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One of the main reasons why people move to Ottawa is the business opportunities that this city offers. Ottawa really has a strong job market, a healthy and strong economy, as well as excellent living opportunities. And also, one of the good things about Ottawa is that this city has a significantly lower cost of living compared to other big cities in Canada. So, if you decide to move to Ottawa, contact Movers and Packers Ottawa to ensure a successful move. And if you want to dedicate yourself to researching career prospects in Ottawa, this helpful guide can help you out!

Things to consider if you’re planning on moving to Ottawa for work

According to estimates for 2023, the Ottawa-Gatineau metro area currently has about 1,437,000 residents, which represents an increase of 0.98% compared to the previous year. Given that the population of Ottawa has experienced an increase in just a few months in the current year, forecasts are that the population of this city will increase even more. So, right now, moving to Ottawa can be one of the best decisions you’ve made for your future. Also, if you are moving here for work, we will tell you right from the start that you will meet here with various industries, a strong job market, as well as excellent business opportunities. Therefore, all you need is a good CV and excellent references.

Ottawa city
Regardless of whether you are moving for better business opportunities, or in search of fun and comfort, Ottawa can be a good choice!

But if you are moving to Ottawa for work, besides career prospects in Ottawa there are several other things that you must be informed about. For example, you should consider the living costs and housing options. This will help you to familiarize yourself with this city before your arrival. Because that way you will fit into the living, and working environment more easily. What’s more, if you find a suitable housing option in the future, you will be fully prepared for business opportunities.

Cost of living in Ottawa

Ottawa is generally considered one of the cheaper cities to live in if we compare it to other large Canadian cities. But keep in mind that the cost of living can still be high and will depend solely on where you live and your lifestyle. What is mandatory is that you research the cost of housing, transportation, utilities, groceries, etc. That way, you will be sure that you can afford a comfortable life.

So, when it comes to the cost of living in Ottawa, it is C$1872 with rent for one person, according to data from Food costs average around C$219, while groceries are affordable and the prices of basic groceries are favorable (bread is C$3.17, milk is C$2.75, eggs are C$4.27, etc.). Even the supplies you need for the move, like moving boxes Ottawa, are not that expensive! Public transport is also affordable; the price of a one-way ticket is about 3.5 dollars, while the monthly pass is 125 dollars.

Housing options in Ottawa

In Ottawa, you can find a wide variety of housing options, from apartments and studios to condos and family houses. What is important is to research the neighborhoods in Ottawa and choose the one that suits your needs. For example, it should be close to work, school, health centers, shops, etc. Let’s say, renting apartments is one of the most popular options in Ottawa, especially for business people who temporarily stay in this city.

one bedroom apartment
One-bedroom apartments are one of the most popular housing options in Ottawa.

According to data from in April 2023, the average rent for an apartment in Ottawa is C$1,751 for a studio, C$1,543 for a one-bedroom, C$1,933 for a two-bedroom, and C$2,378 for a three-bedroom. But the good news is that house prices fell by around 16% in February 2023, so now the current price of a medium-sized house is C$850,589.

What are the career prospects in Ottawa?

As you can see, Ottawa is one of the best places to have a successful career in Ottawa. This city is known for its strong economy, which is based on various industries, of which finance, education, and health are some of the basic ones. But that’s not all; Ottawa is perhaps one of the cities in Canada with the most business opportunities. And if we were to single out two Ottawa neighborhoods with excellent job opportunities, they would be Kanata and Barrhaven.

Kanata offers great career prospects

For example, Kanata is known as a technology center, and is known for its technological innovations, and the most popular branches of this industry are software development, and telecommunications. Also, Kanata offers life sciences career opportunities, with some of the best companies to work for including Abbott Laboratories, Spartan Bioscience, and Siemens Healthineers. In addition, it’s important to mention the aerospace industry, which offers excellent business opportunities in companies such as General Dynamics Mission Systems Canada and Raytheon Canada. So, if your choice will be Kanata, Kanata movers are at our disposal at any time!

Two people who are satisfied with finding Career Prospects in Ottawa.
If you are looking for career prospects in Ottawa, prepare a good CV and recommendations, and you will succeed!

Barrhaven is also one the best places for career prospects in Ottawa

Barrhaven is considered one of the less urban areas of Ottawa, but recently it has become one of the growing areas in Ottawa offering a variety of industries. Also, this place is home to excellent business companies like Minto Group, Giant Tiger, etc. Although it offers fewer business opportunities compared to Kanata, here you can find excellent career opportunities in the world of industries such as retail, healthcare, education, catering, and home services. This place can be a great choice for families. So, if you decide to start your family moving, movers Barrhaven can help you. Just call them!

