How to Protect Yourself from Moving Scams


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Nowadays, you can easily move wherever you want with the help of moving professionals. They will usually provide services that will make this entire experience pleasant and successful. However, as they become more and more popular among clients, moving scams are showing up at every corner. This is mainly due to the efficiency real professionals offer and people who are sometimes in need of fast relocation. Avoiding relocation scams is not so difficult as real moving companies stand out in many different ways! If you plan on moving, here is how to protect yourself from moving scams!

Protect yourself from moving scams

Your relocation can seem difficult for many reasons and it is understandable that you need professional assistance at some point. Discount moving Ottawa provides safe moving and can serve as an example of what you need to look for. But sometimes, people are in a situation where they need to think fast and come up with a solution as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this is the ideal situation for moving scammers who will take the chance and offer their services instead. What you need to know is that every issue during relocation has a solution that won’t cause more damage. To avoid getting in situations like this, here is what you should do! 

two people shaking hands
Good communication with your moving company is essential!

Do your research

Even if you are short on time, do your research before choosing a moving company. This means browsing and exploring services and reviews for as long as you have to. Ottawa relocation services must include detailed descriptions and solutions. Apart from that sketchy websites that do not offer moving services unless you put a deposit or make a call are not worth your time. There should be the most important moving services with clear and understandable descriptions and instructions. Even if it takes some time to do it, this is an extremely important step to protect yourself from moving scams!

Moving reviews matter

The best clue in this search is the moving reviews. If the company has them, the chances of you finding professionals are instantly getting better. Customers will usually share their honest thoughts on their experience and will advise future ones on what to do. On the other hand, if reviews are bad and include a lot of complaints you should definitely try something else. A good moving company has a good rating and reviews and the majority of satisfied clients share their experiences.

Look for licenses

All professional moving companies are licensed. This proves that they provide good moving services and have employees that are trained for the job they are doing. If you come across movers that don’t have it, you will be risking too much. Residential movers Ottawa that are licensed will stand out almost immediately. Their services are adjusted to your moving needs and all information about their company is public.

Another way to make sure you are on the right track is by checking Better Business Bureau. Checking certain businesses on Better Business Bureau is the safest way to know the moving company is professional and legit. If the moving company you are interested in is not on the list but looks good to you, you should keep researching. Only when you have proof that they are not scammers you can trust them with your inventory and relocation.

Ask for a contract

The contract will not only protect you but will include some other things that are very important for your relocation. To protect yourself from moving scams you must have insurance and a detailed plan. The insurance usually protects both sides and is making sure everyone involved is safe from unexpected situations. This is even more important when your household is big or the place you want to move to is far. Professional long distance movers Ottawa provide great insurance policies and the contract that will assure you this relocation will be successful. In case the moving company you chose doesn’t have this option, do not proceed with arrangements.

two professional movers that will help you protect yourself from moving scams
Getting an insurance policy and a contract is a sign that the moving company is legit!

Keep in mind that tricky points of moving contracts usually don’t mean you are dealing with scammers. Significant last-minute changes must include some kind of fees or shift in the final price. Luckily, real professionals will help you prevent this from happening.

Protect your inventory

Usually, moving companies will offer a free estimate for your relocation. This means they will ask for the inventory list and other details like household size, distance, etc. If you get the feeling that they are skipping the most important questions, there could be something wrong. Creating the moving price must be accurate and to achieve that, some professional movers will have to take a closer look at your inventory. Short conversations and fixated prices are something to avoid as those can’t be precise.

Keep in mind that the real movers will offer solutions for your relocation right away. Expect them to offer other services like storage solutions Ottawa and others that are suitable for your situation. This indicates they got the bigger picture of your household and inventory and know exactly what you need. If the offer you’re getting is short, includes things that are not in relation to your situation, and are extremely expensive for no reason, it is time to move on. 

mover standing next to the packing boxes
Professional movers have a history of successful relocations on their official website!

The bottom line on how to protect yourself from moving scams

Now that you know what to focus on when looking for a good moving company, your relocation plan can start developing. Remember that it is never too late to ask for their help so count on it if you decide to carry out this relocation by yourself. If your household is bigger leave it to professionals as they have more experience and carry out dozens of relocations every day. After all, the best way to protect yourself from moving scams is to choose the busiest movers!

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