not about the moving day itself, but also it is about the packing. Packing for the apartment move is difficult enough, nevertheless for the office move. So, that is why you need to hire a company that offers great packing services also so that you don’t have to think about literally anything. Research online and look for movers who have enough experience with moving office equipment.  It needs to be someone you trust, so an internal recommendation would be awesome. After all, office furniture and other office equipment are very delicate and expensive. When you choose, ask them to come to your office to give you an estimate. On that day, make sure to ask all the right questions so that you can be sure whether they are a perfect fit.

Confident guy in a moving van
Make sure to move office furniture long distance the easiest way, by hiring a professional and reliable company

Inform your IT department

The majority of the office equipment is handled by the IT department. They need to make sure nothing gets damaged. While you are at it with the IT department, do not forget to ask them what do you need for the new place to make it functional. If there are some cables that you don’t have to use now, but they may be helpful later, make sure that storage services Ottawa takes care of it. This is why it is essential to bring the IT team on board 3 months before the move. This way, they can start working on any upgrades or changes if necessary. They will take a look into the equipment, phone connections,  internet plans, etc. at the new office place. That is why they need to invest more time. So that the landing is as efficient as possible on the technical end.

Update your new address and other

Informing all of your clients that you are moving is very important. Update it on your website, make sure to distribute new business cards, and other marketing materials. All that needs to be printed one week before the move. Use up all the available resources and get in touch with Google so that your online listing updates your new address. Since it takes more than a month to be effective, be sure you do it on time. The next step is informing your vendors or suppliers of your new address to avoid any mix-up with the deliveries in the future. The moving process is very stressful, but make sure to keep in mind all your last-minute client meetings. Pay special attention to project deadlines. Moving is important, but keeping your clients is even more important.

People talking in the office
Ask your colleagues for help

To sum up, there are multiple ways you can carry out the easy office equipment relocation. However, nothing beats good planning in advance. In addition to hiring professional movers of course. When you hire a professional and reliable moving company, you can make the move a stress-free experience and save a lot of money, time, and nerves too. Therefore, make sure to invest enough time, hire professionals and start the adventure!

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