Where to look for employment opportunities in Ottawa?

In general, it’s not easy to find a job anywhere. And this is a process that can take a long time, unless you are very lucky and get a job in a day. But it also happens. That’s why you have nothing left but hope! So, when we talk about moving to Ottawa for work or moving from Ottawa to Toronto it would be ideal to find a job before the move so that you don’t lose time. But even if you fail, don’t worry. As we said at the beginning, for a job in Ottawa you will need a CV as well as recommendations from your previous employers. And if you have that, then you can start your search, and here are a few places for that:

  • Search for job websites. You can also subscribe to receive daily notifications about new business ads.
  • Research company sites. Many companies post job vacancies on their official websites.
  • Research government job sites. You can start from GC Jobs and
  • Seek help from an employment agency. Some of them are Robert Half, Randstad, and Adecco.
Person searching for career opportunities in Ottawa
Searching websites and internet ads can be a great start to your search for a job.

Connecting with the community can be a great way to find job opportunities in Ottawa. For example, consider attending various industry events and job fairs. And you can also join professional associations. Or, try connecting with people in your industry on LinkedIn. In addition, volunteering can be an excellent opportunity to network and build relationships with people in your community.

What are the top industries in Ottawa and the most in-demand jobs?

Okay, we have seen how you can most simply research excellent business opportunities and connect to communities that will help you in this. But what is also important is to be well-informed about industries, as well as the most sought-after business positions in Ottawa. Because only then will you understand whether Ottawa is a good choice for your career. But besides that, it’s really important to connect with moving companies Orleans if you decide to move to this neighborhood of Ottawa. Because Orleans has a thriving construction industry that it can boast about.

The top industries in Ottawa are:

  • Technology. Ottawa is home to great technology companies like Shopifi, Nortel, and Cognos.
  • Healthcare. The healthcare industry includes hospitals, biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical, etc.
  • Public sector. In this sector are government agencies and departments, the Parliament of Canada, the Canadian Armed Forces, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
  • Tourism. This industry offers business in hospitality facilities, touristic destinations, etc.
  • Education. Universities, colleges, and research institutions are part of the education industry.

The most in-demand jobs in Ottawa are:

  • Software developers
  • Health workers
  • Engineers
  • Public servants
  • Sales and marketing professionals

What is the role of the government in the job market?

When it comes to the job market in Ottawa, keep in mind that the government plays a major role in several ways. For example, the government can create an excellent environment for business, which can also lead to the creation of new jobs and thus reduce the unemployment rate. Also, the government can offer tax incentives, simplification of regulations, and a lot of investment in infrastructure.

Parliament building in Ottawa
The government in Ottawa, as well as in all of Canada, strives to provide excellent career prospects!

Also, the government can provide opportunities for training and education, thereby raising the success of the business to a higher level. And the most important thing is that the government will protect the rights and interests of employees in any case. And finally, the government can provide the unemployed population with social protection such as health care, retirement benefits, and social benefits.

In addition to great career opportunities, Ottawa also offers some fun!

When you move to Ottawa, keep in mind that you will not work all 7 days a week, but you will have the main weekend off. That’s why, as another important part of this guide, we reveal to you several options for how you can spend your free time in Ottawa. Considering that Ottawa is the capital of Canada with a population of 1,010,391 inhabitants according to data from the World Population Review, Ottawa has a lot to offer. We’ve already talked about work, living expenses, and housing, so now it’s time to have fun.

For example, you can visit Parliament Hill and learn about Canadian politics and history. Then, you can explore the ByWard Market and enjoy restaurants, and nightlife. Also, if you are an art lover, visit the National Gallery of Canada. And if you love outdoor activities, then discover the Rideau Canal, rent a bike, a boat, or a kayak, and explore the scenic waterway. But that’s not all, you must visit the Canadian Museum of History!

Are you ready to start a new life in Ottawa with excellent career prospects?

As you could see by now, Ottawa is a great place for life, work, and career, but also for entertainment. Also, apart from the excellent career prospects in Ottawa, this city is one of the most favorable large cities to live in in all of Canada. And the best of all is that in the entire territory of Canada, all residents of this country have free health care. Everything you’ve read so far about business opportunities, including the affordable cost of living, housing, and entertainment can be considered one of the main reasons why people move to your city en masse. So, if you decide to become a new resident of this wonderful city, you need to move here. When you are ready to move, keep in mind that our piano movers Ottawa are also at your disposal. So, call us because we can help you!


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