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People often use storage facilities to keep their furniture and other belongings. And in most cases, we decide to rent a unit when relocating home. It is the perfect moment to change the furniture and leave the old, broken, and outdated pieces behind until we decide what to do with them. So, let us help you organize your relocation, pack, find furniture movers Ottawa, and prepare furniture for storage. Let’s take a look.

Figure out the best way to relocate and then prepare furniture for storage

As we already stipulated, people store a lot of stuff when relocating home. Therefore, your first step is to inspect your entire home and divide your belongings into two piles. One will go into the unit and the other two your home. You do not have to move them physically apart, just note down on your inventory list and pack them for storage accordingly. Hence, check out all rooms in your home, along with your loft, garage, and basement. You will soon realize how hard your relocation project is and how much you must invest. Once you have it all on your checklist, you can include the following as well:

  • Information about movers.
  • Moving insurance and services.
  • Budget.
  • Packing plan.
  • Legalities.
  • Various situational moving responsibilities.
a woman browsing on her laptop
Browse the internet and gather all relevant information about moving and storing. Use it to create a perfect checklist.

You can add whatever you think is relevant to your situation. And once you have your list completed, call your discount moving Ottawa team and provide it to them. They will use it to assemble a cheaper, safer, and more efficient relocation plan. You’ll be highly satisfied with the outcome.

Check out the condition your items are in

You must prepare furniture for storage adequately. This means you should inspect each piece inside out to be sure they are in a good shape to withstand storing conditions for a longer period. So, check all your wardrobes, sofas, chairs, tables, and all other pieces you intend on storing. If there are smaller miscellaneous pieces and decorations, you won’t have to spend much time on those because they will sit inside a box anyway. But robust pieces of furniture will be there out in the open and they should be in a good condition before entering the storage unit.

This means, if your furniture is already moldy or beyond repair, you shouldn’t bother storing it. Or you should repair and refurbish it before storing it. Otherwise, it will decay and crumble inside the unit and jeopardize other items as well. A piece of furniture in such a state will attract rodents and pests for sure.

Packing supplies to use

The packing supplies you must use for storing are pretty much straightforward. You will use the same batch as you will for your relocation. All you need is a few cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, adhesive tape, and labels. And the process is simple. You will use cardboard boxes to place smaller pieces inside. Before you place any furniture inside, you will clean them thoroughly and wrap them with bubble wrap. Close your box and label it right. For bigger and robust pieces, you might want to wrap them in a layer of the blister pack and a layer of carton. This way they’ll have enough protection to endure the journey and to stay intact inside the unit. On the other hand, you can leave your furniture as it is and only covers it with a tarp or a sheet. It depends on how often you’ll visit and clean your unit.

cardboard boxes in a room
You’ll need a few cardboard boxes and flat cartons to protect your furniture.

But if you want to skip the entire packing process and let professionals handle it, you can purchase packing services Ottawa. Ask your movers about it and let them explain it a bit further. Basically, they will bring all the materials, pack, and unpack upon delivery if you like. Marvelous service for sure. Think about it.

What kind of storage you are renting?

There are many storage solutions Ottawa you can choose from. It all depends on your budget and how much space you need. Therefore, before you prepare furniture for storage, you must decide on the size of the unit and preferably, visit the facility to check it in person. As you already inspected all your furniture and noted everything down, you already have the sizes and measures of your biggest pieces. So, check out with your storage unit provider what is in store and choose the best option for you. What you need to know is that there are small, medium, and large, as well as climate-controlled storage units. You will probably settle with a medium-sized one because it can store an entire home and it falls within anyone’s budget.

Make an inventory list and prepare furniture for storage

Now when you have your movers and your unit lined up, you should ensure you have an inventory list prepared as well. As you might know, no one will enter your unit at any point. This means you must know what is inside at all times. If something is missing, someone either stole it or you removed it but forgot to remove it from the list. So be careful with this one if you do not want to create unpleasant situations. You simply must have a proper inventory list with all the items inside the unit. Preferably a list matching all the labels on your furniture and boxes so you can find your items in a matter of seconds.

prepare furniture for storage and create an inventory list
Create an inventory list so you can always know what is inside your unit.

Clean your unit regularly

Each storage facility has a maintenance crew. But they will clean the area outside the unit. They will never open your unit because that would compromise your items. This means cleaning falls to you only. Hence, you must clean it regularly. Preferably each time you visit. But, if you are visiting several times a year or even less, then you must wrap your items adequately and cover them as we explained earlier. If you intend on leaving your items without visiting for so long, a climate-controlled storage unit is for you. But if you visit at least once a month, a simple broom and cloth will do the trick.

Now you know how to prepare furniture for storage and keep them safe and tidy. Just ensure you are renting the unit from a legit unit provider and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Good luck and stay safe.


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