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Many people decide to move to Ottawa for its favorable location and opportunities to lead a quality, comfortable, and fun life. And if you have also decided that Ottawa will be your new home, then you have made the right choice. Whether you are moving for work or you are looking for a place where you will live to the fullest, in Ottawa you can find your place. Moving will be a very easy and pleasant experience if you use reliable movers in Ottawa. But at the same time, you will learn a lot of useful information about the city. Meanwhile, to make choice easier, here are some of the best suburbs in Ottawa!

A guide to living in Ottawa

Our main topic is to introduce you to the best suburbs in Ottawa. But before that, there are many things you need to know about this city, as well as the life that your city has to offer. First of all, Ottawa is the capital of Canada, a country that is one of the most multicultural and open to all who want to work, live, and enjoy themselves. It’s also a really big city, covering 2,790 km2, and home to over a million residents.

If you visit Ottawa at least once before your move, you will understand why it is the ideal place for you!

Ottawa is famous for its accessibility, comfort, entertainment, employment and career prospects, excellent healthcare, and a wide range of housing options. You will definitely feel at home in this city, regardless of whether you are single, have a family, attend college, or are retired. Your time here will be unforgettable because of the lifestyle, welcoming locals, and countless opportunities. Our residential movers Ottawa can tell you a lot about living in Ottawa, but first, consider the advantages and disadvantages of moving here!

What are the pros of moving to Ottawa?

We can say that Ottawa is one of the best cities in Canada. A city with many green areas and incredible nature, but also a city with the most affordable cost of living. These are some of the pros that moving to Ottawa will bring you. But you can see the complete list of pros of moving to Ottawa below.

  • Ottawa offers the most government jobs, and plenty of people work in this field.
  • Excellent education, and many superb universities such as the University of Ottawa. However, even elementary and high schools in Ottawa are great, as this city offers a large selection of highly rated public schools.
  • Free health care and a lot of programs for retirees.
  • Plenty of festivals throughout the year. At least one festival is held every month, with the most famous ones being the Blues Festival, Tulip Festival, and Canada Day.
  • Excellent public transport –  the bus is rarely late, the drivers are friendly and you can travel anywhere.
  • Ottawa is much more affordable to live in than Toronto. Based on data from livingcost.org one person will need C$1867 monthly.
  • Beautiful nature and lots of greenery. Everywhere you turn you will see trees, flowers, and green lawns, especially in Ottawa Gatineau Park.
  • Ottawa offers a lot of entertainment. Visit Parliament Hill and the National War Museum.
  • Ottawa is a fairly safe city, with an exception of a few neighborhoods like Beward Market.

Don’t forget that this is just one of the benefits of relocating to Ottawa. During your move, in addition to the fact that our local movers Ottawa can help you pack and move safely, they will reveal many more advantages of this city. And also, if you have any questions, don’t be shy about asking!

What are the cons of moving to Ottawa?

In addition to all the many benefits that life in Ottawa can provide, there are also cons. Most cons can warn you about what you can expect after moving, and you won’t like it. For example, if you meet a homeless person talking to himself or more on the street, it can be a very unpleasant situation. That’s why you need to be prepared for everything you can encounter in this city.

  • French can be a requirement for getting a job since it’s also considered a mother tongue in addition to English.
  • Ottawa lacks a subway.
  • Real estate prices are above average. You can buy a house outside the city center for about $400,000, while in the center, houses cost an average of $1.5 million.
  • Cold weather. Ottawa’s climate means cold winters and wet summers, and this can be a big challenge.
  • Old residents may name Ottawa “the city that party forgot.”
  • You can come across a lot of homeless people on the streets of Ottawa.
Snow in Ottawa
If you aren’t used to cold weather, the climate in Ottawa can be a big challenge for you!

What are the best suburbs in Ottawa?

So far, we have introduced you to the basic characteristics of life in Ottawa, and now it’s time to move on to the main topic. Given that all places in Canada are special in their own way, and that the whole of Ottawa is considered an excellent place to live, it’s difficult to single out a few best suburbs in Ottawa. But somehow we managed. Our selection is based on everything that a person would need for life. Starting with favorable living expenses and ending with good business opportunities, entertainment, education, etc. We have tried to select a few places that can be a good choice for all generations. So, keep reading and find your perfect place to live!

