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As the capital of Canada, Ottawa offers the perfect living environment not only for young couples but for anyone seeking a diverse and romantic atmosphere. If you and your partner have decided to move to Ottawa, it marks the start of a new chapter in your lives together. However, relocating can be a complex process, and it’s crucial to be well-informed about all the factors involved. Fortunately, professionals like movers and packers Ottawa will gladly assist you! To help make your move to Ottawa as smooth as possible, we’ve created the ultimate guide for young couples moving to Ottawa. This guide is tailored specifically to your needs and will provide you with all the information you need to make a successful transition to your new home.

Why is moving to Ottawa a good decision?

Ottawa is a large city with a population of approximately 1,017,449, according to the latest Census, and that number just keeps growing! This city offers excellent opportunities for life, high living standards, as well as entertainment, especially for young people. If you are thinking about starting your life together in that city, then we can tell you that you have made the right decision.

Ottawa during winter
It may seem very cold at first glance, but believe us, Ottawa is a romantic city!

Now we will present to you several reasons why you should move here:

  • Ottawa offers many business opportunities, with the main employers being government agencies and corporations.
  • High quality of life. Ottawa offers you excellent living conditions, low crime rates, free health care, and much more.
  • A large selection of cultural and entertainment facilities because Ottawa is a city that nurtures culture, art, and history.
  • High-quality education.
  • A large selection of activities, beautiful nature, and lots of fun.

These are just some of the reasons why Ottawa it’s an ideal choice, especially for the younger population. Another advantage of Ottawa is that it’s more affordable compared to other cities, such as Toronto, Vancouver, etc. So, if you are sure that Ottawa is your new destination, affordable movers Ottawa can provide you with their moving services and help you move quickly, easily, and simply. Just call them!

The ultimate guide for young couples moving to Ottawa

When you decide to move you need to know all details about the place where you are moving. So, in the continuation of this story we will meet you with:

  • The best neighborhoods for young couples
  • Housing options
  • The cost of living
  • Entertainment and lifestyle in Ottawa
  • Crime rates
Couple reading Ottawa map
This guide will help you to meet Ottawa before your move!

What are the best Ottawa neighborhoods for young couples?

Considering that Ottawa is a big city, many neighborhoods at your disposal can be excellent choices for young couples. What is also important is knowing how to choose the perfect place for you. We thought about that too, so, at the end of this story, you will have the opportunity to find an additional mini guide on how to choose the perfect neighborhood for couples in Ottawa. And now we will focus on the neighborhoods that have been declared the best place for young couples.

  • Centretown. This neighborhood is known for its exciting way of life, and its residential and commercial community, which in addition to a great life offers a lot of entertainment. For example, here you can visit the Canadian Museum of Nature, and the National Arts Centre, and see the beautiful Rideau Canal.
  • Westboro. This is one of the most favorite neighborhoods in Ottawa for the young population because this part of the city is flooded with excellent cafes, bars, and restaurants. Also, for real estate prices, it can be said that with a slightly more favorable entrance to the city center, they amount to about $741,342. Here is also one of the great places for romantic walks, the Ottawa River Parkway.
  • Kanata. If you are planning to start a business, Kanata is the place for you. Also, Kanata movers are at your disposal. This section is a strong community and offers excellent business opportunities in companies like BlackBerry, Mitel, and Nokia. And there is also the Kanata Centrum Shopping Center if you want to have some fun.

What are the best housing options for couples in Ottawa?

What is also very important when you decide to move and start a new life is to choose the right housing option for you. Ottawa offers a lot of conveniences when it comes to living. And considering that Ottawa it’s more affordable than other parts of Canada, and house prices hover around $622,568, while rent rarely exceeds $2,000, you can have a comfortable life here with lower monthly expenses. Ottawa offers you a large selection of apartments, condos, townhouses, as well as single-family homes. And your choice of housing option will depend exclusively on your needs, wishes, and possibilities.

Couple buying home in Ottawa
Ottawa offers many housing options for young couples. Research them all!

Also, know that whichever housing option you choose, our residential movers Ottawa can help you succeed. They will take care of your move from start to finish, doing most of the work for you. Therefore, it’s very important that during your move you choose people you can trust, and our movers are ready to justify your trust!

What is the cost of living in Ottawa?

Until now, we have already told you several times that Ottawa is more affordable than other cities in Canada. And now we will prove it to you. According to data from, the total monthly expenses of one person in Ottawa are about $1,872 per month, while the expenses of a family of four are $4,128. Utilities can cost you about $1,094 a month, while utilities at my monthly level cost about $495 for one person. This means that your total living expenses can be up to $3000 per month. And if you find a good business opportunity, and get a job, you will be able to earn about $3280 per month per person. And as you can see, Ottawa offers you a comfortable life, with affordable living costs. Now you can conclude that moving to Ottawa can be a good idea!

