Why is it important to keep your storage clean and tidy?


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A lot of people use storage for a variety of reasons. Whether you are moving and you want to make the move easier for your Manotick movers and make the move faster. So you are leaving some things in storage to bring to your new home later. Or maybe you simply have too many things in your new home and you want to declutter. Another way to use storage is to leave your seasonal equipment in it, during the period when you won’t be needing it. This will free up a lot of space in your home. Whatever you might leave in your storage, it is important that you keep your storage clean and tidy, here is why and how.

Packing your things properly is a good way to keep your storage clean and tidy

Instead of using cardboard boxes, use plastic containers to store items in your storage. Plastic containers will protect your things from dust and thermites. And they are much easier to clean. When looking for moving and storage Ottawa you can ask them if they would use plastic containers to pack your things for the move. Overall, they are much better than boxes which are after all made from paper. But you can use boxes too for some of your things. One important thing to do before putting things into plastic containers is to clean them well and make sure they are dry. This way you will avoid any chance of there being mold and mildew. One more thing to be cautious of is to not break the plastic boxes by putting too many things inside of them, especially if the things are heavy.

A person packing a carton box with scotch tape to keep their storage clean and tidy
Packing your things properly before putting them into storage is important

Consider the type of storage you are getting and how hard it is to clean it

This of course depends on your needs and the things you are going to leave in your storage. So when looking for storage units Ottawa you should have an idea of what kind of things you are going to be leaving in your storage unit. An outdoor storage unit won’t be suitable for many things you might want to put into storage. And that is one of the options. If humidity and temperature are going to affect the things you are going to put into storage. Then you should get a climate-controlled storage unit. It is much easier to clean this kind of storage unit, and there is less likely to be pests and mold in one. Which makes a big difference.

You need to clean the storage before putting things inside

It is very important that you clean the storage thoroughly before leaving anything in it. Because if the storage is dirty it can damage or even destroy your things. And you certainly don’t want that. It is just as important to prepare your things properly, like learning how to prepare furniture for storage. And knowing how to pack your things properly and safely. Also, you need to make sure that all the things you put into storage are clean, or there is no point in cleaning the storage in the first place. It shouldn’t be that hard to clean the storage unit and your things, and it is well worth the effort. Just make sure to use things that are good to clean dust, things like:

  • Gloves
  • Pantyhose
  • Paintbrushes
  • Baby wipes
Person wearing gloves cleaning a table
It is very important to clean the storage before leaving your things in it

Make sure that you protect the bigger items too

While it is tempting and easier to just put them into storage, as that is a lot of work on its own. You need to protect your bigger things like furniture, machinery, and other things. Because these things might end up staying in the storage for a long time, you need to ensure that they are properly protected. As you can’t really put these bigger things into plastic containers, you need to use other things. Cloth tarpaulins will do the job well and will protect your belongings from dust. An alternative would be plastic tarpaulins and old blankets if you have some that you don’t use anymore. This would be a good way to use them instead of just throwing them away. An even better way to protect your bigger things in storage is to use plastic wrap if you have the time for it.

Two men carrying a sofa
You need to protect bigger items like furniture too before putting them into storage

You need to keep your storage well organized

Nobody wants to spend half the day going through their storage unit to find that one thing they are looking for. That is why it is important to keep your storage clean and tidy,  and above all, you need to properly organize your storage unit. You can do this by placing your things in storage so that most of the things are easily accessible. Especially the ones which you are going to be taking out from time to time. And by developing an inventory system you are going to know what is in storage and where. Which is going to help you a lot with finding whatever you might be looking for. And it will also help you know at all times what is in storage and what you took out. So that you don’t waste time looking for something that is not there.

Make a schedule for cleaning your storage unit

It is recommended that you clean your storage unit at least once a year. Ideally, twice a year if you have the time for it. Despite taking all the necessary measures to protect your things in storage. It is still necessary to check on it often and to clean the storage unit from time to time. To ensure that everything is clean and therefore safe from any potential damage. To make this easier you should establish a schedule for when you are going to visit your storage to check is everything okay and when to clean it. This is one of the best ways to keep your storage clean and tidy. And to make sure that your things are safe and not damaged.

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