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People move all the time and some of them struggle when it is the very first time. It is a complicated task after all with many smaller ones included. Although, with a good organization, smart packing plan, and reliable movers Ottawa by your side, you can complete it easily. So, let us help you create your personalized Ottawa moving guide that will serve you as a reminder and a guide toward victory. Let’s go!

Create your personalized Ottawa moving guide first

You will begin your journey by assembling your moving checklist and an inventory list. Start by gathering your family members or talk with your spouse and pinpoint all the tasks you must complete before the moving day. Most of it you’ll realize once you perform a thorough home inspection though.

moving professionals are a part of Ottawa moving guide
Research online and find a reliable and reputable moving company.

Begin inspecting each room inside your home and continue toward the loft, basement, garage, and backyard. Once you are done, you will know how hard your packing will be if your home is safe to work in, and how many packing supplies you’ll need. Then you can start working your way toward the final moving price, a moving budget, and moving services. Also, your moving checklist should include the following as well:

  • Info about movers
  • Moving services
  • Moving insurance
  • Budget
  • Packing plan

Once you have it all, call your moving company and communicate further. Provide them with your findings and let them use them to assemble the safest and most affordable moving strategy. Both parties will appreciate the outcome for sure.

Find reliable moving professionals

A search for a trustworthy moving company can be a real challenge if you do not know how to do it. Luckily, we will explain how to do it and what to look out for. Firstly, you will find your movers Carleton Place online because it is the quickest and easiest way to do it. Just check the first page and compare prices, services, and reviews. Soon enough you’ll have a fine choice in front of you.

But, you shouldn’t pick the first one you find, the most expensive, nor the cheapest one. Dig a bit deeper and inspect your movers a bit more thoroughly. As you already know, like in any business, there are frauds and scammers so you must confirm the legitimacy of your moving team. Hence, start with the basics.

Check their website and confirm they have a physical address, contact info, and a logo of the company. Then you’ll move onto the online registration that you can find on FMCSA, the US Movers Association, or the Better Business Bureau. You can check Yellow Pages as well. Also, read a few moving reviews and social media posts to confirm your movers are legit.

Finally, give them a call and ask if they possess all the tools and licenses to operate cross-state and locally. Once you do it, you can call other companies if you like and eventually choose the one that left the best impression on you. All in all, a search for a moving company is a mandatory step in your Ottawa moving guide. Make sure you do it right.

Work out the moving quote and a moving budget

You can’t finalize your Ottawa moving guide without the moving budget and a moving price. In order to obtain one, you must work closely with your moving representative. Yes, you can schedule the whole deal via phone or through the website. But onsite estimates are the best way to obtain the realistic moving price and have the safest moving plan there is. Therefore, schedule a meet and let your movers evaluate the situation.

Upon the inspection, they will present you with the list of costs and moving services that might help you make your relocation easier and cheaper. Then you can compare it and consult with your family and decide what is the best option. If your budget can support it, maybe you can utilize some of the services and make your relocation easier and safer. Or quicker and more comfortable.

a woman and cardboard boxes
There is no packing process without cardboard boxes. Ensure you have enough of them!

Packing is the inevitable part of the Ottawa moving guide

Yes, you can’t escape the packing process. Some people find it relaxing and soothing while others hate it because it is time-consuming and boring. It all comes to the time you have on your hands and the moving budget you can dedicate for packing supplies. But we can all agree that it can be quite expensive if you do not know how to pack the right way. Therefore, let us introduce a few mandatory packing materials that will serve you well while packing.

Go to the nearest hardware store and obtain at least 30 carton boxes, adhesive tape, bubble wrap, and labels. It is all you need to pack safely and comfortably. And it is not expensive at all. On the other hand, if you want to skip the entire process, you can utilize packing services Ottawa your movers offer.

The final price will be almost the same but the time you’ll save will surely compensate for the money you invest. But if you decide on packing yourself, use bubble wrap to make cushions inside your boxes and to fill gaps between items. Also, use it to wrap furniture and protect it against bumps and scratches. Adhesive tape is used to close and tape down your boxes while a label is there to point out the content of the box. And if you are renting one of the storage units Ottawa, you will pack the same way for storing as well. Just make sure you cover your entire batch of boxes with a tarp or a sheet to protect it against dust.

Take care of yourself and your family

Hopefully, you have enough time to cover all your moving tasks gradually and at a steady pace. People usually burn out and get sick while moving simply because they burn out too fast. Do not let this happen to you. Avoid it by taking enough rest, eating better, sleeping more, exercising, etc. Whenever you have time to take breaks or to relax you should do it. Seize the moment to support one of your hobbies or take your kids out for a walk. It will do good for everyone involved. As we said, hopefully, you have more than a month to cover all stages which will give you more than enough time to prepare without rushing and jeopardizing your health.

a few women doing yoga
Find some time to relax and support your hobbies or simply relax. Do not burn yourself out.

Sort out your legalities on time

The last piece of advice is tied to the legalities. You must be sure all your personal documents, as well as moving-related ones, are up to date and ready to be used. So, check your personal ID, driver’s license, credit cards, medical records, etc. Check your moving contract and read it a couple of times. Pay attention to the fine print at the bottom of the document and be sure you understand it. Also, transfer all your services like Wi-Fi, cellphone, and mail at least a week before you move in. Remember, some of it takes a longer time to process and you do not want to miss anything when you move in.

There we go, now you are ready to make your personalized Ottawa moving guide. It is not so hard as it seems. With a bit of help from your family, a bit of organization, and a good moving company by your side, you’ll achieve the impossible. Good luck and stay safe.

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