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You should check to see if a mover has a license and insurance before hiring them. All of your personal things, valuable objects, sentimental items, and expensive goods must successfully arrive at their new location. Even though you’ve chosen a reputable mover with a lot of experience, accidents happen and things are lost or destroyed. As a result, moving companies should inform you of your alternatives for securing your relocation and the distinction between movers’ responsibility and insurance. Best moving companies in Ottawa will be more than happy to explain what is a moving company liability.

Moving Company Liability – clarification

Full value liability and released protection are the two major types of movers’ liabilities. Federal law controls these two liabilities, and movers are required to provide these solutions to you. The aforementioned are not types of insurance policies, but rather the Department of Transportation’s mandatory liability tariffs. Your moving company should explain both choices to you. Additionally, movers should present you with the brochure “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move“. You will receive a different amount for items that are damaged or lost depending on the liability you choose. Examine your options and make an informed conclusion about which one best meets your needs.

two men moving boxes
Make sure you inform yourself in advance about your moving company liability

Protection for the full value of your investment

In the case of lost, damaged, or destroyed belongings, the mover owes you compensation under the Full Value Protection. For each item that they have to reimburse, this liability option allows you to choose one of the three possible options:

  • Have your thing repaired
  • Obtaining an item that is alike to replace it
  • Receive a monetary settlement based on the price of repairing your item or an amount equivalent to its current market worth.

Despite the fact that full value protection is designed to ensure the safety of your entire shipment, moving companies may limit their obligation in the case of high-value items. They consider any object worth more than $100 per pound ($220 per kilogram) an article of extraordinary value. This may include jewels, antiques, paintings, cutlery, porcelain, and other similar items. If you plan to move such goods, you should arrange for their insurance ahead of time and create an inventory of all of your high-value items.
Remember to sign the released value protection if you don’t want the moving company’s obligation to cover the entire worth of your belongings. It is always best to contact the moving company and inquire better about moving services Ottawa for more detailed information.

Value Protection That Has Been Released

The first thing to know about Released Value Protection is that movers have to supply you with this cargo coverage at no additional cost. However, it only amounts to $0.60 per pound per item, which is nothing. Assume your laptop weighs 5 pounds and costs $2,000; if the movers damage it, they will only reimburse $3. In other words, the moving company bases its liability in this scenario only on weight, with no regard for the real value of the goods that they move.

a woman sitting amongst boxes
Make sure you properly protect your items

Insurance is also an option

You can buy insurance from a third party if you want to. Check your homeowner’s insurance policy first. It’s possible that insurance already covers your belongings. Moving costs do not include third-party insurance, of course, and must purchase it separately. In the case of purchasing insurance, the 60-cent coverage per pound rule applies, and the insurance you purchase determines the amount that is going to be reimbursed. Make sure you obtain a document from the mover stating that you have insurance and it covers your items.

Liability Limitations for Moving Companies

You obtain some form of guarantee when you commit to a Full Value Protection, moving insurance, or Released Value Protection that whatever happens to your goods, you will be reimbursed. However, the moving company might impose the following restrictions:

  • The moving company grants the released protection only if they pack the items themselves. In other words, if you pack everything yourself, the valuation isn’t genuine. So, make sure you inquire about packing supplies Ottawa, and other options they offer.
  • If you transfer hazardous materials, the mover may refuse to reimburse you. You can search online and find what not to pack, or you can ask the movers for a list.
  • We must remind you that movers might limit their obligation. If you transfer products that cost $100 per pound or more, we recommend that you inform them of these items and make sure you have a complete list of all high-value items.
two men high-fiving
Understanding your and your mover’s liability and responsibility is important for a smooth move

You may make a complaint if you are having problems with your mover that you are unable to fix. If you want to reduce the chances of something like this happening, you should select a reliable moving company. After you choose a reliable company, make sure you inform yourself about all the possibilities they offer. If you want to be on the safe side, protect some of your items beforehand. Use different packing supplies, to protect your musical instruments for example, and you will not have to worry too much about it once the moving company starts the move.

Understanding moving company liability – summing up

It is only natural to assume that both parties are responsible for the items you are moving to another place. As we mentioned before, even with the best moving company, accidents do happen. The weather might be bad, causing the move to be more difficult. There are many factors to consider. This text explained the moving company liability, and what to expect. You must be ready for the whole moving process, and take everything into consideration. So, make sure you do thorough research before you make any decisions. You can always talk to an expert, or ask around moving companies. They will be more than happy to assist you with anything you need.

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