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Modern storage solutions are ideal for various purposes. People often rent storage during home renovation to keep their items safe from damage. On the other hand, storage rental may represent unecessary costs for many. Moreover, it’s not easy to decide whether to rent actual storage or opt for DIY solutions. That’s why we at Professional Movers Ottawa created this helpful and easy guide! We want to help you make the right decision. Also, we offer quality yet affordable storage solutions for everyone’s needs. As one of the best moving companies Ottawa has on offer, we strive to improve our storage services. Wait no more and make sure to contact us for more details!

Renting storage during home renovation is beneficial in many ways

Storage rental during home renovation is often a much more cost-effective solution. It helps you store everything in a safe place and thus avoid potential additional repairs. Sometimes it’s not enough to simply cover your furniture with dust protectors or fabrics. Dust particles in the air and various chemicals usually find their way to the furniture. It’s not always possible to clean sofas and chairs. Also, it costs a lot to repair the damage. That’s why a short-term storage unit is ideal for your belongings. That way, your furniture pieces and other items won’t be exposed to damage. Moreover, they will survive messy renovations in a safe place.

a man carrying sofa
Some heavier items are better to wait safely in storage.

In case you have more sensitive items, choose climate-controlled storage units. They allow you to safely store easily breakable objects regardless of the season. The temperature won’t affect their condition. As a result, all your items will remain intact. Make sure to check the storage facilities Ottawa companies have on offer.

It’s easier to manage clutter when renting storage during the renovation of your home

A storage unit rental helps you keep things organized. The goal is to have a spacious home after renovation and as little clutter as possible. Shifting all things you don’t often use to a safe storage facility is the best thing to do during the renovation period. Besides more room to work, you will also get an idea of what to do with the rest of the items. During home renovations, we often realize what things we don’t need anymore. Therefore, you can donate or sell everything in a good condition that you don’t use anymore. That way, you may add some extra money for the home remodeling expenses. Simply put, decluttering is the best way to make more room in your renovated home. It helps you start fresh without useless stuff.

Portable storage units are multi-purposeful during renovations

While self-storage units are ideal for a great number of items, portable units are excellent as additional rooms. Steel construction of portable units adds excellent protection during bad weather. Moreover, portable storage is an excellent replacement for a room until the renovation is over.

You don’t have to depend on anybody thanks to storage rental

Storage units allow you easy access to your belongings. Also, you don’t have to depend on your friends or family. The safety of your items isn’t of your concerns anymore. That’s because renting a storage unit spares you unecessary worries around belongings.

a happy girl in yellow shirt showing thumbs up
Many think it’s a good idea to rent storage during home renovation.

Make sure to use the right storage for you

Fortunately, there are different storage options on the market. However, don’t rush with storage rental. Make sure to pick the storage unit that fits your specific needs. Consider the following to easily decide which type of storage to rent:

  • First and foremost, try to estimate the duration of the renovation period. In case work around the home doesn’t last for too long, rent a portable container. However, keep in mind that remodeling sometimes gets delayed.
  • Decide what items you want to store. Pay attention to whether you have specific objects that are easily breakable. Climate-controlled units are ideal for them. That way you can relax knowing your possessions will remain in one piece.
  • If possible, schedule a meeting. See if the storage is clean, sanitized, and spacious enough. It’s easier to decide once you see it for yourself.
  • Ask if the storage provider offers insurance for your items. Longer renovation means longer storage rental. Therefore, learn more about insurance options.
  • Ensure the storage unit is fully secured. The safety of your belongings is very important.

Pick a company that provides quality storage solutions

Don’t forget to research different storage options. Make a list of storage providers and local movers Ottawa residents gladly recommend. Take a look at customer testimonials and rates. Furthermore, you can cross-compare storage services and decide if the quality justifies the price point. However, the cheapest options don’t promise maximum safety for your belongings. On the other hand, it’s not necessary to pay too much for storage. The market is full of diverse storage offers. Therefore, there’s an option for everyone’s budget. You just need to pay attention to the quality of storage service. Also, ask the representatives to come and take a look. It helps when you know what storage solution to expect.

a guy in a storage unit
Research which storage option is best for you.

Avoid suspicious companies and storage providers

If you decide to rent storage during home renovation, pay attention when looking for the right provider. Many fraudulent moving companies and storage providers are scattered across the internet. Furthermore, it’s not always easy to recognize scam advertisements. Therefore, do your best to ensure whether the company you want to contact is legit. Check if they are already mentioned online. Also, take a look at platforms and forums where previous customers leave detailed information. Don’t hesitate to contact the storage provider or a moving company. Their representatives should be able to answer all your questions and concerns. Otherwise, you may skip them and move on to the next company. There’s no need to settle for less than you deserve. You should entrust your belongings only to fully registered companies.

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