What are the best Ontario cities for families with teenagers?


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Many families are looking to move to make their kids’ lives a lot easier. And as children grow up and become adolescents, there are many factors that will influence the places where their families might want to settle down. It also means that they must carefully select their destination before contacting any movers in Ottawa area. So what are some of the best Ontario cities for families with teenagers?

What does it take for cities to be put on the list of the best Ontario cities for families with teenagers?

Before we even choose the best Ontario cities for families with teenagers, we first need to know what the criteria are. Ontario is by far the most populated area in Canada. Being home to many gorgeous cities as well as the nation’s capital might be one of the reasons for that, but it’s far from being the only one. The area is positioned next to some of Canada’s most breathtaking scenery, including beautiful rivers, high mountains, and fairytale forests. And as the seasons change, the charm does as well. But when talking about cities we should look for when moving with teenagers, there are some things to take into consideration. For example, moving companies Ottawa to Toronto would never be so busy if they didn’t have anything to offer. So what are some of the things we should take into consideration?

  • Education
  • Costs of living
  • The job market
Flag of Canada between big buildings
There are many options to consider when looking for the perfect place to move in Canada

The nation’s capital, Ottawa, might be the first choice

Ottawa is the country’s capital city, so there will be plenty of opportunities here for your family. It is also the fourth-largest metropolitan area in Canada, with over 1.4 million people! It seems that Ottawa has many things to be proud of. Over the years, more people have noticed and become familiar with the advantages of living here. Due to its wealthy ethical, linguistic, and spiritual diversity, it’s no wonder many people want to come and settle down in Ottawa. The city is the second most popular destination for immigrants that are coming to Ontario after Toronto and is a center for French-speaking people. And as such, it’s also one of the best Ontario cities for families with teenagers.

Your teenagers will love the educational opportunities in Ottawa

The first thing any parents should know when moving with teens is the education in the area. As for Ottawa, the possibilities this city offers when it comes to education are truly superb. That being said, Ottawa has numerous academies to choose from. The city presents high-quality English and French teaching options in public, Catholic, and also private academies.

Students in school in one of the best Ontario cities for families with teenagers
Education is one of the main reasons why families with teens move.

The academies in Ottawa deliver quality lectures, with Ottawa pupils on average scoring better than regional standards in different areas of reading, script, and math. When looking for the best Ontario cities for families with teenagers many parents concentrate on good high schools and this city certainly delivers. But Ottawa has even more! Here you will notice that many local movers Ottawa help students move around the city. And that is because when your teens finish high school this area offers many world-class colleges and universities for them as well.

Costs of living in Ottawa

Even if you are looking for a better future for your teen you are probably not interested in moving somewhere where your costs of living are too big. So, you’ll be glad to hear that the costs of living in Ottawa, although not low, are slightly lower than the national average. That’s good news for any parent looking to move here, as you’ll be able to go with your day-to-day life at a considerably lower monthly cost. The average house cost in Ottawa is $620,538 CAD, almost $9o,000 CAD lower than the national average.

If you want to rent, you should know that the average rent cost for a flat in Ottawa is $1,939 per month. It’s still about $100 lower than the national average, which increased recently. This also gives opportunities for other expenses such as restaurants, bars, and so on. Also, you’ll have more to spend on many more fun activities your teens can experience with their friends. Or, on the other hand, you can invest in their education and needs.

The job market in Ottawa

When looking for the best Ontario cities for families with teenagers one must also consider the job market. It might not seem important for the kids but this is something every parent should consider. You cant move to a place where you will have a tough time finding a job. On the other hand, if you have a problem finding one now in a couple of years your kid will also share your troubles. ‘

And what’s the point of contacting residential movers Ottawa residents recommend if you will move again after a while? But this is luckily not the case in Ottawa. The unemployment rate here is quite low, and the job market is versatile. There are plenty of chances and opportunities for skilled and educated people. The jobs cover everything from tourism, bars, and restaurants to big companies in many industries around the globe.

Toronto is famous for its opportunities and diversity

The city of Toronto is the biggest and probably the most unique city in Canada. It is admirably stylish and continually rates as one of the most livable metropolises on the globe. Toronto can probably provide everything you need—and even more. That is precisely why surges of immigrants have decided to come here over the years. Just by glancing at the streets of Toronto, you’ll see enormous structures and skyscrapers on every corner. It is an extremely trendy city with tons of new expansions underway. Some people have never seen 12-lane highways before, and they become stunned at how ordinary they are here.

One of the Ontario cities for families with teenagers is Toronto
Toronto is one of the best Ontario cities for families with teenagers.

