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Moving office is quite a tedious task. You must inform all the employees, change the address in every document, and above all else, keep your business functional. Moving an office really isn’t a one-man’s job. Unnecessary items will pile up, making the process of relocation even harder. So, knowing what to throw away when moving office is essential. Luckily, moving companies Ottawa can be of great help here. However, if you want to simplify the process even more, here are some items you should throw away when moving office.

Throw away unnecessary office supplies when moving office

Moving office is a great chance to start fresh. There are probably hundreds of unneeded items lying around your old office, only collecting dust. So this, if any, is the best time for a purge. Look for these items to throw away when moving office:

  • Pens with the outdated company logo
  • Pens without ink (no-brainer)
  • Old T-shirts (give them away or donate)
  • Any excess office supplies (staplers, office pins, sticky notes, etc.)
  • Old business cards (you might feel sentimental about them, but trust us, it’s time for them to go)

    Pens and sticky notes on a table
    Decide on how many office supplies to throw away when moving office

After you have thrown away all useless items, you will notice how simpler the move becomes. After all, there is that good old saying that applies to any kind of move: The less you have to move, the better.

Go through paperwork and decide what has to go

It’s almost a certainty that your company has some outdated paperwork lying around. Even in this digital age, many companies are required to keep written documents of their business for a specific time period. However, there are probably even more documents that are outdated and fit to be disposed of. Knowing what to throw away when moving office and what to keep is crucial to your business’s functionality. So, now is the best time to go through the paperwork and decide what needs to go. Pay attention to the rules and dates of the documents and gather them in a big pile. Probably the best way to get rid of them is to destroy them, preferably with the shredder. This way you will stop any potential misuse of the information.

Look for outdated machines to throw away when moving office

While you and your employees might be used to working with certain types of machines, now is the best time to switch them to newer models. The best time to get rid of old and outdated machines is before a major move. This will help your employees to make the switch easier and faster. Incorporating upgraded models of machines will almost definitely increase the productivity of your company, making them a worthwhile investment. Also, while office moving Ottawa is well capable of moving office machines, having fewer of them to move in the first place will reduce the moving cost overall.

A pile of papers are what you should throw away when moving office
Discard any outdated paperwork

Throw away every broken item when moving office

This really is a no-brainer. Any inoperational and out-of-service items and machines need to go to the thrash. Many offices have a lot of inoperational machines lying around, mostly acting as holders and shelves. So, instead of your using your old printer or fax machine as the platform for your potted plants, throw it away. You should gather all the useless machines and throw them away when moving office. However, pay attention that most of the machines require a certain type of disposal. You can’t just throw them into the garbage. A lot of electronic waste has batteries, cables, and circuit boards that have special e-waste disposal instructions.

Know what furniture to throw away when moving office and what to carry with you

This is another example of that good saying: The less you have to move, the better. A great way to reduce moving costs is to decide which furniture to throw away when moving office. Large patched sofas and bulky office chairs are hard to move, so it’s best to get rid of them and find new ones. On the other hand, storage units Ottawa will hold any of the important items until your move is done. Another advantage when ordering new furniture is that you can toss away the outdated and let the new and stylish in. It will revitalize the working ambiance and make the employees feel refreshed. This is also a perfect chance to do a new office design and maybe order some new items that your office was lacking.

A man sitting in a sofa while using a laptop
Moving large and bulky furniture is hard

Throw away any unused decor when moving office

Placing certain ornaments and decor in your office can certainly add some homey vibes to the working space. This not only helps the employees feel less stressed and more relaxed, but it also makes them a bit more productive. However, while having little pieces of decor here and there might add charm to your office, moving all that decor can be a bore. Ornaments are usually delicate, so they will require better packing supplies than the other items you’re planning on moving. Luckily, packing supplies Ottawa can help you on that front. With only the best handling and quality packing supplies, your decor will arrive at the new location in a pristine edition. On the other hand, you should gather the rest and throw them away when moving office. They will only create unnecessary clutter and will make the relocation that much harder.

All in all, moving an office is a tricky task, much harder than moving with your family. There are many useless items in your company, so it’s imperative to decide on what to throw away when moving office. This will decrease the moving costs and make the process faster and simpler. Before deciding which items to pack, carefully go through all of your office belongings and discard all useless and broken items. Other items that are hard to relocate, like outdated machines and old furniture, should also be thrown away.


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