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Almost everyone, at some point in their life, has had to move some bulky items around. Sometimes, you just need to rearrange the furnishings in your apartment. Most likely, you’ll need to transport heavy items when you’re moving into or out of a new place. However, you’ll soon see that it’s hard to do this task successfully without breaking your back. To prevent any accidents from happening, it’s best to consult experienced movers and packers Ottawa. They will help you transport heavy items in Ontario in a heartbeat! 

Hire a reliable moving company to help you transport heavy items in Ontario

We all know someone stubborn who prefers to do everything around the house on their own. However, when it comes to moving bulky furniture, asking movers Orleans Ontario for assistance will be a much smarter idea. Not only will it spare you the heavy lifting, but it will also ensure the safety of your belongings. Therefore, once you decide to move to Ontario, start the moving process by selecting the right moving company for your needs.

A man making a list of things to know in order to transport heavy items in Orlando
Inform your movers about all the heavy furniture they will need to transport, so they can prepare better.


Any good professional moving company will provide you with the necessary equipment, such as sliders, blankets, and dollies. However, when you book your movers, be sure to tell them what heavy furniture you need to transport. That way, they won’t forget to bring the appropriate equipment on moving day. You should also double-check for any additional charges, and ensure that prices are clearly stated in your moving contract. 

Make a plan before doing any heavy lifting

As long distance movers Ontario can confirm, moving heavy furniture can be a nightmare if you’re not prepared in advance. That being said, make a list of all the bulky furniture that you absolutely must transport. Then, you should take the measurements of your doorframes, hallways, and staircases, and write them down. 

You must partially or totally disassemble any furniture that won’t fit through the door. It’s not an easy task, so stick to the instructions on the original instruction sheet. Disassembling heavy furniture first will reduce the danger of harm to your belongings, your home, and yourself! Don’t forget to enlist more people to help you out, because there is safety in numbers when carrying heavy furniture.

Don’t forget to adequately protect your belongings when you transport heavy items in Ontario

Carrying heavy furniture can make us more clumsy, no matter how careful we think we are. For example, it’s easy to drop a sturdy desk if you happen to lose your balance while descending steps. Creating a barrier between the thing you’re moving and any other nearby objects will aid in damage prevention. Dollies and hand trucks can be very useful in avoiding floor damage when transporting heavy items.

A box containing packing supplies
Besides moving equipment, moving companies can provide you with packing supplies as well.

It’s also important to always use furniture coverings, pads, or bubble wrap to protect your furnishings. Make sure to tape the protective covering to your furniture while you’re carrying it, because otherwise, it may slip! Moreover, wrap your belongings in blankets and secure them with plastic wrap. Don’t worry if you don’t have everything at hand, because moving companies can also provide you with packing supplies Ottawa.

Follow the laws of physics

Even if you’re not a professional mover, some basic knowledge of physics will come in handy when transporting furniture. Pushing heavy furniture where it needs to go is far easier on your body than hauling or lifting it. Unlike pulling, pushing won’t put additional tension on your body either. And most importantly, there’s less risk that you’ll throw out your back or dislocate a joint.  

Movers transporting a sofa down the stairs
Use the high-low carrying method to transport heavy items in Ontario.

You should note, however, that this pushing procedure requires the use of specific sliders. If you’re sliding objects across carpet, you’ll need sliders made of firm plastic. Likewise, if you’re sliding across hardwood, laminate, or tile floors, look for sliders with soft pads. Luckily, if you don’t have sliders on hand, you can sometimes use moving blankets instead. Also, don’t use shoulder dollies for moving large items or furniture up and down stairs! Otherwise, the weight of your furniture will fall almost entirely on the person at the bottom.

Some practical tips you need to know if you plan to transport heavy items in Ontario without tools.

Having all the tools necessary to transport heavy items is helpful, but it doesn’t have to be the only way. For example, if you need to lift something, get a friend to help you using the high-low method. That means you should tilt the furniture backwards, with one person carrying the top and the other the bottom. Keep this angle as you move, and climbing the stairs during transport will be much easier! 

The correct way to lift things is to start in a squat position and then push yourself upright with your legs. Lift with your core and legs rather than bending from the waist and lifting from your back. When transporting chairs, turn them on their sides to form an L-shape so they can fit through doors more easily. Also, make sure to reduce the weight of the items you’re transporting by emptying or removing the drawers. 

Moving heavy objects without damaging them or harming yourself is always a challenging task. That’s still true no matter whether you’re renting a moving truck, hiring movers, or doing everything yourself. Hopefully, transporting heavy items in Ontario will be much easier after reading this article! With a little common sense, the correct tools, and some professional assistance, you can securely and easily transport anything.

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