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When you are preparing for a move there are certain things you just should not do by yourself. One of the things you should not do by yourself is move and pack large objects like a piano. We know how much an artist take care of their instrumental and how much they keep it clean, safe, and without any damage. That is why when you are planning the relocation, you should consider hiring the best movers Ottawa has and get help to relocate your piano. And if you still think you can do it by yourself, you should check out these top reasons why you shouldn’t move a piano by yourself.

The number one reason is that you can get hurt

The piano is not just some piece of furniture. Plus it has numerous parts that need to be taken care of. It can be really dangerous to try to move it by yourself. You are not trained to lift and carry it around and you can get hurt. Being injured during the relocation of the piano will not only make you feel bad, but you might also get really hurt to do any other part of the moving process. That is why we highly recommend you to hire piano movers Ottawa has and get help from real professionals. They are well trained and they know how to handle lifting and carrying heavy stuff like the piano is.

black and white picture of a large piano as one of the reasons you shouldn't move a piano by yourself is that you can get hurt while lifting it
Try not to hurt yourself

One of the reasons why you shouldn’t move a piano by yourself is that you can damage it

As we said before, the piano has a few components, including pedals, wires, and keys. If you are not trained as movers Casselman ON has you will be in a position where you can damage some parts of the piano. If you somehow mishandled any of the parts of the piano, it will be sure that the damage will occur. The other way you can damage the piano is that you might scratch it while moving.

You can even damage the surroundings

If you are not trained or you do not have enough straight to move it, you might damage it by hitting the walls. Or even make damage to your doors, because you do not have the right equipment to move them. Being your first or second time moving the piano can make you drop the piano while moving. This will not only brake the piano but will also harm the surrounding spaces. You can make holes in walls and floors, or even break the door dents. The bad thing about this is that repairing all of these damaged items will cost you more than hiring professionals.

You will need specialized equipment as one of the reasons why you shouldn’t move a piano by yourself

Do not hire professionals just to move the piano. You will need the right equipment to pack it and move it somewhere else. Movers that you will hire have special tolls. They are used to help them relocate the piano safely. There are, for example, the skid boards and piano dollies that will make the moving of the piano go smoothly. When you decide on moving a piano by yourself and you do not have this specialized equipment, you are more likely to harm yourself and the piano as well.

piano and notes
Think about additional costs.

When it comes to the right packing material for the piano, you are definitely in an obligation to get help. You can get some of the best packing supplies Ottawa has and get the right packing materials. For example, not wrapping the sides of the piano will make your piano scratch during transportation. If you have good packing materials, such as bubble wrap, soft materials for the edges, or any other material that you have found, you will avoid damaging the piano.

It will cost you more if you decide on moving it by yourself

Every one of these reasons why you shouldn’t move a piano by yourself have something in common. You might think that it will cost a lot to pay a professional to move your piano. But repairing the broken and damaged parts of the piano will cost you more than hiring someone to help you out. That is why if you are not sure how to do it or you just really do not have enough time, you should not hesitate to get the professionals to get the job done.

The other problem that might occur is that you might not be able to find the parts that need to be replaced. You might not be able to get the arts that you have damaged and the piano will not work properly anymore. The cost of these parts can be large. So do not think that hiring professionals is a waste of money.

Remember that they are awkwardly shaped

Piano tends to take up more space than you have realized or planned. That is because of the shape they have. Being awkwardly shaped is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t move a piano by yourself. The other tricky things are that for example, some strings are different sizes. The lowest notes need to have a longer and heavier string. This is one of the reasons pianos are made in such a shape. That is why it can be difficult to pack it and move by yourself.

string in piano
The awkward shape piano has is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t move a piano by yourself

In conclusion, not only that you shouldn’t move a piano by yourself, but you might even cause more damage than is possible. Not being able to lift it properly is the number one reason why you should hire professionals. Or to pack it in the way you should. Do not waste money on repairing services and hiring other workers to fix the damages you have made. Keep your back and your piano safe by getting help for this process. You will have the greatest moving experience when you relocate without any damage. And you will be in your new home with your safe piano in a blink of an eye.

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