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One of the most common mistakes people make when they are relocating is not using enough packing materials. You secured some of your items, and you thought that they are safe. But in the end, once you arrived at your new home – something was broken. And we can assure you that you can avoid that. You need to learn to pack fragile items with the utmost care. You need to start packing on time and make sure that you are using enough materials. Also, you can always consider the option to hire professional packers to do this part of your relocation for you.

Pack fragile items in the end

One of the best strategies is to leave packing fragile items for the end. A lot of people underestimate how much time they will actually need to pack everything. And they start with packing fragile and sensitive items. And packing that kind of items takes time. Before you know it, you are stuck in the packing process. So, one of the best strategies to relocate easy and worry-free is to leave packing sensitive items for the end, just before your Ottawa movers come to take them. If you are not using their professional packing services, of course. That way you will be able to do it slowly and with care, and you will avoid damaging them.

a clock showing time
It is important to start packing on time

Use enough protective materials

The first and the golden rule is to pack your fragile items tightly in the box. That way the risk for breaking will be very low. Also, you need to make sure that you are using enough protective materials. Not only that you need to warp all of the fragile items, but you should place it on the bottom and on the top of the moving box. You can use plastic wrap or tissues. But make sure that you are using enough. Of course, there is the option of packing peanuts, and they will just add more layers that will protect your fragile items.

When you are packing fragile items you need to use sturdy boxes

One of the crucial things for packing sensitive items is to use the right type of boxes that are sturdy. If you have a box that is damaged no matter how good you pack fragile items – they will get damaged. Especially if you are moving long-distance. You can search for specialty moving boxes, that have thicker cardboard. They can absorb more damage and protect your belongings. Also, you need to use the boxes that are the right size. A too big or too small box will cause damage, and you will lose some of your valuable sensitive items.

Label your boxes properly

One of the important steps in packing and relocating is to label your boxes carefully and clearly. Never mind if you are packing them for a move or for a storage unit. Mark your boxes as fragile very clearly. Make sure to use a good pen and to label it from all sides. Don’t write fragile just on one side of the box. Write it everywhere. That way – your movers will know which boxes to handle with care! Also, a great thing you can do is to keep those boxes together. That way – there will be no confusion or damaged items.

labeled boxes that is packed with fragile items
You need to clearly label your moving boxes

What are the items that are labeled as fragile?

The answer to this question is not simple since a lot of things can be considered fragile. Some of the most common ones are glasses, plates, lamps, frames. But any other item that you have – a vase, a memory that you keep – can be considered fragile. Take a good and close look and consider which items you will place in the box labeled fragile.

How to pack plates?

One of the most common things that people pack is plates. So, how you can pack them without worrying about possible damage and buying new ones after your long-distance relocation? Well, you need to start by choosing a proper box. Plates should be placed in a small to medium moving box. They should be placed vertically. Before putting a plate in the moving box, you need to wrap it a plastic wrap and secure it with tape. Also, make sure to add crumpled paper, packing peanuts, and place a paper between each plate. Don’t put too many items in one box. It is better to have a couple of boxes and relocate them safely than to have them in one box and break everything.

How to pack fragile items like glasses?

When it comes to packing glasses you need to pay additional attention. You need to wrap each glass individually with packing paper. Also, you can add crumpled paper inside of the glasses to protect them. Add a line of packing plastic to the bottom and to the bot of the moving box. Also, if you have some glasses that are heavier – make sure to put them on the bottom of the box. That way, when the lighter glasses are on the top the damage will be minimal.

Be careful when you are packing pictures

When you are packing fragile items like pictures the most important thing is their size. If the pictures can fit into a moving box, you can simply wrap her with a packing paper, add additional layers on top and bottom and make sure that the items in the box can not move. But if the picture is bigger you will probably need a moving blanket and you might need a specialty moving box. It is better to pay extra than to have your favorite picture damaged.

pictures on the wall soon to be pack as fragile items
Packing pictures can take time

Specialty fragile items

It is quite often to have fragile items that are shaped oddly. If you have to pack fragile items that have an unusual shape you need to pay special attention. The best thing to do is to wrap the whole piece in plastic wrap and packing paper and put it into a moving box with packing peanuts. That way, you will avoid any potential damage. Also, this is a good option if you plan to use a storage unit for items like this. If you are moving some specialty items that are expensive, the best thing you could do is to talk with a local moving company so they can provide you with a moving crate that is designed for that item.

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