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Smith Falls is a small place with many possibilities. When we say possibilities, we mean everything that this small town with only 9000 inhabitants has to offer. Affordable life, quiet and safe neighborhoods, beautiful houses, but also many interesting things to do. So, after your successful move from the best movers Ottawa, it’s time to relax and have some fun. So, we will reveal to you some interesting things to do in Smiths Falls after moving. You can leave the unpacking of your boxes for later. Now is the time for a little rest and enjoyment.

After moving, take a break

After the residential movers Ottawa have helped you overcome all the challenges of your move, it’s time to take a break. Moving can be a very difficult but also stressful experience and for that reason, a little break will not hurt. After moving is a process that brings with it perhaps a little more work than the process before moving. Because then it’s necessary to organize a new space, unpack things and settle down, but it’s necessary to get used to a new home and create some new habits. And changing routines can be a big challenge for the whole family. So, we suggest you take a break after moving and enjoy exploring Smiths Falls.

A family taking a break after moving.
After the process of your move is over, you will need a short break and rest.

If you decide to take a break and set your moving boxes aside for the next few days, we have the perfect idea for you. At any time you can look for storage units Ottawa, and store all your things in them that you don’t want to unpack immediately. Storage units are clean and safe places, which can guarantee the safety of your belongings for a longer or shorter period of time, depending on your needs. So, this is an opportunity to make free space in your new home and get some rest.

Smiths Falls – Small town, great opportunities

Smiths Falls is first and foremost a very interesting place. While the origin of his name is even more interesting. So, this city was primarily named after the owner of the land, Thomas Smith, and the magnificent waterfalls that were turned into the . And Smiths Falls is located in the heart of the Rideau Canal. One of the main characteristics of this city is transport. Several very important highways pass through this small town. Smiths Falls has its own railroad and a large number of passenger and freight trains pass through this town daily. And one of the benefits of this city is that the railroad provides transportation services to and from Ottawa and Kingston every day. If you like boating, you can always take the Rideau Canal through the center of this city. This is just one of the interesting things you can do after moving.

Smiths Falls is an ideal place for all those who love a quiet life. Seniors and retirees make up the largest percentage of the population. And next to them there are large families. This city is a frequent choice of all people who want to enjoy nature and various activities. Smiths Falls can offer you a large selection of real estate at very reasonable prices. While the way of life in this city can be said to be more than good, high quality and affordable.

Things to do in Smiths Falls after moving

This small town can offer you a large selection of things you can do in your free time. But before we reveal everything to you, we want to recommend you something that would be most pleasing to you after the hard process of moving. And that is wellness and spa. Smiths Falls wants its residents to feel rested and healthy and for that reason, this is the best part of their offer. It offers you various events related to health and fitness, excellent fitness centers programs, recreational trails, and an indoor promenade in Smiths Falls Memorial Community Center. After a massage and other relaxing treatments and recreation, you can start discovering other interesting places to have fun in Smiths Falls.

A woman who enjoys her time in the spa center
A visit to the wellness and spa center is one of the best thigs to do in Smiths Falls after moving.

Large selection of activities in one place

Smiths Falls is a place that can offer you a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. The activities are varied and there is something for everyone. This is an ideal place to distract your children from TV screens and games. What can be very interesting for your children is the Junior A hockey team and the Smiths Falls Bears.

Indoor activities:

  • Squash
  • Yoga
  • Weight Training
  • Gyms
  • Circuit Training
  • HIIT Interval Training
  • Cycling Classes
  • Karate
  • Baby Fitness Classes
  • Martial Arts

Outdoor activities:

  • Cycling Paths
  • Boating
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Paddling
  • Golf
  • Walking/Hiking
  • Running
  • play Grounds

If you are a fan of culture and art, Smiths Falls is the best place for you

Lovers of art and culture aren’t only visitors to theaters, galleries, and museums, but also collectors of great works of art. If you own some of this and haven’t moved yet, the Smiths Falls movers will help you. Your valuables will be in safe hands during your move. But when we talk about Smiths Falls, we can say that this is a city with a very diverse culture, full of art. We will single out his famous museums like Smiths Falls Heritage House Museum, Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario, and Rideau Canal Visitor Centre. Also in this city, you can visit the most famous theaters such as Gallipeau Center Theater and The Station Theater. But that’s not all. In this city, you can enjoy the Tour
Available at local businesses and Town Hall.

Local beer or famous cakes – These places you must visit after moving

After your move to Smiths Falls, among the first places, we suggest you visit is a local brewery that produces its own beer. Each beer has its own very interesting name. We aren’t going to tell you all about the famous Smiths Falls beer now because we want you to do it yourself and you will be surprised at the idea of ​​a group of friends who founded 4 Degrees Brewing Company in 2012, today’s local brewery in Smiths Falls.

person pouring beer in a glass
One of the must-do things after moving is to try the best local beer.

If you are a fan of fine treats, C’Est Tout is the right place for you. Visiting a pastry shop and enjoying the most famous and delicious cakes such as caramel cake and cheese and raspberry cake will become one of your favorite things to do in Smiths Falls after moving. But not only after moving, but this will become your sweet routine. You will enjoy this small town, we guarantee it!

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