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We believe that the excitement before moving grows and, with it, the stress. When packing the stuff, the most important thing is to do it carefully. In this way, they will reach their destination safely. If you devote enough time and effort to packaging, you will be successful. However, if you fail to avoid common packing mistakes, your package will be considerably more difficult than it needs to be. Continue to read and best movers Ottawa will give you some helpful tips in order to prevent the most common errors.

You don’t plan ahead

Unfortunately, too often people start packing things at the last minute. Most likely the case, they have no real idea how much time they will need. They underestimate the importance of good planning. How can you avoid it? Write out how you want to pack your items a few days before you begin. The purpose is to create a good plan, including the order in which things will be packed. This will make the whole process so easier. Keep in mind that packing supplies Ottawa can supply you with different types of moving boxes that your moving needs.

Declutter in order to avoid common packing mistakes

Oh, we all know that cluttered space gives such a headache. Especially if you plan to relocate soon. In those situations, you just don’t know where to turn and what to dedicate yourself to. Before moving, separate the stuff you no longer wish to use and arrange them into three categories: donations, recycling, and garbage. Try to get rid of anything that won’t be beneficial to you in the future. That would be some old clothes and shoes you haven’t worn for a couple of years or the dishes you no longer need. If you need any help, give us a call and set a deal with local movers Ottawa.

A messy office
To avoid cluttered space, you should declutter every day.

Inadequate protection of items

Many people fail to protect their belongings when packing. Choose which items to wrap and which to pack considering their fragility. Glass, mirrors, and other breakable parts, as well as gadgets, fall into this category. To preserve objects, use wrapping paper, and bubble wrap. Also, you can think of new ways to secure them when transferring. Bedsheets and other similar fabrics can be used for the protection of listed equipment. Place it together in a box that is an appropriate size. In this way, you will preserve them and limit the risk of damage and fracture. For instance, if you are moving musical equipment, you should get to know the safety tips for packing and moving musical instruments.

You don’t use the boxes properly

This happens very frequently and you have to avoid common packing mistakes like this. Remember that you can improve this rapidly and effectively just by conducting some preliminary investigation. We will indicate just one of the most usual errors:

  • Wrong size – A lot of householders put the small items in big boxes before moving. This is a bad option since there is so much unused space in the box which allows the stuff to move rapidly and, as a result, there is damage.
  • Overloading of boxes – Sometimes, it’s hard to avoid common packing mistakes such as this one. It happens because the owners have no right idea about the weight of objects and durability of boxes.
  • There is not enough tape – This is crucial when it comes to packing. If you use just a little of it, the boxes will open during the transportation. After that, things will fall out and break in the truck.
A man and the boxes
Use the boxes wisely in order to avoid common packing mistakes.

Take advantage of dolly

Are you aware of how much the usage of a dolly can make the whole process very easier for you? Instead of lifting heavy objects, just use the proper dolly depending on the type of item. Hand truck, furniture dolly, and appliance dolly are some of the possibilities. Before everything, clear the space and prepare the route. Put your dolly next to the equipment you want to pack, and tilt it forward. Transport your objects close to the boxes and pack them. This is also great for a part that comes after the packing – putting your stuff into the truck.

A box and a dolly
A hand truck will help you a lot during the packing and transportation.

Unmarked boxes

Packing is not an easy job. You have to be detail-oriented in order to prevent mistakes. The best would be to separate boxes into categories. It should depend on the room such as the living room, the kitchen, or the dining room. Before labeling the boxes, buy some good markers and moving box labels. Marking them will be very significant because the unpacking process will go smoothly and quickly. Also, if you have enough time, we suggest you write the list of things on the box which you put in them. In this way, you will know where exactly are the items in every moment.

You don’t have an essentials box

This happens all the time. You have already packed everything. But, then you remember that things you need the most are at the bottom of boxes. And those are already in the truck. Now you understand the importance of good planning. Take a separate box only for your essentials such as the clothes which you will wear for the first couple of days, cleaning products, some blankets, etc. Although everything is important here, remember to pack last the things you will use the first. If you decide to put some snacks and important documents in this box, put her in the front seat. So you will always have the most necessary things at your fingertips.

Errors during relocation, are quite usual, especially during the first move because you have no experience in it. Fortunately, with a little planning and the correct packing techniques, you can breeze through your moving without stressing or chewing your nails. Just follow the listed techniques and you will avoid common packing mistakes successfully!

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