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We must take care of our pets even during the move. As is well known, animals are especially reactive to changes in the environment. In all the chaos that happens during the preparations for moving, the animals become confused. They don’t understand why all those boxes are all things around them. That is why every owner has the task to take care of pets on moving day. Your animal friends need to get through this very unpleasant experience as easily as possible.

We at Professional Movers Ottawa understand that moving with pets can be challenging. That’s why we created this ultimate guide to help you manage your pets throughout the move. Also, make sure to contact us for professional moving services! We do our best to remain one of the best moving and storage companies Ottawa has on offer! With our help, you and your animal friends will settle in a new home very soon!

Organize and prepare to take care of pets on moving day

Before you start preparing your pets for moving, prepare yourself first. Make a detailed relocation plan and write down everything that comes to your mind. Take into account all important steps necessary in the relocation process.

a dog sleeping
It is important to take care of pets on moving day.

If you want to entrust the move to a moving company, choose wisely. Check with friends or relatives who have recently moved with the help of Kanata movers. Go online and see the offer of reputable movers. Each company on its website has a detailed description of its services. When you find an adequate moving partner, it is best to get in direct contact with representatives. Do not hesitate to ask them everything you would like to know. You have the right to be informed and have all your questions answered.

Handling pets on your moving day takes time and patience

Once you have made a relocation plan and found the moving services you need, it is time to dedicate yourself to your pet. Domesticated animals adapt relatively easily to new situations. However, there is a lot that needs to be done. First of all, make sure to stay calm. Be friendly to your pet and spend more time hanging out with them. With adequate preparation, you can make the situation less painful for your animal friends.

Prepare your pets for moving on time

Try to save your dog and cat’s daily routines as much as you can. They are creatures that stick to habits. Also, they notice changes in their living space very well. Therefore, drastic changes in the immediate environment can be shocking for both dogs and cats. Have you ever noticed how your pets react when you take a suitcase out of the closet? In order not to disturb your pet, make sure that the moving packing process runs at a slow pace. If you eliminate all his rituals at once, your pet will probably react to it in an unwanted way.

Before the relocation process even begins, you can take certain steps in terms of the process of getting your pet used to the new environment. For example, take your dog to similar places or improvise by trying to simulate a new environment. If you are moving to a new location in the same city, you can walk the dog to the new neighborhood and introduce it to future neighbors. After all, it is not out of place to know in advance that the first neighbor has a cat so that it does not happen that because of your dog it ends up on the top of a tree, trying to run away from it.

a parrot in a cage
Keep your animal friends somewhere safe.

Your dog will require special attention

Pay special attention to your dog on a moving day. Place him in a separate room, provide him with his favorite toys, drinking water, and a comfortable sleeping area. Keep the door closed and put a sign on the door informing those who move there and family members not to open it. This way you will avoid the situation that your dog will run away.

Keep your birds and other small pets somewhere safe and clean

Mess and dust are common during every relocation. Therefore, ensure your small pet friends spend their time away from relocation chaos. The room where you will keep them has to be clean and tidy.

Have someone look after your pets if necessary

Ask friends or relatives to help you take care of your pets during the move. Someone would probably take care of your pet friends while you are packing. However, prepare detailed instructions before you entrust your pets to anyone. Also, make sure your pet has updated ID information with your current phone numbers and new address. If you are unsure about the new address, then enter the details of your close friend or family member who could take responsibility for the pets in case of an emergency.

Professional help will make the relocation process much easier

After you calculate the total moving cost, pick the company that provides the services you need. As it is mentioned, only trustworthy movers come into consideration. The last you need is additional stress for you and your pets. Therefore, check if the company has a license, insurance, and a capable crew to carry out your move.

moving boxes in a trunk
Professional movers will shorten the moving duration.

Don’t skip on the professional and affordable packing services Ottawa companies have on offer. You will need professional helping hands to handle the packing for you. Packing is a serious process and there should not be room for errors. Pro packers are capable to complete it sooner than you thought. That way, you will have more time to take care of pets on moving day. Also, consider storage rental for extra items. Choose those with the climate-control option to keep your possessions in good condition. Your belongings will wait patiently until you take care of your animal friends.

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