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Living in Gatineau was certainly fun for most of you, as this city offers many wonderful opportunities to its residents. However, a time will come when you have to leave that life behind and relocate somewhere else. It could be a good idea to move from Gatineau to Stittsville, for example! To make this decision as smooth as possible, you can count on some good residential movers Ottawa residents recommend. Meanwhile, here’s what you need to do on your own to make this relocation as easy as it gets!

Compare the two cities before you make a decision to relocate

Officially called Ville de Gatineau, this city is actually Quebec’s fourth-largest metropolis. Gatineau is located across from Ottawa on the northern side of the Ottawa River. Over 280,000 individuals live here, creating this illusion that the city is not too big but at the same time not small either. There are all sorts of galleries, parks, and the renowned Gatineau Culture Trail.  There’s also Mosaic Canada, which is an outdoor exhibition featuring 40 distinct plant statues. The city is also home to tons of festivals like annual celebrations, carnivals, and the Gatineau Beerfest. Between occasions, canal tours, a casino, and art shows, you can never run out of fun things to see and do. Precisely because of that movers Gatineau recommends are always busy.

A skyline of a city
A move from Gatineau to Stittsville is like entering a new world. Due to the difference between the two.

On the other hand, Stittsville is a smaller and family-oriented city, with about 41,000 residents. A type of place that people fall in love with instantly upon coming. It’s safe and the nature here is beautiful, making Stittsville a suitable location for raising your children. If that is something you can look over then contacting movers Stittsville has never been easier!

Why do people move from Gatineau to Stittsville?

People do enjoy living in bigger cities like Gatineau, due to the resources and possibilities available to them. However, this is where the clear distinction between the lifestyle you have and what you want to lead becomes apparent. If you don’t want to live in a fast-paced environment anymore, the small city charm of Stittsville seems to invite people to come and stay. There is seldom a better place to start a family or raise children. Although options for teens are limited in Stittsville when it comes to going out, they will still find nice things to do with people their own age. On the other side, Gatineau offers better nightlife, but the bonds between people as well as safety are not on the same level.

Make a moving plan

Now that you made a decision to move from Gatineau to Stittsville, you would first need a plan. Luckily, due to the fact that almost everyone does end up relocating at some point, there are many moving tips out there. And they are there to make the whole procedure easier. There are some that focus on how to pack, or how load a moving truck. There are also other types that are reminders to cancel different services or negotiate for items to be prepared at the new home.

A man taping a box
Professional help is recommended during any type of move.

Don’t forget to look into the discount moving Ottawa companies offer to their clients. By hiring a moving company you can focus more on other tasks. For example, you can deal with pets and children on a moving day, or think of things to do in a situation where the movers are late. Besides, hiring experts to do the job will mean there are not many things that can go wrong during a move from Gatineau to Stittsville.

Declutter your apartment in Gatineau on time

The most important thing you need to do before you move from Gatineau to Stittsville is to declutter. As we already mentioned, Gatineau is one of the biggest cities in the region. That means the difference between it and Stittsville is not only in name. There will be many things you won’t need after moving. So why should you pay and move it, when you can sell it or maybe donate it? For example, there is The Furniture Bank where you can donate your excessive furniture, while other organizations will accept different types of clutter.

A cleaned kitchen before you move from Gatineau to Stittsville
Don’t keep the items you don’t use! If you didn’t use them by now you probably never will.

Start from one room and make your way through the home. Make a pile of items for sale, donation, and trash. Some things may not be working properly, and in that case, you can’t sell them or donate them. And at the same time, you can’t keep them. Well, you can but then when packing services Ottawa comes you will need to pay more. So isn’t it better to just throw them away if they are not working?

Pack in advance

If you are using only some of the moving services Ottawa movers provide you might need to pack alone. In those cases, it’s best to pack on time. When you move from Gatineau to Stittsville there might be some cases when your lease expires before the new home is ready, or you decide to pack yourself. Whatever the case is if you pack by yourself start as soon as possible. Start from the rooms and items you use the least and work your way up.

A woman in front of storage
Storage is a nice way to keep your items safe even when you are not moving

Don’t forget that you also have other options. You can rent one of the units in storage facilities Ottawa residents recommend. And you can also leave your items there even after moving. As you can see, you won’t need to rush with moving some items.

Hire a moving company

In order to make your move from Gatineau to Stittsville easy you can always hire a moving company. Employing a mover isn’t easy, and moving can be costly if you aren’t cautious. Also, some moving companies are just more suitable than others, and some are nothing more than scams. That’s why it’s significant to plan and collect more info before you really hire your mover. A good way to hire long distance movers Ontario boasts about is through people’s recommendations.

