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A small place with an interesting history, just like Merrickville. If you decide to leave Ottawa, which is the capital of Canada, and moves to Merrickville, you certainly have a good reason for it. But regardless, you won’t go wrong. Because Merrickville is a place for all generations, and for all tastes. Merrickville is one of the best-preserved villages from the 19th century, with rich nature and a very friendly population. This small village can offer you everything you need for a decent life, far from the hustle and bustle of the capital city. Also, here you can find movers Merrickville. We said that this place has something for everyone, do you remember? Now, you leaving Ottawa for Merrickville, and you will choose this place as your new place to live. For that reason, you need to explore Merrickville, and we will help you!

Let’s take a look at the history of Merrickville

History is part of our culture, every town and every village like any other place has its own history, including Merrickville. When we talk about history, it represents a period of life far back, even thousands of years ago. So, now we will see a part of the history of this small wonderful village, which stretches on the Rideau River southwest of Ottawa. Merrickville was founded in 1860. While the first streets were laid out in 1820. Even then, this place had a post office and two mills. In 1850, this village had 700 inhabitants, today it has about 3,060 inhabitants. Also, Ottawa relocation services are part of history. Their successful business in the moving industry in the Ottawa area goes back several years.

Merrickville is one of the most beautiful villages in Canada.

Merrickville is a place adorned with beautiful landscapes, and which was the home of Queen Victoria in 1897, today it has blossomed into a beautiful tourist destination. Almost 200 years ago, Merrickville experienced its first boom when the Rideau Canal was opened in 1932, which was built as a protective facility. Its role was to make it possible to visit the river SV. Lorens if war comes again. Then the work of various industrial companies began. Grist mills, sawmills, cloth mills, woolen mills, and foundries became the main occupations of the population, together with tanneries, cheese factories, and other industries necessary for supply. At that time, Canada was becoming more and more populated, and today it has about 38 million inhabitants.

What attracts people leaving Ottawa for Merrickville?

Merrickville is one of “Canada’s Most Beautiful Villages“. This place is also known as the “Jewel of Rideau“. And also, this place has also been declared the most beautiful village in Canada, which has a large number of preserved old buildings dating back to the 19th century. One of the historical legacies of this small village is the Blockhouse Museum. And it is under the jurisdiction of Parks Canada and is a National Historic Site and part of the Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Merrickvillage you can find a large number of restaurants, local cafes, boutiques, shops, and art studios. A large number of festivals are held in this village. One of the most famous is the Rideau Woodland Ramble for gardening enthusiasts. And what will surely leave you breathless are the farms with their beautiful landscapes.

What most attracts people to this place is the affordable life, low crime rate, favorable real estate prices, and quality education. We know it sounds incredible that such a small place can provide all this to its residents. And you will see for yourself after your visit. Also, Merrickville offers many interesting things to do, as well as various outdoor activities for all generations.

After moving from Ottawa to Merrickville you will have lower living expenses

During the Covid 19 pandemic, a large number of people across America were moving. And the most common choices were small places, such as Merrickville. One of the things that attract new residents to this village is the low cost of living and affordability for everyone’s budget. For example, real estate prices are favorable. If you decide to buy a house in Merrickville, you will need to allocate about 420,000 dollars. One of the interesting pieces of information is that 85% of residents live in their own homes, which is 25% more than the CDN average.

Also, the annual salary in Merrickville is around $88,900, which is very affordable for such a small place. Another advantage is that the unemployment rate is very low, at around 4%. The prices of groceries in local stores are about $0.50 higher than in large markets. And the average amount of money you will need for food per month ranges from $300 – $500. Depending on your needs and wishes. We believe that the prices of packing supplies Ottawa are very affordable and can fit into everyone’s budget.

Fammily leaving Ottawa for Merrickville
Leaving Ottawa for Merrickville will bring you a completely different life, in a peaceful environment.

Low crime rates in Merrickville are one of the benefits

Safety is what everyone is looking for. And when choosing a new place to live, it’s very important to choose a safe city, where you will feel safe. Especially if you have decided to start a family in that place. When we talk about Merrickville, we can say that this is one of the safer places in its environment. The crime rate is 54% below average in Merrickville. And the chances of being robbed are 1 in 51. When it comes to security, storage facilities Ottawa guarantee the safety of your belongings 24/7. A safe and easily accessible place is an ideal choice for an extra room in your home. Think, and choose a safe solution.

Where is a better education? Ottawa or Merrickville?

If you have decided that Merrickville will be the new place for your family’s life, education is one of the first things you must think about, for the sake of your children’s well-being. If you want to compare education in Ottawa and in Merrickville, right at the beginning you should know that Ottawa, as a larger city, can provide more benefits. But that’s not an obstacle for Merrickville schools to receive a high A+ rating. When it comes to education, we can freely point out that Merrickville is home to one of the best private schools, Merrick Preparatory School. Also, this place is the home of some best public schools in Merrickville.