Entertainment and lifestyle in Ottawa

As the capital of Canada, we can safely say that Ottawa offers excellent entertainment opportunities. The way of life in Ottawa is a little slower compared to Toronto, and all people who want a more urban environment decide on moving from Ottawa to Toronto. Ottawa residents once said, “There is no one who cannot fit into the way of life that Ottawa offers.” So, the lifestyle in Ottawa is accompanied by various entertainment opportunities that this city offers. Let’s say some of them are:

  • Ottawa offers a variety of sports activities, walking trails, outdoor gyms, as well as the possibility of boating during the summer months on the Rideau Canal.
  • Art and culture are based on must-see places like the National Gallery of Canada Canadian Museum of History.
  • Annual festivals. Numerous events take place in Ottawa throughout the year, and some of the most popular is the Ottawa International Jazz Festival and the Ottawa International Animation Festival.
  • Beautiful Parks. Some of the best and most visited are Gatineau Park, Rideau Canal, Major’s Hill Park, Money’s Bay Park, Andrew Haydn Park, and many others.
date night, young couple in Ottawa
Ottawa offers you many perfect places for dates.

Young people are extremely fans of nightlife. And when it comes to nightlife in Ottawa, you will have a great time here. For example, ByWard Market is a great place with lots of pubs and restaurants where you can enjoy drinks, a relaxed atmosphere, and music. There is also the Casino du Lac-Leamy where you can try your luck in one of the games. And as much as you like comedy, then comedy clubs are the right thing for you. Visit Absolute Comedy and Yuk Yuks.

What about the crime rate in Ottawa?

Ottawa has always been considered one of the safest cities in Canada. But, there is always some crime. Don’t worry, Ottawa is still one of the safest cities. And now we will explain the crime rate in Ottawa in a little more detail. According to the statistics we obtained, the crime rate in Ottawa has decreased significantly. In 2021, it was 7.2% lower than in 2020. Today, things are even better, because crimes such as theft, burglary, and violent crimes have been significantly reduced. And when we talk about neighborhoods that can be said to be not so safe, they are Ridea-Vanier and Sandy Hill. But, know one thing, no matter which Ottawa neighborhood you choose, always secure your home with video surveillance, alarm, etc. You will feel safer!

Girl with Canadian flag
Canada is generally a safe country, and wherever you live you feel safe!

Also, if you are in Ottawa for the first time, a list of emergency services will be of great help to you in urgent situations. So, we have prepared it for you:

  • Ottawa Police Service: Emergency: 911 or (613) 236-1222 (non-emergency)
  • Ottawa Paramedic Service: Emergency: 911 or (613) 580-2400 (non-emergency)
  • Ottawa Fire Services: Emergency: 911 or (613) 580-2424 ext. 0 (non-emergency)
  • Ottawa Public Health: (613) 580-6744 (non-emergency)
  • Ottawa Crime Stoppers: (613) 233-8477

How to choose the perfect neighborhood for young couples in Ottawa?

Finding the perfect place to live is not a thing that can be solved in a few minutes. You need some time for this. That is why we have prepared a mini quick guide for you that will make this matter easier and simpler for you. First, you need to determine your needs and criteria. For example, decide whether you want to live in the city center or a less urban area. Then you must decide whether you want a house or an apartment, renting or buying. These are all factors that influence your final choice. After that, select several Ottawa neighborhoods that meet your needs and criteria. And after that narrow down the choice and make a final decision.

Ottawa neighborhoods for young coupls
Ottawa offers a great selection of fantastic neighborhoods for young couples who are moving to Ottawa.

After you have chosen the perfect place for you and your partner, you need to go to the next step. Ant that is finding a proven moving company who will take care of your move. This time, we can recommend you moving services Ottawa. Our company can provide you with full moving services and help you to have a successful and stress-free move. 

Are you ready for a new start?

If you and your partner have decided to move in together, it’s important to be prepared for the challenges that may arise during the move. Successfully navigating these challenges will require a joint effort and a willingness to compromise. As we come to the end of our guide for young couples moving to Ottawa, we hope that we have provided you with valuable insights to help you make informed decisions about your new home. Ottawa is a city full of surprises, and we’re confident that you’ll discover something new every day. Now that you’re ready to embark on this exciting new journey, it’s time to start packing! Meanwhile, if you require moving boxes Ottawa, we’re here to help. Just reach out to us and we’ll be happy to assist you. Best of luck with your move!


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