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There are many ways to pack fine china for moving – but you need to prepare in advance. First of all, the dishes are fragile, and they are complicated to pack. In addition, your china may get dirty, or bad wrapping paper may leave stains. Even if all your plates or glasses are left unbroken, you may not be able to wash or use them later. Fear not, your reliable movers Ottawa are here to give you some useful tips… Not only on packing material, but also how to pack everything properly.

How to pack fine china for moving the right way?

Well, when you want to pack fine china for moving, the most important thing is packaging material. So, first, start by getting the right packing supplies Ottawa. It may seem that a few large and sturdy boxes are enough to pack everything for moving. While this is not a bad idea, it is usually not enough to protect everything in the box. You also need to have enough material to protect the space between things but also the tape to close the box well so that something does not fall out.

Cardboard boxes to pack fine china for moving
To pack fine china for moving, try to get your packing supplies in one go and from a reliable source.

Here are a few tips:

  • Since the fine china dishes are fragile, you have to be especially careful when you want to pack the dishes for moving. Take a day or two just for that;
  • It is necessary to have good boxes for moving, but do not forget about the people who pack and carry your dishes. You need to hire a reliable movers Orleans Ontario;
  • Packaging material is very important because you have to protect everything from breaking. Still, you can also use alternatives;
  • These things take up a lot of space in both the house and the transport vehicle, so keep in mind that you will have to set aside a special place for them;
  • When it comes to transportation, you also have to be serious. Rent a vehicle big enough to be able to transport all your boxes at once, without having to go back and forth.

Hire professionals

The easiest way to avoid all possible problems and do this job at least a little more relaxed is to hire professionals. They can also find good storage in Ottawa for you. They will have enough packing material, but they will do it quickly so you don’t waste time packing. Don’t worry about their prices. The cost of moving does not have to be high if you are working with a good company.

Packed items.
The cost of moving does not have to be high if you are working with a good company.

Use special boxes

For this purpose, it is necessary to have strong protection boxes. You can try to make cardboard boxes, but it’s always better to have professional packing supplies. No matter which transport you use, it is always possible for the box to overturn or tear during loading. Truck transport is very reliable and gives enough space, but loading and unloading itself can be a problem. We all know how reliable and good plastic foil with bubbles is. That’s why it’s best to for fragile things and protection. You can buy it in rolls and separate the parts you need.

Do not place fragile objects on top of each other when packing in boxes

When you want to safely pack your fine chine, you need to start on time. It’s not good to rush when you’re getting ready to move fragile items. Take the time to dedicate yourself to this work. It is very important to know how and in what order you put things in the box, as well as the way you will pack everything in the vehicle. So prepare well, but also use the advice of professionals, because this is a very delicate job.

Wrap each item separately

It is not necessary to say this, but it is good to keep in mind when planning how much material you need. You must wrap each fragile item separately to protect it from scratches and stains. Never put objects on top of each other or allow one to lie on top of the other without protection in between.

Place the paper between the plates

Whether you wrap each item or not, be sure to separate it further with paper. This will prevent them from rubbing against each other during transport. Keep in mind that this type of item is slippery and can easily slip while it is in the box. The paper increases the friction so the plates are in place during transport. All fragile items should be placed in the box so that they do not rub against each other. If there is a lot of space between the items, then fill it with clothes or a sponge. It is very important that all items are completely flat and without moving, no matter how the box is carried.

man and woman packing
Never put objects on top of each other or allow one to lie on top of the other without protection in between.

Always pack upright

With all the protection measures, it may seem that it is not as important how we will put fragile items in the boxes. However, never pack anything against your fragile items. The weight of the upper objects will press on the lower ones and they may break during the journey. Pack things in the box as they stand in the closet.

Use blankets, pillows, and towels

You carry all this with you anyway when you move, don’t you? Then why not use all those soft items to protect your fine chine during the move. Pack items in boxes lined with blankets or towels. You can fill the space between fragile items with pillows or towels.

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