As we have already said, education in Ottawa is not lagging behind either. Ottawa ranks as the most educated city in the country!

After leaving Ottawa for Merrickville you will meet art

For all art lovers, Merrickville is the right choice. Even if you are looking for a quiet and safe place, full of interesting hobbies, then you are on the right track. Leaving Ottawa for Merrickville can bring you an encounter with a very unique artist, the kind you can only see in the galleries located right in this small village. Believe it or not, various arts are represented in Merrickville such as glassblowers, potters, painters, sculptures, metalsmiths, jewelry makers, and much more. As we said at the beginning, there is something for everyone’s taste. All you need is to constantly explore and discover new hobbies and interests.

Art gallery in Merrickville
Merrickville offers you a completely different kind of art that will leave you breathless.

After successful moving to Merrickville, with the help of long distance movers Ontario you can enjoy discovering new places. Some of the most interesting places to visit are the fantastic galleries that are located in this small village. Some of them are:

  • The Affinity Gallery
  • Friends of the Rideau
  • Canal Galery
  • Judite Moore Gallery 629
  • Gray Art Glass
  • Merrickville Artists Guild
  • Monsky Creation Gallery

Each gallery will describe a different type of art. And we guarantee that you will enjoy watching. Also, maybe a visit to these galleries will lead you to start some unique art of your own. You never know, and you won’t know until you try. So, Merrickville is known as a tourist place. Therefore, if you come here as a tourist, you must visit these galleries. We guarantee you enjoyment.

Merrickville – One of the most beautiful natural oases in Canada

In 1998, Merrickville and Wolford become one community. Then the municipality of Merrickville-Wolford was created. An urban village and a rural town have been combined, and today there is one of the most beautiful villages in Canada, which will enchant you with its natural beauty on your first visit. As we have already said, this place will offer you a large number of activities and services for visitors, businesses, and local residents. If you like walking, which is also one of the best cardio workouts, we recommend some of the most popular trails in Merrickville. These are Depot to Dan trail, Limerick Forest – North Tract, Limerick Forest – South Tract, Merrickville – Limerick Forest Trail, Rideau Canal: Tip to Tip Trail, etc.

river in Merrickville
The beautiful nature and many outdoor activities are one of the main attractions of Merrickville.

So, living in Merrickville can be a real adventure for everyone who loves nature and outdoor activities. As a tourist but also as a resident, this small village offers guaranteed entertainment for all generations. Some of the activities you can find are fishing, canoeing, kayaking, cycling, hiking and walking, bird watching, ice skating, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, etc. If you decide to move to Merrickville, movers and packers Ottawa will pack and move your camping equipment, ski equipment, and everything you need to enjoy nature. Don’t worry about that.  Merrickville is an ideal place for the whole family, and you can enjoy these activities together. What is very important to note is that all places are pet-friendly, so your pet can go with you wherever you want.

Are you looking for the ideal place to retire?

When it’s time to retire, we’re sure you’ll want to spend the rest of your life in a small, quiet, and peaceful place, enjoying nature. The majority of retirees, around 68%, choose less urban places, but there are also that 32% who opt for more urban cities such as Ottawa, Toronto, or Ontario. These three cities can be ideal places for young professionals. They can find in Ottawa endless business opportunities, as well as opportunities to create an outstanding career. But when it comes to seniors, senior movers Ottawa can confirm that retirees choose smaller places, and in most cases seniors leave Ottawa for Merrickville.

When talking about Merrickville and retirees, it’s important to point out that Merrickville is one of the top 5 places to retire. In Merrickville, you can find several very good retirement homes, which have good reviews. Among them are Greystone Mayor, The Waterside Retirement Community, Lanark Lifestyles Retirement Residence, Carolina Retirement Residence, etc.

Merrickville is an ideal place for seniors.

Leaving Ottawa – Is this a good decision?

We said that during the covid pandemic, a large number of people left the big cities, in search of smaller surroundings and therefore a smaller possibility of infection. But, fortunately, that period is now behind us. The world is recovering, the economy is growing again, and people are returning to their old way of life. This means that in that period there were completely justified reasons why people left big cities, like Ottawa. And what is the situation now?

Now the situation is somewhat different, and the reasons why people are leaving Ottawa for Merrickville are different. One of the reasons is that the cost of living is more affordable in this smaller place. Also, an ideal environment for children to grow up in, as well as for young people who aren’t fans of urban places. The distance between Merrickville and Ottawa is only about 1 hour’s drive, which isn’t a long distance, so once you get to the city you can easily reach it. So, in the end, it’s important to know that residential movers Ottawa are at your disposal if you decide to turn a new page in your life, get to know a slightly different way of life, and enjoy the nature that is all around you. Good luck!


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