Public facilities are quite common and, at the same time, excellent. The hospitals provide top-of-the-line care for all patients. And if you thought it didn’t get any better, Toronto has free healthcare for its residents! All of these make the city one of the best in Canada. But is it also among the best Ontario cities for families with teenagers?

Education opportunities in Toronto

Ontario cities for families with teenagers all need to have a good education. And of course, Toronto can also brag about it. Actually, it is a fact that the education sector is one of the city’s biggest employers! With 1,400 academic facilities and affiliated businesses and more than 100,000 workers, it sure is magnificent. The schools are above average, and a lot of effort is constantly put into making them even better.

And even though it has great high schools, universities in Toronto are even better. There are many world-class colleges with great professors as well as opportunities. The city’s doors are open to students from all over the world. For all teens, this means a lot. If you are a parent looking for a brighter future for your teen, this city might open many doors for you. You might be so anxious to explore Toronto with your teen that you might not want to unpack your items right away! Don’t worry – just put them in some of the storage solutions Ottawa offers and check out those opportunities in Toronto!

Costs of living

Well, if the city has a lot to offer like is the case with Toronto, it doesn’t come cheap. Life in Toronto, especially anywhere close to downtown, can be pricey. Rents here are some of the highest in Canada, and other typical monthly fees such as phone programs, groceries, and transportation are not cheap either.

A man counting money to move to one of the best Ontario cities for families with teenagers
Having enough money to afford living costs for at least 3 months when moving is important

For an average person to be living here, they need to be making around $40,583 (before tax) to satisfy the costs of living in the city. Luckily, salaries in Toronto are exceptionally good across the board. The Ontario minimum salary is $14.25 per hour as of October 2021, with barely smaller minimum salaries in place for students. Overall, if you have a steady job, you will have no trouble affording to live here. It is one of the Ontario cities for families with teenagers where you can brighten your teen’s future.

Job market

A city like this is a great place to find work. The wages are great, and the opportunities are numerous. The benefits of a big city are apparent in cases like these. With numerous companies already here and even more appearing at a very fast pace, it is quite obvious that work won’t be a problem. Although it might take you some time to get exactly the job you want, being unemployed while you wait will never be an option. Many people contact companies offering Ottawa relocation services in order to move here, enchanted by the possibilities waiting for them.

Brockville, known as the “City of the 1000 islands” might be the best place to settle down

This is our smallest and most unexpected entry on the list of the best Ontario cities for families with teenagers. Brockville is an exquisite waterfront city. Here, you can participate in a sound and light display in Canada’s First Rail Tunnel. Visit the Aquatarium, appreciate live theater, or take a ship cruise around the renowned 1000 Islands. This is one of the world’s top freshwater diving locations, with numerous shipwrecks and an underwater statue park.

Turtle in the sea
Many teens like places where they can have fun and explore.

At the same time, it will give you a completely different vibe than the other two cities we already listed. If you contact one of the moving companies Brockville offers and move here, you will experience the charm of a small town. For parents looking to raise their teens in a more serene and tight-knit community, this is the best choice. But just because it’s small doesn’t mean it loses to any of the bigger cities!

Education makes Brockville one of the best Ontario cities for families with teenagers

Although it’s a lot smaller in size, schools in Brockville can rival many larger cities! The community here pours a lot of resources and attention into their kid’s education. And as such this small town is home to some above garage schools also including a great option for higher education. The education here seems a little more intimate as everyone in the city knows each other.

Costs of living and the job market

Living here may not be as exciting as in a bigger city, but it still doesn’t fall far behind. But on the other hand, living here is quite affordable. The cost of living in Brockville is, on average, $3,094 a month for a single person who rents. Brockville’s median annual salary is $46,200.This is 15.2% less than the average Canadian wage of $54,450.

  • The average cost of rental housing is $1,292 a month.
  • The moderate monthly cost for a driver in Brockville is $585.
  • Usually, a person spends around $435 on groceries per month.
  • The monthly cost of utilities in Brockville is around $161.
Skyline of a city
Some cities, like Brockville, have a lot of potential for family life.

On the other hand, this city attracts a large number of tourists each year, opening many chances for employment across various platforms. For families that come here with teens, there will be many options for employment. But there won’t be as many as in bigger cities, and the pay may differ. But of course, when comparing the living expenses here and there, it’s no wonder.

In conclusion

There are many Ontario cities for families with teenagers. Although we just names three, we hope we created a clear picture of the things you need to concentrate on. There are factors that will help your teen in the next couple of years. As they are teens now in a short while they will be young adults looking for work or going to college. In any case, good luch with your Ontario relocation!

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