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There are many things to plan for when moving. And if you are planning to move sometime soon with your musical instruments you are probably wondering how to transport them safely. Because most of the musical instruments are fragile and require special care during a move so that they don’t get damaged. And this is something that best movers Ottawa know and will handle your instruments carefully. Whether it is a hobby or you are a professional musician you will want to move your musical instruments safely. When it comes to packing them there are many things you should know. Here are some tips for packing and moving musical instruments.

Hire reliable and professional movers

This is one of the most important things when moving. Especially when you are moving with fragile and sensitive items like musical instruments. It is important to find and hire good movers that know what they are doing. This will make the move much safer and easier. And you won’t have to worry about your musical instruments getting damaged. Check their reviews and make sure that they are reliable and reputable moving company. Moving such sensitive items is something you should only entrust to professionals. There are many benefits of hiring full-service movers and the major one is that they will take care of everything.

Person shaking hands after hiring movers for packing and moving musical instruments

Get all the necessary supplies for packing and moving musical instruments

Once you have finished packing everything else, from your clothes to furniture. It is time to pack your musical instruments too. And when packing them one of the most important things is to get proper packing supplies. You can easily get high-quality packing supplies Ottawa for your musical instruments. And keep in mind that you can also let your movers take care of the packing, so it’s worth inquiring. And it would definitely be worth the money, as they know what they are doing and will pack your musical instruments safely. Here are some of the essential packing supplies to get when packing and moving musical instruments:

  • Original cases for instruments
  • Quality boxes
  • Packing peanuts
  • Wrapping tape

When packing and moving musical instruments consider getting a storage unit

Depending on how far you are moving and how big your move is. You might want to get a storage unit for your musical instruments and maybe a few other things too. This will make the move much easier as you can just leave your musical instruments in the storage and bring them to your new home or studio later. And this way you won’t have to worry about them getting lost or damaged during the move. Just make sure that you find good storage when searching for storage solutions Ottawa. You can also always ask your movers about their storage services and include that service in the move. You are likely to get a good price if you include storage in the move. And then you can just let your movers move the musical instruments into the storage.

Preparing a piano for the move

The piano is one of the most sensitive musical instruments. And it requires special care, that is why it is important to prepare it for the move and move it properly. About the moving part, you don’t have to worry, as the professional movers that you hired will take care of that. But you should prepare it for the move. By locking the keyboard and removing the removable parts. And packing them carefully for the move. Make sure that you get a lot of blankets, towels, and bubble wrap to protect the piano. As you certainly don’t want any scratches or any other kind of damage on your valuable musical instrument.

Person playing a piano
It is important to prepare your piano properly for the move to avoid damaging it

Packing drums

Drums are also fragile and need to be packed well. And you can do that by getting a box a little bit bigger than the drum. Then you need to wrap the drum with bubble wrap, put some packing peanuts into the box, and then put the drums into the box too. The rest of the equipment needs to be packed carefully too. And make sure that you are gentle when carrying the boxes so that you don’t drop them. You can also always stack the boxes on the moving dolly and move your drums that way. It will be much easier and safer. And this is what professional movers would do too.

If you are packing and moving musical instruments with strings you need to be extra careful

There are many different musical instruments with strings, from guitars to cellos. And they are all very sensitive and can easily get damaged during the move. That is why it is important to prepare them properly. You can do that by loosening the strings so that the changes in temperature don’t affect the strings. As usual with musical instruments, the best packaging for them would be the original case, so if you have it definitely use it. If you don’t have the original packaging you can pack it yourself with bubble wrap and other packing materials used for packing sensitive items. Or simply let your movers pack it all.

Man and woman playing violin
Make sure that you carefully pack and move your stringed instruments

When you finish packing and moving musical instruments and finish the move, make sure to let them rest

This is something you should know before packing and moving musical instruments and when you unpack them in your new home. Your instruments need some time to get acclimatized to the new surrounding. So give them a few days for that before using them again. Especially your stringed and woodwind instruments. And keep in mind that for some of the instruments like a piano, for example, placement is very important. And that it might sound different due to the different acoustics in your new home. Once enough time has passed you can tune your guitar and the other instrument that you have. Or you can hire a professional to do it, as some instruments like a piano need a professional tuner.

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