Discovering Orleans After Moving: A Guide To Thriving In A Vibrant Community


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When setting your eyes on a particular place that you consider moving to, it is important to gather as much information about it as possible. The good news is that once a place is popular this will be more than easy. Discovering Orleans after moving for instance will not only be useful but extremely fun as well. Professional Movers Ottawa will, like always help you as we are ready to direct you to some of the most notable locations and things this place has to offer. Let’s dive into more details and explore one of the most popular spots in Ottawa!

Orleans might be the perfect city to move to!

A lot of people actually tend to overlook a couple of factors that make Orleans an absolutely perfect place for living and working. This is mainly because this suburb is part of a commute, job, or even education for many people. Only when you take a deeper look into everything it offers you can realize that moving there could be a great decision. Considering this is one of Ottawa’s best suburbs, Orleans is mostly the number one option for those who live in nearby neighborhoods. After visiting it for various different reasons, a huge number of young people will simply start calling it home officially.

building in Ottawa
Not so many parts of Ottawa are as good for living and working as Orleans

Just like the rest of the world, both Ottawa and Orleans were affected by the Global Pandemic. But thanks to Canada’s stable economy and the effort of its residents to recover as soon as possible, it didn’t take too long for Orleans to get back on its feet. Today, moving companies Orleans are helping newcomers move there even more often than before and it is important that we mention why!

Discovering Orleans and its outdoors after moving

Of course, the first thing you will be interested in includes the outdoors. No matter if you are moving alone or with your entire family is it essential to spend a certain amount of time outside. When it comes to Orleans, there will be plenty of interesting things waiting for you there. It is home to a couple of parks that residents love and visit on a daily basis. You can spend time walking, hiking or even riding a bicycle. Each one of these green areas is perfectly safe for kids, so make sure you take them with you. The most notable parks are Orleans Wood Park and Petrie Island.

Unlike other parts of Ottawa, Orleans will really provide you with that perfect suburb vibe. At one point you could be eating at a luxurious restaurant and the next go on hiking with your friends. Of course, it will take some time to reach all the interesting points and locations, but once you do, Orleans will be perfectly suitable for all kinds of activities and hobbies you like. A lot of homes in this suburb actually have gardens and residents tend to spend most of the time there when the weather is nice. To conclude, this suburb is close enough to all notable locations with green areas.

Don’t forget to go shopping

Once local movers Ottawa unload their vehicles and you start setting up your new home, you may find yourself in a situation to get more of them for your new home. Instead of spending more money on your relocation and carrying more boxes, you can leave shopping for Orleans. The place is home to a couple of shopping malls including Place d’Orleans which has more than 175 stores. You will get a chance to buy clothes, cosmetics, and yes, furniture pieces. This particular place is always full of people and tourists having fun and shopping all day long.

two people shopping
Discovering Orleans after moving must include visiting its shopping malls

Of course, make sure not to spend too much right after moving. Even though places like this can be really attractive you have to think about other expenses waiting for you in Orleans. The best thing you can do is make a list of items you will need to buy for your new home and stick to it as much as possible.

You have to attend events in Orleans after moving

If you are completely new to this part of Ottawa and never had a chance to visit before, you will need to adjust and blend in with your new area. When it comes to Orleans, there is no better way to do it than to attend one of its events. This place hosts a couple of them that are not only famous in Ottawa, but entire Canada as well. It doesn’t matter how old are you and what your profession is, attending these events will surely make you feel both amazing and welcome. Depending on the time of your relocation you will get a chance to see:

Keep in mind that these events are held in different seasons and months. If you really wish to attend some of them in particular it is better that you arrive on time. With the help of Ottawa relocation services, you can schedule a suitable date and be there just in time to meet your new community and get ready for all those upcoming festive days.

Now let’s talk about the community waiting for you there

You should know that discovering Orleans after moving surely includes getting closer to a community living there. You will be happy to know that people living there are extremely welcoming to newcomers and they actually see a lot of new faces throughout the year. According to official statistics, the population in this suburb is pretty diverse. That means you will come across people from all over Canada, the USA, Europe, and Asia. While some of them moved there mainly because of a new job opportunity, others simply loved the vibes Orleans was giving to them.

Just like many other places in Ottawa, this one will attract a huge number of tourists and a certain number of them will eventually move. Those are mostly people from other neighborhoods in Ottawa and nearby cities who wish to settle permanently. It is very common for people to rent apartments or houses in Orleans for some time, and once they have a good opportunity, purchase a home there. There are a lot of good real estate agencies in the entire city and they can assist you to find a nice and affordable place to rent or buy.

