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If you plan on moving, or you just have to renovate, this question inevitably comes up. Where to store your items during the process of relocating? That’s when storage comes into the picture. Storage facilities are seemingly on every street corner. However, not every storage is ideal for you. You need to know how to choose the right one, the one that suits your financial possibilities and needs. So, we’ve gathered some useful tips on how to find affordable storage in Kanata. Let us begin.

How to find affordable storage in Kanata- where to begin?

Logically, the first thing you should do when you decide to move is to hire the best movers Kanata. Then, after this step, you can go on to explore the possibilities regarding storage. One of the important aspects of storage is to know what affects the price of storage in Kanata. Here are some of the factors that determine storage pricing.

Several moving boxes on the floor
Before you find affordable storage in Kanata, pack your things properly.


If you are looking to find affordable storage, you must know that location is a key factor in self-storage prices. Just as it is with apartments and houses. Therefore, if you are moving on a budget, find affordable storage in the less populated areas of Kanata. However, if you’re looking for a storage unit in a heavily populated area, know that prices may be higher. Hence, in this situation, you won’t be able to expect to find affordable storage in Kanata.


Other factors that affect the price of storage in Kanata are features. That means the storage price can vary depending on the storage features available to you. For instance, climate-controlled storage is going to cost more than a standard unit.

Seasonal demand

During the summer months, people tend to move more often. Therefore, they have more belongings to place in storage. That’s also the time to consider hiring packing services Ottawa. As for affordable storage in Kanata, expect that whenever demand increases, the chances of finding a great deal will decrease.

Tips for finding affordable storage in Kanata

We have gathered some useful guidelines to reduce the cost of your storage in Kanata and get affordable storage units.

Choose the correct size for your storage

First, storage units come in many different sizes, which you probably already know. You can get storage from a small 5′ x 5′ space to larger 10′ x 30′ spaces. However, it’s very important to choose your size wisely. The reason is that your monthly storage rent in Kanata will increase primarily based on the unit size. Don’t make a mistake by renting a storage unit that is much larger than necessary. Or to pack the unit poorly, especially when you can book Professional Movers Ottawa and do it properly. Hence, if you choose the correct storage unit size, you will save a significant amount of money each month. That will help you find affordable storage in Kanata for your belongings.

Location- one of the factors to help you find affordable storage in Kanata

As we already mentioned, storage rentals are more expensive in more convenient locations as well as high population areas. That applies to renting storage in Kanata, as well. However, storage unit rents also vary based on the location within the facility itself. So, a storage unit located on the 4th floor will be significantly cheaper than the one on the 1st floor. Yet, if you are looking for affordable storage in Kanata, the less expensive option may be better for you. Even though the less expensive one also means less convenience.

Person signing paperwork to find affordable storage in Kanata
Look for insurance options before you sign the deal for storage units.

Look around for insurance

Storage facilities require you to maintain insurance during your rental period, that’s a fact. That’s also the case with storages in Kanata. However, you often don’t know about this until you arrive at the storage facility to sign the paperwork. Conveniently, self-storage facilities will offer you their coverage on the spot. So, you have the opportunity to avoid this situation, as it will enable you to find affordable storage. Why paying extra money per month when you can find insurance on your own.

Take your time and shop around for self-storage coverage before you sign your rental agreement. However, if you have homeowners or renters insurance, your policy may already cover your items in storage facilities. Make sure to check with your insurance company directly to determine if you have coverage.

Avoid rate increases

One thing you should be careful about is the increase in rent by the storage facility. Even though these increases are usually small, they can add up if you rent a storage unit for a longer period. Thus, be careful about this aspect when you look for affordable storage in Kanata. Make sure you limit your exposure by choosing a facility that is less likely to do this. We advise you to ask the manager of each storage facility you’re considering about their rate increase history. Then, check online review websites to see other people’s experiences about affordable storage.

Don’t forget to look for any kind of perks and discounts

When it comes to finding a cheap storage unit, that sometimes means you are getting more than you paid for. However, this matter depends on your vies of what cheap and affordable is. Anyway, you want to ensure that you get all the perks you can when renting storage.

Also, don’t forget about the discounts. While looking for affordable storage units, take note of discounts that might be on offer. You can look into areas that might be out of your price range at the moment. And with discounts, you can get a cheap unit at a perfect location in Kanata. However, start your search early enough, which will multiply your chances of finding great discounts. Finally, after you find storage, make sure to avoid clutter in your storage unit.

Best rates sign
Look for discounts and best rates when looking for affordable storage solutions in Kanata.

The solution is in your hands

By following our tips, you will find affordable storage in Kanata without problems. Now all you have to do is get in touch with some of the best Kanata movers to ensure the process goes smoothly. We wish you a successful relocation and storage process.

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