Friends about to move from Gatineau to Stittsville together
Help is always welcomed during the moving process

Before you employ a company you ought to determine what kind of move want to do. Relying on how many belongings you’re carrying, the length you’re traveling, and your funding, specific move styles have more meaning than others. With a full-service move, you employ experienced movers to pack and unpack your boxes on and off the truck and move them to your new house. Most of them will actually dismantle, cover, and reassemble your furnishings as part of your move. And if you decide to pay extra, multiple full-service moving companies can also help you pack (or unpack) boxes and set up your electronics, too.

Schedule utilities for your new place

Once the dates are concluded and you know when the move from Gatineau to Stittsville is, contact your utility providers to arrange service at your new house. You won’t enjoy arriving there, exhausted from the move, just to find that the electricity, water, or heat is out. Prepare it ahead of time, and maintain documents of your appeals in your moving folder. At the same time, don’t forget to cancel your old utilities effective as of your moving date.

Keep the essentials with you

On the day before the relocation, pack your essentials—a change of garments, a toothbrush, the stuffed animals or toys that your kids must have next to them, medicines, paperwork, and so on. Pack it into a suitcase or larger bag, so you can keep it with you in the automobile. Or if you are going with some other means it can fit in the truck, cab, or even on a plane. If a disaster happens and the moving truck gets delayed, at least you will have some of your essentials with you.

Invest in Equipment

A few days before you move from Gatineau to Stittsville, store up on supplies. The last thing you desire is to have to make a run to the shop while you’re loading moving boxes or checking if everything is out of the home. Order or buy box blades, sticky bandages, permanent markers, tape, paper towels, and trash bags.

A man taking a crinb apart to move from Gatineau to Stittsville
Tools will be needed at many different times during a move

For more extensive moving gear, consider leasing moving tools from a moving company. On the other hand, if you move quite often, it may be more useful to always have essential tools nearby. Either by purchasing, leasing, or borrowing, make sure you include a furniture dolly, furnishing pads, or coverings. Also, tie-down belts or ropes should be at your disposal during the move.

Packing Tips for Moving

Here are some tips for packing that will make your move from Gatineau to Stittsville a lot easier!

  • Use the right size boxes. When you load books, pack them or different heavy items in little boxes. Packing them in smaller boxes means you can raise and move them without too much effort later. On the other hand, if you pack them in bigger boxes, you will need help raising them.
  • Put heavier items on the bottoms of boxes: When you move from Gatineau to Stittsville, make sure that all of the heavier boxes are on the bottom of the truck; also, heavier items should always be under lighter ones. This way, everything will be more stable and safe.
  • Don’t leave empty spaces in the boxes; empty space means things can move. and that in itself is dangerous.
  • Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box. This way, your packing will be quicker and your unpacking will be easier as well.
  • Label each box with the room it’s destined for and a description of its contents. This will assist you and your movers. You will know where each box needs to go in your new home. Numbering every box and keeping an inventory list in a little notebook is a fine way to keep track of what you’ve packed.
  • Tape your moving boxes tightly—wrap them from all sides. Make sure you have done it properly. This way, you will make the move safer.
  • If you’re transporting valuable art, ask your mover about special crates. Understand precisely how to pack artwork for moving in order to help keep it secure. For example, you should never cover oil paintings with standard paper. When you pack images for moving, create an X with tape on the glass to reinforce it and hold it together if it breaks. Then cover the images in paper or bubble wrap and place them in a container, with a fragment of cardboard between every framed part for security.

Other important packing tips

Take special care when packing the kitchen for moving. Moving the kitchen affects a lot of various types of objects. Remember how to pack plates for moving: Place packing paper around each dish, then cover piles of five or six together with more paper. Place dishes on their sides. Never flat. And use an abundance of bunched-up paper as padding on all sides. Cups and bowls can be stacked one on top of the other with pieces of paper in between and bundled three or four at a time.

Also, make sure to get your wardrobe in order. There are a couple of additional choices for packing garments for moving. You can pack tucked-in clothes in cardboard boxes. Or use suitcases, or actually leave them in the dresser. Use a special cabinet box for storing clothes that allows you to suspend your clothes directly in it.

In short

There are many ways to make your move from Gatineau to Stittsville easier. But it mostly depends on what you want and how ready you are. Most things would be easy and resolved just by hiring professional movers. And some just need a little more time!

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