Most popular neighborhoods in Orleans

Before you start making plans with residential movers Ottawa and set the date, let’s see what neighborhoods could be suitable for you in Orleans. It all begins by knowing exactly what you are looking for and what kind of lifestyle you are interested in. Different neighborhoods have different traits but different costs as well, and you must know what to focus on from the start.

dog in the street
Orleans has beautiful neighborhoods where you might want to settle in

Keep in mind that Orleans is not small and sometimes it could be hard to navigate. Even the type of your relocation plays a huge role and you shouldn’t ignore it no matter what. To help you with your research we will simply divide neighborhoods into two categories. 

Young professionals vs families

In case you are looking for a more vibrant part of Orleans, there are a couple of places that will do just perfectly. Among younger people in this area, the ones that stand out are Cardinal Creek and Camelot. Homes in this area are beautiful but quite expensive as well, and most of the time they belong to younger people and freelancers. Considering that social media is one of the most prosperous sources of income for this profession, the majority of these people are actually working from home.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something that is giving family vibes, Convent Glen and Chateauneuf are great candidates. Both neighborhoods are extremely safe with good schools close by. If you organize your budget the right way and start looking at the real estate market on time, you will probably catch an amazing offer. Make sure to have a good real estate agent to help you out, especially if you are not familiar with the area.

Living costs in Orleans

A lot of Orleans residents claim that it is one of the most affordable parts of Ottawa. Compared to the big city, you will find groceries and utilities to be much cheaper while housing will not follow the same path. For example, a family of four estimated monthly costs is around 3,035.3C$ without the rent. If you love dining outside and spending time in restaurants and bars, some parts of Orleans, including Convent Glen may seem extremely expensive. However, as long as you keep an eye on your budget and control expenses, living costs will fit your pocket. 

table in a restaurant
You will come across all kinds of restaurants both luxurious and affordable ones

It is good to mention that you should be economic from the start. Make sure that you minimize moving expenses and try to avoid doing it on your own. Relying on professional movers and moving boxes Ottawa, you will manage to avoid many moving obstacles that will lead you to spend more money and stress out.

Discovering job opportunities in Orleans after moving

You already know that it will be much easier to move and buy a property if you have a stable job. Even if you are moving from a nearby neighborhood, you still need to assure that you will not be looking for a job for too long. Getting to know the market in Orleans will be extremely helpful to those who plan to look for one after relocation. On average, Orleans is really suitable for professions including tech, retail, and tourism. You will come across countless shops and restaurants and a huge number of them are actually family-owned. Even the smallest places are always looking for more staff and this can easily lead you to a successful career.

woman having a job interview as finding job opportunities is part of discovering Orleans after moving
Make sure you have a nice job waiting for you so that you can enjoy living in Orleans even more

If we take a look at official statistics, the biggest employer in both Ottawa and Orleans surely is the federal government. The average salary for an employee of the Government of Canada is about $79,000 per year and people tend to aim for different positions no matter where they live. Another giant that is worth mentioning is of course healthcare. The Ottawa Hospital employs over 6,500 Ottawans in full-time positions and a lot of them in fact commute from Orleans. 

Settling in

And finally, once you find yourself in Orleans take your time adjusting to new surroundings. Spend as much time as you need setting up your home and consider using storage facilities Ottawa. This way you will always keep things under control and be free to start discovering Orleans after moving. Those who will be moving during winter and are not used to low temperatures and snow should prepare their wardrobes and schedules as well. Orleans is beautiful in winter and you should have all the time in the world to explore skating rings and workshops. 

In case your kids are moving with you, try to prepare them for the whole relocation process. They will need some time to adjust as well and Orleans can actually assist you in this. Go through all interesting locations with them and write down all those they are interested in. Once you move, make sure to balance post-relocation tasks and spending time with them as this will make everyone involved feel good.

woman walking her dogs
Let your neighbors be a part of discovering Orleans after moving as you will enjoy it more

Conclusion about discovering Orleans after moving

It turns out that a lot of great things will be waiting for you in lovely Orleans. Even though relocations can sometimes seem scary and difficult, as long as you stick to your plan, it will all turn out well. Let the new community help you on the road of discovering Orleans after moving as they surely know all notable places and events. If you have enough free time prior to your move, you can organize a trip and visit the place yourself.


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