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Whether you are looking for secure storage units in Brockville to leave some of your things during a move. Or want to leave some of your things in storage long term. You should take your time and properly research them so that you can find secure storage units where you will feel safe leaving your things. Same as you would take your time to do the research to find reputable movers Brockville for your move. Storage units can be very secure if they are protected properly. And then there are additional security measures you can take to make them even safer. There are many things to look for when searching for secure storage units. Here is what to look for to find a good storage unit where you will feel comfortable leaving your things.

Lighting is one of the most important things to look for when searching for secure storage units in Brockville

Light is a huge deterrent for thieves. And it is one of the basic things that any good company that rents out storage units should have. It will make the storage units much safer. And it will also make it easier for you to access your things at night safely. Whether there is enough light or not tells you about other security features, whether they are there or not. For example, if there is not enough light then if there are security cameras they won’t pick up much as they require a lot of light at night to record a good video. So checking whether there is enough light is important when looking for storage units Ottawa or Brockville-based. It’s best to visit them at night and see how well lit the facility is. And what the security is like, if there are any security guards for example.

Close up photo of light bulb
Make sure to check how well lit the storage facility is at night

Digital surveillance system

Video survivance is one of the most important security features that a storage facility can have. If you have made sure that the facility is well lit, you should look for cameras. You should check if there are enough cameras and are they covering the whole storage facility well. How long do they keep the recordings? And what is the quality of the video?

Quality surveillance is one of the most important storage unit features to look for when moving. So you should check whether the video is on tape or is it stored digitally because digital is better than tape as it has better quality and less risk of video corruption. And things like license plates are easier to see in the video. Another benefit of a good surveillance system is that it is a big deterrent for burglars.

Check how well the property is protected and maintained

One of the best ways to check how well protected the facility is to check how quickly any damage on it is fixed. Whether that is some damage to the fence or a broken light. If they are serious about security they will fix it all quickly. As those kinds of things pose a security threat, often a big one. It is also a sign that the facility is well staffed and efficient.

Additionally, you should check how hard is it to get into the storage unit facility. Can anyone just stroll in or is there a fence and how good the fence is? All of those things matter and you should pay attention to such details when looking for secure storage units in Brockville.

Gray wire fence with a hole in it
A good indicator of how well the storage facility is protected is how quickly any potential security issues are resolved

Alarmed units are something you should look for in secure storage units in Brockville

This is one of the advanced security measures that will make your storage unit much safer. So it is something you should look for and it’s something a good storage unit facility should have. Especially if you want to store very valuable things, you want to make sure they are well protected. You might have to pay a little bit more for a unit with an alarm, but it’s well worth the money for the additional safety. Knowing that it is highly unlikely that anyone is going to steal your items will make a big difference. And you will worry less about leaving your things in a storage unit. So make sure to inquire with the storage facility do they have alarmed storage units and what are the prices for them.

Check what kind of insurance the storage unit has

In the same way, as you are going to check for moving insurance when looking for moving services Ottawa you should check what kind of insurance the storage facility has. While the storage facility you choose is certainly going to have good security measures, you can never be 100% protected. And if you want to protect yourself and your things should someone break into the storage unit and steal some of your things. Then you need to get insurance for your storage unit too. All facilities should have insurance which you can get. And that is one more thing to inquire about when searching for secure storage units in Brockville.

Two people shaking hands after agreeing on insurance for one of the secure storage units in Brockville
You should get good insurance if you want additional security

There are some things you can do to protect your storage unit

When you rent one of the secure storage units in Brockville you should know that there are things you can do to additionally protect your storage unit. Firstly, you can get a really good lock. This will make a big difference if someone tries to break into your storage unit, usually, they won’t even try when they see the lock.  You should make an inventory of all the things that are in your storage unit. There are many ways to develop an inventory system so you can easily find one that suits you the most. Another thing to know is what you shouldn’t put into your storage unit. Things that won’t get covered by insurance for example. And what those things are you can check when getting the insurance. But usually, they are things like cash, fine jewelry, and collectibles.

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