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People rent storage units all the time and, in most cases, it is when they are relocating. What concerns you the most is how to pack fragile items for storage. But do not worry. Many people out there have the same issue and they fear they will break something due to improper packing. But that is not all. Next to the packing, you must also organize, prepare a budget, search for one of the moving and storage companies Ottawa, and more. So, let us help you with a small guide and help you cover all moving and storing related tasks. Let’s go.

Packing materials you should obtain to pack fragile items for storage

If you want to pack fragile items for storage and never think for a second, they might be in any danger, you must use the right packing materials. So, let us start our journey with a simple list of mandatory packing supplies. Consider the following:

  • Cardboard boxes and plastic bins.
  • Adhesive tape and labels.
  • Bubble wrap and other cushion solutions.
  • Covers.
a woman getting ready to pack fragile items for storage
Obtain enough cardboard boxes to fit all your items inside the storage unit.

Now, those are the cheapest and most used solutions. And it is all you need to safely relocate and store anything you want. But if you have expensive, unique, and fragile items, you should consider investing a bit more in packing materials. Luckily, there is a wide selection of those. Check out the packing peanuts, Styrofoam, customized boxes, corner pads, and many more. But remember, it is not only about the materials, but it matters also what kind of storage facilities Ottawa you are looking for and the one you end up with. No packing supplies will save you if you rent an improper one.

Cardboard boxes

We must go over the main packing material in this story. Yes, the cardboard box. Some people use plastic bins, metal containers, or wooden crates. All solutions mentioned are viable. Although, not all are so easily obtainable. But if you already have them at home, sure, use them. But you will surely need much more than you have so you must visit your nearest hardware store or purchase around 10-15 cardboard boxes.

Or you can purchase moving boxes Ottawa online or from your moving company. And when you have them, you will pack gradually and at your own pace. Be sure to inspect each box to be sure they are in good shape and ready to sit inside a storage unit for a while. Once the whole batch of packing materials is delivered, you can pack fragile items for storage.

Tracking list

Before you start packing, you should inspect all your household items, including furniture. Check all rooms inside your home along with the loft, garage, and basement. Figure out what is for storing and what to pack for moving. While you are at it, you should declutter and downsize as much as possible. This way you will get rid of the junk you were hoarding for so long. Also, your relocation will be easier.

And when you sort your stuff out, put everything down on your inventory list or you can call it a tracking list. It should match all the labels on your boxes and when you arrive at your new address, you will easily inspect all your boxes and confirm everything arrived safely. Hence, make a labeling system that suits you the most and list everything down on your tracking list.

a woman learning and using laptop
Have your tracking list on the paper, tablet, or cellphone. Just make sure you have one.

You will use your tracking list for your storage unit as well. You must know what is inside the unit and where is located. So each time you visit you won’t have to spend much time looking for your items. One more thing, your tracking list, and labels will help you unpack quicker and easier. You will always know where your boxes are. Of course, if you tell your movers where to put them previously so you won’t have to chase them around the house. No label can help you there.

How to pack fragile items for storage – step by step

Ok, it is time to pack all your items and get them ready for storage. As we stipulated before, inspect each box and make sure it is in a good shape. Then secure each box with adhesive tape and make a nice cushion inside the box. You can use plastic wrap or blankets you already have at home. The best cushion is either a bubble wrap or something old you do not use anymore like rags, cloth, or old t-shirts. Then, because you are packing fragile items, you must wrap each piece individually. Or place more cushions between items to serve as a buffer. You can use crumpled paper for this occasion as well.

As for packing orders, you want to place the largest and heaviest items first. If there is a hollow space inside them, you should fill it with smaller items of course. But remember to use a buffer as we explained above. And on the top, you should place smaller and lighter items. Finally, each box should be labeled with the letters “FRAGILE” for obvious reasons and a number to match the number on your tracking list.

You should hire a professional moving company to help you out

Surely, you’ll need some help to finish all the moving-related tasks. And what better way to relocate and move your belongings to the storage unit than to hire a professional moving team. Simply search for them online and in a few seconds, you’ll find a few local choices. But before you hire any of those companies you must compare prices and services first. Also, you should read a few reviews and feedbacks. Check out if they have all the tools for the job and required licenses for the job. Once you confirm all the requirements, you can move further with your relocation plans.

mover sitting next to cardboard boxes
Find professional movers to transport your cargo to the storage unit.

And remember one thing, movers offer many moving services. If you have robust furniture, fragile items, or any special items that require a unique approach or special tools, you must announce this upfront. For example, if you have a piano, you should enlist piano movers Ottawa. And for all special services movers have dedicated teams specialized for the job. Therefore, do not forget to communicate this part with your moving representative.

Now you know how to pack fragile items for storage. As you can see, you will pack the same way as for any other relocation. All you must do in the end is to cover the whole batch with a sheet or a tarp to prevent dust from gathering on your boxes. That is all. Good luck and have fun packing.

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