  • Orleans
  • Kanata
  • Manotick
  • Westboro

Get to know these places, but don’t forget that the final decision is yours. The final decision is best made based on your needs, possibilities, and wishes. Because that’s the only way you’ll be able to choose the right thing for you. And speaking of the right thing, storage solutions Ottawa can be just the right thing when you need extra space. Whether you’re moving, renovating your home, or want storage for things you don’t use often.

Orleans is one of the largest suburbs in Ottawa

Orleans is one of the largest eastern suburbs of Ottawa. And the good thing is that this suburb is getting bigger, growing, developing, and improving its life possibilities. And that means just one thing: here you will be able to find many choices for housing, interesting local attractions, and friendly neighbors. Orleans is also home to excellent recreational activities as well as schools that teach in both English and French. Living expenses can be said to be affordable, and for a family of four, they amount to around $4,747. And what we can single out as the most expensive thing is the rent, which ranges up to $3,000 per month

Beach in Canada
Beaches across Canada are places where you will really enjoy yourself or with friends.

If you want to have fun, movers Orleans Ontario recommends you visit Petrie Island Beach and Petrie Island Park. And in addition to entertainment, Orleans also offers business opportunities in industries such as high-tech, agriculture, manufacturing, finance, etc.

Kanata is one of the best suburbs in Ottawa for families

Kanata is also one of the fastest-growing suburbs in Ottawa. And it’s also an excellent choice for families looking for quality education for their kids. Some of the best schools are St. Gregory, Stephen Leacock Public School, and Erskine Johnston Public School. This place also offers excellent business opportunities in the local high-tech sector, but if you decide to work in downtown Ottawa, take advantage of the travel benefits offered by Park and Ride.

Kanata, one of the best suburbs in Ottawa
Katana offers a fast urban way of life and that is why it belongs to the group of one of the best suburbs in Ottawa.

If you want to have fun, Kanata offers you many outdoor activities, and you can also become a member of the golf club, sailing club, and cycling club. So, if this is the location for you, contact moving companies Kanata to ensure an easy and simple move. Our movers are waiting for your call!

Manotick is a quiet village in Ottawa

So far you have had the opportunity to get to know the two best suburbs in Ottawa that offer a fast lifestyle. But if you want peace, nature, and silence, then you should consider all the opportunities that Manotick offers. Manotick is a small and quiet country village, which follows the trend of the 21st century, but still strives to retain its historical charm. This place offers you the opportunity to completely switch off, which is also the biggest advantage of living in Manotick. Although it’s a small village, with 4,500 inhabitants, and this place offers good opportunities for education. Among the best schools, we single out the Manotik State School and the Catholic School of St. Leonard. In addition, Manotick Nursery School, Manotick Montessori, and Mi Little Preschool are available to younger children. This makes it an ideal place for families.

Manotick village
Manotick is a small quiet village near Ottawa that is an ideal place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This small village is located along the Rideau River. And the location makes it an excellent place to enjoy nature, fishing, boating, and water sports. And for those who love golf, there’s the Carleton Yacht Club and the Rideau View Golf Club. You will surely think that there is no place for good shopping in Manotick. You are wrong. Manotick movers reveal to us that Loblaw, the retail space spread over 90,000 square feet is located here. And this is a perfect shopping center. So, if you are looking for a peaceful environment, and want to have contact with nature, Manotick is the right place for you.

Westboro is one of the best suburbs in Ottawa

Westboro is a place that has a beach and therefore offers many opportunities for outdoor fun. What is also characteristic of this place is that it has a very low crime rate, as well as that it can offer you a lot of business opportunities. The possibilities in Westboro are never-ending, this place also offers you a lot of housing options, from apartments, townhouses, and all the way to single-family detached houses. And according to data from REDFIN, real estate prices in Westboro hover around $1 million. In addition to all these options, this place also offers quality education, and in addition, there are numerous kindergartens and an early development school based on Montessori. When it comes to entertainment, skiing, biking, hiking, rafting on the rapids of the Ottawa River, swimming and many water activities at Westboro Beach are just some of the things to do this place offers you.

Which of these best suburbs in Ottawa is your choice?

So, we have reached the end of the story about life and the best suburbs in Ottawa. What you could conclude and take with you is that an exciting life awaits you in Ottawa, whichever place you choose. Each of the suburbs in Ottawa is special in its own way, but we hope that at least one of the selected places will fully meet your needs. As you could see, education is highly rated everywhere, and living standards are high. So, check the list of your criteria, think about your needs and wishes, and based on that make a final decision. Also, don’t forget that Professional Movers Ottawa is here to help you and provide a successful move! Good luck!




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